Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

This crow rug I hooked several years ago. I love the colors and leave it out year round in a spare bedroom.
 But this is the truly scary thing. I bought this cast iron corn pan at a yard sale this fall. It was new and not seasoned. I seasoned it like my other pans and then tried it out. Well you can see what happened. So does anyone have any ideas?
 And a first at Acorn Hollow, I went to a yard sale in a mini snow storm. But it was a good sale and I know the girl who was holding it. She had a lot of old rugs priced very reasonable. But I took pity on this little rug it has damage around the binding. 2.00

And I couldn't leave this print behind for 1.00.

Last but not least we purchased this outside lamp for the top of our driveway. It is very dark on our road and I have always wanted a light there to welcome guests. A honey do item for next spring.                                         
The girl having the yard sale owns a motel and cabins on Squam lake, she has thrown out an idea. She would like to offer craft retreats at her hotel and cabins in the winter and is asking me to teach beginning rug hooking. Now I am not sure if I could really do that. I have taught beginning rug hooking classes at a park and rec. class that ran for 6 weeks. It was fun and I had plenty of students to make it worth while. I don't know why my first thought was very over whelmed? But I will give it some thought.
I hope you all have a fun and scary halloween. Boo

Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Golden day

My day was filled with gold. The color gold that is. First I am going to give you a sneak peek of my rug. This doesn't show the true mustard color. I am really glad I added this color it makes a difference.
 Then off to the dump for work in the a.m.  I found a whole bag of fall decorations. There are two of these wreaths. I am going to change the bow. cute huh.
 There was a pile of pumpkins 5 small and 5 large. Do you see the string of little fall gourds?
 And two of the cute little pots. all have gold. Now I would like to clear something up about the dump. There is a space where people leave things they think someone else might want. No dumpster diving involved. although I am not above a dumpster dive for something really good.
 Then I went to one of my favorite thrift stores. I found these two pieces of pottery. The dream jar, do you see the little name of the potter on the bottom? "Dave" that is my husband's name. I am going to fill it full of quarters and give it to him for Christmas. He likes to shot pool and is always looking for quarters.The other piece is a garlic jar. I love the blue so it's a keeper.
 I got this cookbook it really made me laugh. I like the soprano's even thought I haven't seen that many of the episodes. How would you like to sit at that table! The last chapter is called the final celebration,what food to make for a funeral. And they ask the group what they want on their tombstone. Paulie Walnuts:" He was nice to his mother and always well groomed."  So funny.
Today the weather was wonderful. I was able to work in the yard a bit.I emptied up my large pots and put them away for the winter. I want to thank all of you for your wonderful comments you know I love them. I also have a new follower welcome! I am off to a conference all day tomorrow ZZZZZZZ. Have a great weekend.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Rain In Spain

The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain. The other day a customer came in to answer our trivia question of the day and I am not sure just exactly what I said but he looks at me and says "Are you from Maine?" Yep why???? "Oh I could tell." Now just what did that mean? Then he tells me he is from Maine, a lot of conversation later I find out he went to college in Maine not from. Not quite the same thing and I tell him so. If a cat had kittens in the oven you wouldn't call them biscuits would you! Another Maine gem.Ok I know I do not pronounce an "R" in any thing. This is not the first time this has happened. The first time it was brought up I was insulted and now I could care less. I think??? I am a Maine girl living in NH. I have been in NH for 33 years. I guess I just can't let Maine go : ).  This is part of our burning bushes lining our back yard (or yad)
 I found this magazine among some used ones. This is a real magazine, self-help with a sense of humor. so it says. But what a title for self-help ha.
 On Wed I go to work at 10 so I get some thrifting time before work. I found some pretty wonderful clothes. This is my stack. Talbots,j.jill,liz golf,and one I have never heard of.

