Sunday, March 29, 2020

Be Careful What You Wish For..

My Mom always said "Be careful what you wish for you just might get it." She was right! I have wanted to retire for some time now. But this was not what I had in mind. As of Friday the Governor ordered us to basically close. Part of me is happy, I would go to work and worry every day is this the day I get exposed? and the other part of me is like what! I need that constant in my life. 

On Tuesday morning when I got up we had 6 inches of new snow.

And by Friday it had melted and 50! We are no where near porch sitting weather. In fact today we have had rain and sleet with some snow expected over night 1 to 2 inches.
I have been baking it helps to me to relax. I am good for awhile but the minute I put the news on my anxiety gets going and then I don't sleep. But in the interest of not being an ostrich I try to get my news early in the day and let it be enough for the day.  

My husband has been so busy sprucing up the house.
I wish I had a before picture. We started out just wanting to paint to a gut job. But it looks so good! A gray color scheme with a black check curtain to bring all the grays together. 

We took out the tub shower combo to just a shower unit so much better!

So how do I plan on passing the time? Well old movies...

I started a new rug. ( I took out the seed)

I cleaned our bedroom Sat. It was loaded with dust from the bathroom renovation.My plan is to take a room at a time and clean it all. I do have quite a pile for the thrift store when they open back up.
*** And lastly
I get an email each Sunday from Joy the Baker
It has lots of wonderful things but this seemed very appropriate:
In one of my posts this week Suzy Parker was kind enough to help me switch my brain with a blog comment.  She left a comment with a “modality to get back to the present moment”.  I’ll leave it here for all of us.  The invitation is to read it through and call it up in your brain whenever you might need it. It’s a reset button to be sure.
Sit quietly and look around you for 5 things you can see and identify
Now identify 4 things you can hear
3 things you can feel
2 things you can smell
And 1 thing you can taste
Joy the Baker if you want to visit.
I wish you a healthy happy week!

Sunday, March 22, 2020

Locked In With Left Over Candy

As most of you know we usually host a very large Easter celebration at our house each year. About 30 family members attend and we have a large egg hunt for the kids. But sadly since that is not going to happen we have a large stash of candy that I bought left over from Valentine's trying to save money. YIKES! The good news I hate Twix and Kit Kats! 

The other good news is that I can walk and not bump into anyone near my house...

Three miles of just hearing the birds, the trees squeaking in the breeze, and the brook running.

Not even cows in the pasture.

This is a very old cemetery do you think if they could talk there would be some wise words of comfort they could impart? 

Just past this is a local farm that I have been buying eggs from for a couple of years now. This morning I went to get some eggs for my daughter and there was a line!!! What???( you actually knock on their house door and they bring the eggs, no farm store) There are no eggs in the stores here they have found my farmer. He could sell me one dozen to get me through. 
We took the hours drive one way to my daughter's house today to drop off all the Easter basket items that were dropped at my house for Sweet B and I added the few things that I got. We had books for Sweet B and a puzzle for them and some odds and ends plus the dozen eggs. We set it on their door step,waved to them from the windows and set off back home. My arms ached to hug them all especially sweet B.

Being a baker I always have supplies in the house when I heard rumors 2 or 3 weeks ago I added more supplies. So I have plenty.
So I made Golden Pita bread from King Arthur Flour. 

They came out pretty good if I do say so myself. 

A facebook friend made bacon wrapped dates. So I made Gorgonzola cheese stuffed, bacon wrapped figs very very good.

I made homemade breaded chicken tenders last night so with the left overs I made a large salad and warmed the chicken,put it on top of the salad. I chopped up a couple of left over dates on my salad voila delicious!

I have been cleaning out like most of you and I found a whole drawer of letters that our daughter wrote to us from sleep away camp with a few letters to the Easter bunny and Santa thrown in. It has given me a laugh and I take a picture of a funny letter once in awhile and send it to my daughter. Truly a snap shot of time and so sweet.
Just what we need in these times. 
I am still working but not sure for how much longer. Part of me is happy I am working but another part wants to go to bed and wake up when it is over. I hope you are all taking care and healthy.
Let me know what you are cooking or doing to pass the time. 
Stay well my sweet blog friends.

Sunday, March 15, 2020

Just A Beautiful Day...

We had a full moon this week. So husband and I went down to the lake to wait for it to rise. Voila a bright burst of pink!

A Beauty that I just could not get a good picture of.

