Tuesday, April 6, 2010

a vintage redo

Some time ago I went to a yard sale and this chandelier was there. there were wires hanging every where and it looked like it might have arms broken off. When I picked it up the guy said take it, it's yours! So not one to pass up free, I took it home pulled all the wires out. painted it white and glued the plain votive cups on it. the arms where not broken they screwed right back in. Since I have hung it up I get all kinds of compliments on it and my brother in law who was with me when I got it did not recognize it. It is iron and heavy so I have a pretty big chain holding it to the
ceiling. I took some cloth and made a sleeve for the chain that matches a love seat in the kitchen. the total price was under 10.00. These daffodils are mini ones my mother planted. She just loved them. Happy Spring! 80's tomorrow.

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lace & arsenic said...

those are SO tiny! i have never seen such tiny daffodils! i want to say "I LOVE IT' after each one of ur posts..its sounding so repetitive! lol..