Monday, March 30, 2015

Alfred Hooking Retreat Part One

This is on the last day as you can see Donna gave up hooking and was knitting socks. But as you can also see we had our token man among us. Such a brave man! He was a day person didn't stay over night. 

This rug was handed off to the lady who was working on it. I was partially hooked so she was working on finishing it, what a great job she was doing with it matching the other hooking.

This rug I think is in my future. How stinking cute is this rug!

This woman was sitting near us this was a picture of her family's lobster shack. As you can peek on the left is it going to have squares of her family's life. This is even more beautiful in person.
The colors in this rug are just amazing.

Can you believe that stone bridge????
This lady was sitting with us she is such fun and what a great rug!
The facilities are bare bones but very clean and neat.I starved all day today coming down from all the food from the weekend. I am also worn out it will be early to bed tonight. I have lots more to show you very soon.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Packing Up

We have had a few beautiful sunrises. But they always mean cold cold cold. I am tired of below zero weather. We still have lots of snow on the ground so I hope the Easter bunny is wearing his woolies when he comes to our neck of the woods.

I have been reading this book written by Maria Von Trapp it is very interesting reading her view of their life.

So I am packing up my hook and heading to a retreat
for the weekend. I am taking a couple of things that need to be bound and a very small new project. I am looking forward to going 
I think the down time will do me good.
Enjoy the rest of your week.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Busy Weekend!

David and I are feeling like our pockets are on fire. 
We kept the old check book smoking with some of the purchases this weekend.

We purchased an adjustable bed! If you have seen the ad with the husband that snores and then the wife starts snoring and they cure it with an adjustable bed. Well that is something that could very well happen in this house:) We are so excited and we never buy lots of new things so it seems so exciting. And it comes the night before Easter when we have a house full, just may come in handy!
Of course that meant new sheets and blankets. I hit a sale but oh my! 
Then it was off to be with Miss B today, we took her out for pizza and the children's museum soooo much fun! We hit it all so fun.
I just can never get my fill of her! Then after we left her we went shopping for our Easter supplies. We have a huge Easter with a big egg hunt and lots of fun adults. Except for the ham bring it on!
Busy week and I may be going away for a fun get away weekend next weekend more on that later. 
Have a great week!

Sunday, March 15, 2015


March is a fickle month not for the faint of heart...

If you live in northern New England..The road I took you on a walk now impassable with deep ruts of mud. 
And then today it is snowing very hard right now and it is 36 degrees!

Bad weather I gotta cook oh save me from myself.

Stuffed cabbage which is good for you no sugar or fat. I used low fat hamburg for the stuffing. I have to say I haven't made it in years but it came out pretty darn good.

I also found time to decorate for Easter..

We are the host of the giant family gathering with major egg hunt and all that goes with it.

Saturday I hit the library for some goodies to keep me busy, like I need something else to do.

I brewed some coffee and...

Made some bread  and we are tucked in for the day. 
As most of you know I work for a nonprofit that supports developmental and brain injured adults. Friday night we had our annual dance. If you want to find complete and utter joy go to a dance that has these amazing people in attendance. Some were in wheel chairs,had crutches,walked with canes, or on their own power but all you see is the joy of dancing and being with their friends they care not what others think of them so they can show the joy that most of us contain in fear of being called a fool. And trust me these amazing people are no fools they are kind and generous and most of all joyful. I feel very blessed to be a part of their world.

Sunday, March 8, 2015


The days are longer 

I am ready for spring 

I am still hooking this rug I did make some changes by moving the blue around a bit. but not sure I like the blue on the stand for the hen.

I went to a birthday brunch on Saturday. My offering was cinnamon raisin scones. I do love to brunch with great friends.

And today we had a visit from Miss B. We made cookies, played and played we all were good and tired by the time she headed for home.
She told my daughter on the way home " I wish Grammie and Pepe lived next to my house so could look out the window and see them." Oh be still my heart, lets start packing the house up! We are an hour away from her now.
The really sad thing is NO Downton Abbey tonight boooohoooo.
It will be a weird week because of the time change.
I just looked up and it is snowing! Spring where are you!!!!!

Sunday, March 1, 2015


I won an amazing gift from Brenda at The Rusty Thimble.

Is this not the sweetest bunny you have ever seen! Her little feet are square nails! I just love everything about her. I hope you go and visit Brenda and see her amazing creations.

Now look at that face how can you not love that face!
Yep Miss B came for an over night and we gave her the royal treatment. We ended the day with ice cream, chocolate ice cream with lots of rainbow sprinkles. 

She loves to visit the fire station with pepe.  

Saturday I got out with a friend for a bit of snow shoeing. Holy snow shoes! am I out of shape. All those whoopie pies and sitting around came back to haunt me. Yikes!

Saturday night we headed to a little pub in a very tiny town that we had heard lots of really great things about. It did not disappoint,live music great food and drinks and bumping into people we knew. 

Sunday afternoon husband and I strap on the snow shoes and take off on a very easy hike into the water fall that is frozen solid.

And he too feels this cold snowy winter did us in with a little help from me and baking goodies all the time. We made promises to get moving and try for more fruit. That being said.....

king Arthur Flour has a new quarterly magazine and I had to have ! I will let you know how it is I haven't cracked the cover yet.

And last but not least girls night was this week  this was my first one in months. I had some puff pastry and 2 apples, 2 tab of rasins, and 2 tab of slivered almonds, some cinnamon and a couple of tablespoons of sugar and you get this. so yummy and not to sweet. 
It was a hit I didn't bring any home.
Happy March!