This is for my husband, Brooks,patagonia, eastern sport, and a lowe sport. all light weight for layering that he likes to do.                                                                                                      
 And the most comfortable pair of shoes I ever felt. They feel like slippers. Total spent 27.00 not bad huh.
Remember the snow and frost we had? forget that, we are in the high 60's and mid 70's. lots of rain which we need but I am sick of. I will show a picture of my rug soon I have had some good hooking time.
I just washed the kitchen floor and cleaned the bathrooms, off to get laundry out of dryer AND then I can hook. Welcome to my new follower! My daughter said I am begging to much for comments. I say what ever works. I love those comments.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Trip To Maine

Everyone made me laugh so much about the snow. It did snow off and on all of Friday but nothing stuck.
I had a great weekend a friend and I drove to Maine on Saturday to check out 2 rug hooking stores we had never been to. The first one was in Rollinsford NH called wool and goods. The owner Cathy was very nice and the store was lovely. I bought some wool and a new hook. One with a larger shank . Of course I was so overwhelmed with all the lovely wool and patterns I forgot my camera. She told us about Camp Wool in Kennebunkport. Since I was going to stop by George and Barbara's(Bush) to say hi : ) anyway, we went.

First of all I couldn't write enough words to describe camp wool. cozy, the cupboards the wool is displayed in are wonderful, the rugs displayed are amazing, the little group of chairs for her classes area are             comfortable.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   
 The colors in these pictures are so washed out. If you could have seen this it was amazing.
 This is wooden box was filled with paisley, the color was amazing.
 There were wooden carriers all over filled with wool. She is holding a hook in next weekend and I hope to go. I have never been to one and would love to be with other rug hookers again. I bought more wool and the wool street journal.
 Where I found this picture of the rug I am working on. Page 35 Sammie's wool room, The colors are wonderful. Soooo I started to look at my rug and colors.....
 Mine looks a bit washed out do ya think???? now be honest. I do not want a black background, its the yellow that catches my eye. So I am going to do something I am very much against. I am going to pull out parts of my rug and hook in some mustard color. I think that people pull out their hooking way to quickly and should wait for the rug to be more done before they make the decision to pull out. I think that discourages people (me) when they are working on a piece.
I am off to reverse hook.  It is rainy and cold here. I have done my quota of house work for the day. I going to watch one of my movies I got at a yard sale and make a cup of tea. ,
I loved all of your comments they were wonderful!!!!! More, More, More, Please.
And a great big welcome to my new followers.

Friday, October 22, 2010


what the??????? It's SNOWING! It's not even Halloween yet.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Day of Treasures With My BFF

Today I had a chance to go out and about with my BFF kathy.  I went to fill my booth and do a little shopping. I love needle works that are cottages. This is about 5x7 and has so many different stitches. It is not as brown as it looks here and can you see the flowers? this picture just purrrrrrs.
 I picked up this bracelet at a thrift store for 1.00 it is silver, it looks gold here.It has a little guard chain on it and is signed Monet. The jewelery I prefer to wear are bracelets and earrings.

And speaking of earrings get a look at these cute guys! They have bells on the back, it looks like an eye is missing but it's not. Very vintage. Not sure if I will wear them on hang them on my Santa tree.
 Then we visited our favorite antiques store. Nothing was really hitting me until I saw this. It is a wax ornament. No price tag so I asked how much he said......take it I would love for you to have it. yipeee.
My BFF is leaving for Florida soon and I will miss her, but loved the chance to see her one more time until next spring.
I woke up this morning with a cold, I hate having a cold and working, sniff, sniff, would you like a bag for those books. wait I will use my germy fingers to get it for you. yech
I got on the scales and had to turn around to see if a small child had stepped on with me. OK not a small child a fairly large child. What happened? So I had myself a bit of a pity party. Do you know whats wrong with a pity party? no one attends, and no one serves refreshments. (You knew I would think of refreshment didn't ya.) So I gave myself a talking to. I am watching what I eat and going to bed early (I hate being a grown up.)
Thank you for all of your comments I so love them. Trick or Treat on Main street in the town I work in tomorrow night. about 1200 kids come through. Where do they all come from? I don't believe the grammar school in all the surrounding towns have that many kids added together. Have a great weekend.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Decorating for Halloween

