Wednesday, April 27, 2022


Monday morning my friend and I met up for a hike at Castle in the clouds. I have shown this before it is the waterfall trail. We have our next hike all mapped out still at Castle in the Clouds a simply beautiful place. 
More pictures and the history it is one amazing place I feel lucky to live close enough to hike it. 
After we went to lunch, my idea of a perfect day.
Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

My Horoscope today. I do think it hit the nail on the head. The older I get the less I need to make me really happy. Like a hike and lunch with my sweet friend!

I tried making ricotta gnocchi. It came out amazing! and so easy! This is my bag of frozen ones for next time. Husband was very impressed but he said he is not surprised by how well they came out. He really is my biggest cheerleader. 

I have been doing laundry way longer than I care to admit and still I came out with pink whites!!! A red shirt got mixed in I just didn't see it. Ugg my north face shirt I use for hiking. I am going to use it anyway who cares??
Speaking of laundry, I bought wool from a woman who was selling her stash. She failed to mention it reeked of mothballs!!! I had an instant headache and have spent days trying to save this wool but it is going in the garbage I just can not get the smell out and I have tried everything! To say I was a little mad would be an understatement. Lesson learned. 
We are going into the cold again this week. The winds have already started and we could get snow flurries for the next couple of days. The joys of spring in New England. 
Each night we watch the news while eating dinner a practice we need to stop right now. When summer comes and we eat on the porch it is lovely no tv! (come on summer)
There is no good news to be had, so sad I just cannot handle it. But it does make me count my blessing a little louder and longer for I have many I am very grateful for. 
Have a wonderful Week!!

Sunday, April 24, 2022

North Of The Notch

Here in NH we have a notch or path between large mountains. 
The weather can be night and day going through that notch. 
On the north side of that notch it stays colder....a bit longer

But it is pure beauty no matter where you look. 

I love the little towns. This is Bethlehem just lovely. 
We also went to Littleton, they have an amazing Main Street.  

heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads.
Henry David Thoreau

We went into this little artist shop and I fell completely in love with his art. 

He is from NH and grew up further north of Littleton. 

He was a fun person to talk to. 

I bought finger puppets at another store, I couldn't resist. Last weekend when I asked my grand (Miss B) if she was happy Easter was being held at her house instead of mine. She said "Well I like your house better it is magical" awwww I love that she thinks magic happens here! Maybe it does!

Totally love this sign I saw in a store lol. 

I finished two flowers but I do not like the stems. 
So I will pull out the stems and start again. I will show the change when I make it.

I finished Hannah's war. It is historical fiction based on the woman who worked on the Manhattan Project. I did do a bit of research on her. This really did not follow her career at all. It was ok, it started off good and then it became a spy- romance book. I did like that I found out about her with my little bit of research as I had no knowledge of her and just bare basics of the atom bomb.

Looked around the bookstore I work in and I found this book,
again historical fiction based on a time not a person. World war II era in England. I have never read this author, I am a few chapters in and I like her writing. I really wanted to read The Victory Garden by her but I could not find it and my library does not have it.  
Have a wonderful week!

Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Ham bone soup

We got about 2 inches of snow that didn't last long because the rain came with lots and lots of wind!

We always have ham for Easter with lots of other things. 
I took the ham bone home to make a hearty soup
I had this bag of assorted beans and lentils put it all in a crockpot with some chicken stock and veggies....

Voila! a little cheese and a scoop of sour cream and a cheese biscuit
a perfect dinner. I will freeze the extra soup in small portions for later. 

My rug is hopping along. I got a flower done and his back leg.
I am so happy with how it is coming out.
It was a busy few days, besides Easter, I had a haircut, had my teeth cleaned and met up with my rug hooking buddy to hook for awhile. 
Sadly back to work today but it is all good.
I am almost done my book  Hannah's war I will report on that next post. 
I am a slow reader I just don't have the time to fit all of it in and read too. 
Have a great week it is still chilly and windy here. Spring is dragging her heels getting here. 

Monday, April 18, 2022


My daughter and I had a wonderful evening out! We went to see Three Dog Night. Trust me the ones remaining are old but what a show. Better than I have seen much younger performers do.

This venue was a falling down old theater, and it has all been redone. And it is beautiful!!! Such a fun night with old memories flooding back. 

