Sunday, February 28, 2021

Dying With Snow

We had a beautiful full moon last night. I love this picture it looks like the big pine is reaching for the moon. 

Today was 50 which is warm in NH at the end of Feb. It was time to change the air in the house. I dusted, cleaned out the fireplace and vacuumed. The fresh air felt sooo good.

I put an onion bread in the bread machine ( a new recipe) 
It is a keeper! Husband loved it. 

We got snow and The Old Tattered Flag showed how to snow dye.
So I thought I would give it a try. The orange was traffic cone orange. And I thought why not do the natural too.

I put the damp wool in the pot and filled it with snow.

And then I drizzled the dye over the snow and covered it with foil and kept it on low for about an hour. I did keep checking to see if it was taking up the dye. 

voila! usable wool! I used green and bronze over the orange.

And the natural I used a earth tone mixture.

I finished the challenge that saundra hosted. No wool was used.
I used an old t-shirt, old curtains, vintage bark cloth, vintage lace, skirt lining, upholstery material. I learned I love my wool! But so glad I did the challenge. 

And speaking of wool, my Herb Angel, that has been hanging round on my frame much to long is coming to the finish line. I have this bit, an eye, and the border. I still really love her but will be glad for a new project.

For those of you who have followed for awhile know I have a soft spot for magazines. I love opening the mail box and seeing a new magazine....  I found this one in a local market. It is a Maine magazine with no ad and lots of really great articles, information, and craft projects. While pricey I do think I will get a subscription to it.
I had bought a cross stitch kit some time ago and never opened it. 
Well I took it out this week spend a very long time sorting and labeling the floss and now I will try my hand at cross stitch. I haven't done it at least 25 years. I wonder if my eyes can take it.
Rabbit Rabbit 
Happy March!

Sunday, February 21, 2021

A Visit!

Our Sunday was bright and sunny with temps in the mid 30's.

Perfect for a visit from Sweet B and her family. We have not seen them it seems in forever! No Christmas, and no birthday! But today was the day! She ran in and hugged me so tight, how I have missed her. She gave her parents a hard time when it was time to go. She loves being with us as all things stop and all attention is just for her. There will be days in her life when she will not want her old grandparents around so we will indulge her until that happens. What a joyous day it was!

My daughter had several of our wedding pictures when her aunt cleaned out she passe them to my daughter. So she brought one to us. Sweet B asked why her mother was giving us pictures of random people lol. She had a very hard time believing it was her grandparents. Ahh youth.

I get the magnolia Journal magazine, not my favorite but this month they had this question. I could think of several things that are keeping me from what really matters to me, how about you?

So shall we see what is going on in the hooking room?
Husband made that sign some time ago perfect I would say.

I got a new table! At the habitat store for 40.00 I painted the trim black and husband put wooden blocks under the legs to make it counter height. a perfect work table. 

I hung up some of my rugs (there area a few I did not hook in there)
and ordered new bedding, it is on its way.

I have been working on herb angel just background left. and I may need to dye some more.

Saundra over at woodland junction is hosting a challenge....

You choose a pattern from her offers and hook it with fabrics and things you would not normally use like the very first rug hookers. They used what they had. So I gathered some cottons, vintage bark-cloth, some lace, seam binding, and some yarn. And I chose the tulip.
I kept it small so I could accomplish it. 

I have a whole new respect for the first rug hookers,this is not easy. I am at least started and will finish. But very glad I kept it small. You should visit Saundra's blog she is posting them as they are done. Amazing work. 

I am a week and half out from my second vaccine. It made the visit today possible. 
We are in for more snow tomorrow. Of course I have to drive an hour south to a Dr's appointment. I had to wait months to get into this Dr so cancelling is not a good option. 
But because we are getting fresh snow I will try snow dying, it seems to be everywhere this week. The Old Tattered Flag did a demo and lit a fire under all of the people with snow! There have been some amazing results. 
All of you in the South, I hope tonight finds you warm, healthy and fed. What a horror you have been through. I saw people in the north saying "what is the issue this happens to us all the time?" But we are prepared and lots of us have wood stoves or generators to get us through. 
Have a wonderful healthy week! 

Sunday, February 14, 2021

Happy Valentine's Day

It was a cold week. My walk was either very cold or snowy. 
But I was happy for the fresh air and exercise.

I am already seeing a big difference in the length of the days.
When I get home now after 5 I have time to get a walk in before dark. It makes such a big difference to have the extra light. That is my biggest complaint about winter is the darkness.

This weekend is the great fishing derby of the Lakes Region.
(this is not my picture) But people come from all around to fish, the prizes are amazing, a new boat or 15,000. Plus it is the winter vacation week for the Massachusetts  kids. They all flock to our state for skiing, snowmobiling, fishing, etc, etc.... So we are busy in this area! to say the least!

A resort that rents out very rustic cabins to people who pay a lot of money to stay there cuts ice every year off the lake. Yes each porch has an icebox and gets an ice delivery every day through the summer! They chip the ice for their cocktails or and to keep the beer cold lol. Really it is beautiful and right on the lake. We have been lucky enough to be invited there for dinner a few times. ( They have an amazing dining hall)

Again these are not my pictures but that is how thick the ice is on our lake right now. How beautiful? I feel very blessed to live here cold and all.
 I got my second vaccine on Wed. I have an auto immune issue, Addisons (president Kennedy had it also that is why he always looked so tan) and had a bit of an issue for about 10 hours. Achy and tired, I did what I was suppose to do and it was over in no time. The reason I know 10 hours I woke up at 2 am with the achyness and by noon I headed out for my 4 mile walk. I am so happy this is behind me and now to see Sweet B!

I hope you all had a lovely valentine's day. I got cards from friends and husband. A video call from Sweet B and family. It was perfect! 
Have a wonderful healthy week!

Sunday, February 7, 2021

And The Winner Is...

We had the most amazing sunrise, this was just before the snow came in. We didn't get much snow but this sunrise was worth it!
Click on the picture to make it larger and see the color going up into the sky.

And just a couple of inches more snow today. My daughter and grand have had the best time skiing on this new snow this weekend. It is good to enjoy the winter.

It was also pond hockey weekend here in the Lakes Region.
There were 270 teams. This is not my picture someone who took this at day break. Before all the action.

Usually it is very carnival like with food and things to do all over the ice but because of covid there was none of that. 

Husband was so good to help me reconfigure my cutters in my new rug room. Yes I have 4 cutters. I only purchased 2 of them and paid a total of 50.00 for the two I did buy. The best thing not having to change blades hardly at all. 

I also took some of my larger pieces of wool and got them organized on the shelves. 

And another organizing plus, husband put this peg board up. What a wonderful use of such a small space! I love my room! When I am all done I will do a video walk around of the room.

Because I have been weeding out and organizing I have not picked up my hook much this week. But Herb Angel is looking pretty good.
I did buy a new hook this week that would stick to my magnet but I still prefer the feel of my hartman hook not much spent so it is ok, I had to try.

While cleaning out the closet I found my wish-nick from when I was a kid. A little worst for wear but he is my new mascot in my rug room. I remember being so thrilled when I got him. It didn't take much to make me happy.

And the winner is the Merry Needle! Email me with your info I would love to get it in the mail tomorrow for you. 
I get my second vaccine Wed morning both husband and best friend got theirs last week and did ok with it. I hope I do as well. 
Have a wonderful healthy week!