This past weekend I got a chance to put out a few of my Halloween things. Not sure why I bother, we have no trick or treaters come. I did pass on a couple of things to my daughter for her decorations. But kept these, I really love them they are very funny and primitive. I just tucked them in with my pottery.
These are my free decorations . The pumpkin is from the dump, it is a gourd that sells in the 40.00 range and I was at a yard sale,the moon and cat were in the garbage. I asked if I could pick the garbage they said sure take what you want. I took 3 different cardboard cut outs,this one, a witch, and an owl.
While I was out Saturday I found this cute pin for 1.00 ,  I got one for myself and one for auntie.
 BOO! from my book case.             
 I had to show this picture I love it, my little family sleeping. My husband has no idea I took this and he doesn't read my blog so here he is with Sadie after a busy weekend. Big Awwww factor.(can you tell he's cold?:)
I loved all your comments and check way to often to see if I have a new one. I think obsessed is the word. No news on the cupboard so I guess it was a no. I have some fun plans in the making for the weekend so I have my fingers crossed that  it will all turn out. I hope you are all warm and cozy, it has been chilly here, I have had to scrape the windshield. yeck.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Bits And Pieces

I hope you all had a good weekend, It rained  hard on Friday, but Sat and today are beautiful. We still have some leaves left in spite of all the wind on Friday, so it isn't that bleak winter look yet. On Sat I drove to Maine to pick up my 87 year old aunt and my step dad to take them to breakfast. After breakfast my aunt and I hit the thrift stores. That is where I found this picture.  It must be ladies who are attending Plymouth normal school. A teachers college,that is now Plymouth State University. I work in Plymouth and couldn't pass this up. They look like a happy group don't ya think???? Maybe it's because it was an all girls college then. They were looking for guys :) This has to be the early 1900's.                                                                  
 In the same store I found 4 yards of crochet lace. I love this lace to put on my sheets and pillow cases to fancy them up a bit. She charged me 3.00 for all of it.
 At another handcraft/ antiques store, I fell in love with this cupboard. The price was good but not great. The lady who owns it was at the shop. She started telling me how long it had been there and that she is taking some furniture to auction yada ,yada, yada, I offered her less and she said she couldn't take it. I left my name and number maybe she will have a second thought about the offer.
I had a chance to visit with my daughter which is always nice. she has had some minor pregnancy problems so it was nice to spend the afternoon with her.
I want to welcome a new follower and thank you for all you wonderful comments, keep them coming.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

It Is Here!

the weather is beautiful but coming to an end, rain and wind in the forecast. That will take care of the leaves on the trees. It also is getting darker earlier. That is the worst part of winter. the darkness.                                                     I purchased these wooden knives last weekend a whole .5o I love the little hand painted one.

And today I  checked the thrift store before work. the instant meditation book I thought I could learn how to relax a little. I am the best worrier you have ever seen. The ski hat is LLBean don't worry I will shake the cooties out before it is worn.                                            

I was able to get some laundry done. I have been finishing cleaning out the rest of my Mother's things that dish towel was her favorite,no one was to use it. The handmade apron is from a yard sale.

Now you said you didn't mind more fall pictures so I just happen to have a couple more ha. This mushroom is coming up through the leaves. It has been so dry I haven't seen one this fall.

These are what is waiting to be raked. Under these leaves are  a LOT of acorns. When you walk on the leaves it feels like you're on roller skates a little scary.                  

And this is the best thing that happened to me today I received my winnings in the mail. Can you believe how cute this is?? I am looking for a frame so that I can keep it up all year. I just love it thank you so much lauren.                                                                        
I also was listed in Ellie's  blog. she is so sweet to list me as one of her ten favorites. I again want to welcome my new followers. and I LOVE the comments. You really make my day. It's been a bit stressful the past two days here that's the reason for the relaxation book. Thank you so much sweet friends.