And since the time change I have had time for a good walk after work. These clouds were reflecting the setting sun.

So beautiful and fluffy made the walk even better.

Today high 30's with a good wind and not a cloud in the sky.

I got out and started picking up twigs and limbs that fell during  the winter. Good for the waist all that bending over. And yes we still have snow and we are in for a couple of inches more this week.

I found a huge acorn cap no huge acorn I am sure something had it for dinner.

It has been a stressful, crazy week. But on Facebook I have seen so many wonderful posts! Kids sending their grands drawings, People out for walks in the woods with their dogs and kids, People cleaning out
closets, etc All really good stuff!

This is uncharted waters, our Governor has closed just about everything. I got a call from work saying we are out. I have to go in tomorrow for paperwork and to see what they want from me.
I have stuffed this house with food and lots of baking supplies.
If they take me out of work we will be fine, I do worry for those who live paycheck to paycheck. How will they manage?
Husband and I have taken walks and gotten out in the sunshine, good for the soul. We have puzzles to put together and lots of rug hooking. We ordered the rest of what we need for our bathroom remodel to be delivered to the house. So we have lots to keep us busy as we wait and avoid people in general.
I hope you are all healthy and tucked in with lots to keep your hands and your mind busy.

Sunday, March 8, 2020


We sprang ahead today, it will take me a month to get use to it.
But it will be so nice to come home from work and still have light to take a walk.

I got some special mail this week my daughter had a bag made up with a picture of Sweet B and Me at her last recital. I love love love it. 

Sat I headed up to hang out with Sweet B for the day while her parents had a day out. My daughter gave me this cake keeper..

With acorn on it! Sweet B and I had the best tine she loves rocks and has quite a collection so we looked up where we could buy rocks in her town. She had a list of wanted rocks and we found the biggest rock store I have ever been in. The older guy was so wonderful with her and encouraged her interest in rocks, minerals, and fossils. I had to turn around so I was on a side street and we saw a bakery!
In we go she had never been there either we got a cupcake and a giant cookie. Sweet B was just chatting away, the woman said how cute she was. I told her we only have one grand child so God gave us the best one! We went for a walk and just had the best day.

Husband has a head cold so he stayed home. He called me on the way home from B's to tell me he broke the carafe to our coffee pot.
 I was up and out early this morning for the replacement. 
After I got home..

It was a sunny and warm day so I shut the heat off opened windows and cleaned and cleaned. It made me feel better to get the winter dust out. My hands are raw from washing them so I will not get husband's cold and then I cleaned they are pretty sore. But oh the house smells so fresh after being closed up all winter.

I have been hooking a bit the face on the left is our old man of the mountain. Sadly he slid off the mountain lots of years ago but so glad we all got to see him when he was there. 
Have a wonderful week
with the full moon and Friday the 13th what could go wrong lol?

Sunday, March 1, 2020


Happy first day of March! What did you do on your bonus day this leap year? I spent the better part of it with my husband trying to get our bathroom order at Home Depot figured out. From them not calling us to tell us the order was in to sending the wrong things. Hopefully things are going to be ok now. We are redoing our bathroom upstairs and it is taking way longer than I would like.  But it will be nice when it is done.

I brought in my french Tarragon to winter over inside. I did not know if it would live but worth trying. It did! I roasted veggies and added bake chicken added the french tarragon in a puff pastry and I made a easy white sauce to go over it yummmmmmm 

Thursday  night is our night to go out. It was cold and the wind was blowing so we stayed in I grilled a steak made a salad and had popovers. Husband said he was glad we stayed in. 

This morning I was up early grating carrots etc for morning glory muffins. They are whole wheat loaded with carrots, apples, raisins, etc. we each had one for breakfast I wrapped them individually and froze them I will take one out the night before to throw in my lunch bag for work to go with my coffee. Then I wonder why I can't lose weight. I bake to relax and with all the news lately I am a bit stressed. Not so much for me but for my family. So to make me feel like I am doing something I have stocked my pantry for at least 3 weeks. Staying away from crowds and to just be happy at home.
I am very blessed to have a safe, comfortable home.

I also have been getting out for my walk. Even though it is icy right now and cold it feels so good to be in the fresh air.
And to walk off all that baking.
I have been hooking and I am coming to the end of the 3 risers I have been working on. I am going to start a larger rug that was gifted to me by a wonderful friend I will show that when it is underway.
Have a safe and healthy week.