The next day we headed to my daughter's house for an overnight. We followed the Easter Bunny into the neighborhood 

And in the pouring rain he left glow in the dark eggs. So fun our grand spotted them out her window. 

When everyone was settled the Easter bunny came!! 

Sunday afternoon my husband's side of the family gathered for ham and all the fixings. 

There was an Easter egg hunt and cookie decorating.

And afternoon card games. 

There was Chinese jump rope (my daughter the teacher showing them how it is done)
It snowed, it hailed, and the sun came out the wind was cold and then it stopped it was a crazy weather day. But everyone seemed to have a good time. 

I came home to my plants in bloom. I planted them from sticks March 13th. Sadly, we are supposed to get 1 to 3 inches of snow tonight so there will be no putting plants outside yet. 
What a fun and busy week. 
Happy Belated Easter!

Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Is it Wednesday already??

I am as ready for Easter as I am ever going to be. 
Let the festivities begin!

On Monday I had a very rare treat.  A drink and lunch with my sweet friend. Then we went for a long walk. The weather was glorious, and it felt so wonderful to be out!
A statue in the park.

And the lake was beautiful. Ice out was called April 8th for both big lakes in our area. It is such a nice time of year the lakes are quiet, and the tourist have not come yet so the restaurant only had a handful of people just perfect.
Have a wonderful Easter!

Sunday, April 10, 2022

Rock and Roll

It's the week before Easter and a busy week is ahead.

I have hooked some this past week.

I am happy with my grasshopper. My rug is coming slowly but surely. 

I am very excited my germanium is starting to bloom! remember it started out as sticks just a few short weeks ago!
Thursday night we are headed to school to see sweet B in the talent show at her school. She will play the clarinet! We have not seen them in weeks because of one thing or another. 
Then! Friday my daughter and I are going to see...

That is the music of my high school years. Granted it is 50 years later and some of them are gone now but to share an evening with my daughter enjoying their music is so special to me. 
And then a family Easter. My son in law and daughter are hosting with help from us. I am so looking forward to this crazy busy week.
I had more traffic to my blog than ever last week I guess all I had to mention is the dump lol.
Have a great week.

Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Swap Shop At The Dump

My big outing on Monday was to go to the dump(AKA recycling center) in our little town. I have talked about this before but we have a lovely big room that has selves where people put things that others may want. It is all free and as the dump attendant says "We have a great return policy" Well anyway I saw the two cookbooks and thought they should come home with me. I haven't had time yet to look through them but the Maine one seems promising.

So very true...

I also got this book it is based on the woman who helped split the atom for the bomb. I have read a couple of chapters. It is very much a spy novel. Not my type of book but I will finish it. I want to know more about her. 

I have hooked a bit. I am not that happy with the tops of the wings but I will leave it until I finish other things around it. 

This is really not a rug you can fully color plan before starting. 
I knew the direction I wanted to go and now I am just trying to move the colors through the rug. It is big but I am really enjoying it. I am working in a 6 cut, that is small for me, I had to for the detail.
The weather has been glorious but a bit windy. Today it hit 60, rain for the next few days which is fine we do not want any dry wells this summer. I am working on planing my little veggie garden and looking forward to spending time on my sweet porch. 
Spring it makes you hopeful 

Sunday, April 3, 2022


My bare sticks are in full bloom. Makes the kitchen happy!

I am almost done my last egg. It is not as crooked as it looks.
I will put fabric on the back and then use them as hot pads or just as coasters

With my new glasses I was able to get through a book without eye strain.

I do not recommend this book I have read several books about this time. I know nothing about Mrs Emmerson but I feel I know less now. At first I felt sorry for her but then it was like come on!
She had no outstanding qualities she did not write or study the writers of that time she did a whole lot of nothing but stand around wringing her hands over her marriage. Granted this is fiction. But there were very famous women writers of this time. 
Sara Orne Jewett, Celia Thaxter who was very influential and held Salons on her family's island, Star island. Where Emerson, Greenleaf whittier, Thoreau, and others gathered. I will end it here as I do not want to bore those not interested in the writings of that time. 
A coating of snow for us overnight tonight and then rain most of the week. April showers....
Have a great week