Monday, October 11, 2010


I have a friend that has a lot of bittersweet. I love bittersweet but do not want it growing on my property, It's very invasive. She cut some for me to decorate with. I wrapped it around the light (my 5.00 yard sale find) when it pops open it is so pretty. Yes I know that's Santa on the right but I love him so much I leave him out all year, he is painted on a piece of found bark. Along with the elf on the other side. the sign above reads" It's my cats world I just open the cans", pretty true for this house.

And this is the cat. Sadie adopted us, long story short she jumped in my husband's truck while he was visiting a friend. She was a tiny kitten we called every where trying to find her owner then the vet said" forget it they dump cats and kittens all the time on that road. I think she is yours now." She is 16 now and the queen of the house. And I hope she is living better than the person who dumped her. I can't imagine doing that.
  I took some pictures of the house and yard. I promise it is the last of the fall pictures! My gate to the garden. See my swing that we put up this year?

The view from the top of our driveway. We live in an upscale neighborhood and us? We are the clampets ,except we don't have a c-ment pond. But my husband has some of those fancy pot passers though.ha Ok if you're not old enough to have watched the Beverly hillbillys than that means nothing to you young-un.                                                                
 There are 10 houses on this dead end road, we all have 4 acres or more so it is quiet and peaceful. My husband built this house 22 years ago. One of the reasons we could afford to live here.
When my daughter started teaching(like her dad) she was in a district that wasn't as fortunate as the one she grew up in. The first thing she said was "I didn't know I grew up in pleasantville." It is nice to know that she appreciates the hard work of her family. So I can stay in pleasantville I need to go to work tomorrow, so off to take a shower. The long weekend was wonderful even though today was spent cleaning the basement so we can bring in the wood, then I can cook my vittles, kidding! so we can fend off the oil man. I love the comments and I can not believe I have new followers! Keep the comments coming it gets boring in pleasantville.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sandwich Fair 100 Years

It is 100 years of the New Hampshire Sandwich fair. What a beautiful day to go to the fair. First I want to show you the rugs entered for show. It was very crowded but I got pictures of them all. This house rug I thought was nice because it was rounded at the top and had a button to hang it with.
 These two were hard to get and the pillow that is in the top and bottom picture also hard to get.
 Great job was done on the pear, great large cut shading. to the left do you see the small picture? That must be a hooked picture of the old man of the mountain. I didn't even see it until the pictures where up loaded.
 This game board is fun.
 This is a large rug it is folded in half,

Love the corn, the pumpkin, and snowman. They are stuffed figures.
 Happy Halloween!
 A stick horse cute.
 I love the colors in this rug, also large.
large rug different colors.

lovely birches.
 I have on occasion entered a rug in the fair, I have won first prize a couple of times and also not won anything several times.
I am so glad I never went up against this rug. First it is larger than the one I am working on. The colors are vibrant and beautiful and it is a personally designed rug. This is of the next town, Tamworth NH. The birch rug is hanging over it. so the view of it is broken up. But is this not the most amazing rug!
 This rug was all rolled up,no one could see it I had the girl guarding the wares unroll it so I could take a picture. It had no name and on it so we think that is why. It has some prodding on it,cute.( I had to make some pictures small so they would fit so click on them to make them larger.)
 The parade through the fairgrounds was fun. can you see everyone face and how they are smiling.
 This is the NH policemen piper piper band.
 this was a Dalmatian group but can you see in the back right?? That's a golden retriever dressed as a dalmatian.
Ah the good old days.
of course there is always a couple of turkeys in the crowd showing off.
 and here they are! Just kidding! L to R my son-in-law, His dad and my husband.
I have more to show you but will leave it for another day. My daughter is blogging a bit about the fair if your want more.
Welcome to my new follower. I so love all your comments keep them coming. I hope your 10-10-10 was a good one.