Monday, April 27, 2015

A Road Trip

Saturday I met up with a friend and we went on a bit of a road trip.
First stop Badger Brook in Gilmanton NH She has her store in    her barn and it is full of amazing wonderful things! I bought a piece of wool for faces. Then off we went to.....

The Woolen Pear in Louden NH. She is a new shop owner but a long time hooker. She just posted this on face book it is her sign. 
out by the road very funny. And a lovely shop!

We are still very cold and not much sun at all. We have no flowers or much of any up at this time. We headed to Lowes on Sunday, I headed straight for the flowers they smelled and were so pretty.

I got my flower fix for the next few days anyway.

I had today off and I got a phone call from Miss B inviting me to come up and play today. Who could refuse that?
A friend of mine found some jewelry making things at the thrift store. She just loved it! We played everything she wanted to play and then out to lunch, the park, walking main street looking in every window. With a stop in a candy store for some chocolate gold coins. She said she had the most fun day me too, but oh boy am I tired. This fun thing is very hard on Grammies. :)

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Friends Who Thrift

My close friend is a hard core thrifter. She calls me and said
"There is some wool here do you want it? There is a lot of it."
I decline saying I have more wool skirts to take apart than I ever will get to. she says "No clothes, you are going to want this!"
I am still not feeling it. She texts me a pic I say ok the colors look good get it. 

This is what I got there is about 8-10 yards of wool for.....
wait for it.................3.00. Bet you wish you had a friend like mine!
Today we meet up after work  and head to the thrift.

I snagged this tray, pretty dang cute. My friend and her husband come for Christmas eve every year so I promised to serve her from this tray.

I also got this top that I thought was cute and you can see it is New!
Then as any thrifter would we headed for a drink and free apps at the fanciest bar in town. We were living large!;)

I took this picture in their fancy gift shop on the way out.
I thought it was a good idea. You can see the lake and mountains with a moose. 
I have a couple of days off coming up next week I may see Miss B and maybe just maybe I will try a bit of dying with my new wool.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Not Much Happening...

Everyone is smiling spring has sprung.

There have been a few turkeys stop by..

My big dump find was hula hoops...

Miss B came to use those hula hoops today and this is when she had to get in the car to go, not so happy.  I buckled her into the car seat she said "Grammie everyone loves you I will miss you so much." Ahhh what a way to to go right to my heart!

Well the sun has set on another weekend they go so fast. We are in for some rain this week so things will get very green. 
I have not picked up a hook since I came back from Maine last month. I am reading an amazing book right now so not much hooking in my future.
have a great week!

Sunday, April 12, 2015

When Pigs Fly

I really thought that spring would come when pigs fly. I guess they are flying we had a great spring day.

My swing was out of the snow and waiting for me!

And there were flowers poking out of the ground.

But don't get to crazy we still have a fair amount of snow to melt.
We took two long walks, raked and enjoyed the day. I am a bit sore so feet up enjoying this beautiful evening.

I went to see my aunt on Saturday who is 91 years young. she had this picture  of her father (my grandfather taken in 1945) He had a farm that was mostly self sustaining for his family. I love this picture even through you can't see his face that well. I had my grandfather until I was early 20's so good memories. This was during WWII
On the back it said that he had 12 hives now. It was great to have because sugar was scarce.
That would be my favorite aunt she is still living on her own and spunky as ever on the left,  her sister is on the right.
I hope spring has found you. I hear tomorrow is even better for us.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Alfred Hook In And A Little Easter

More of the beautiful rugs at the hooking retreat.

This lady was sitting with us and how beautiful is this????

So cute!

There were door prizes. This was made by Gail in the background
 I love it! It is a sewing bird and clamps on to a table to use as a pin cushion.

While bugs would not be my choice how can you not love this rug!
Now on to Easter.

We have a new baby in the family and that would be Miss B 
loving up that baby. 

We had a large crowd for Easter 29 with a big dinner and an egg hunt it was a great day in spite of the weather.

That would be our son in law who just took us twice playing cards.
We need to get revenge! 
I hope you Easter was a good one and that spring has found you because it sure hasn't found us:(