Sunday, April 25, 2021

I Was Feeling All Superior When...

The May flowers are in bloom a bit early. They smell heavenly.
When I was little we use to pick them on May 1st put them in a little colored plastic basket and put it on the door knob of a neighbor and knock and run! I remember just waiting for our knock because sometimes there was candy in that basket too.

Last post I was telling you about my new hiking boots. Well my friend and I headed out to the 7 waterfalls. It was a clear beautiful morning just glorious!

It is on the property of the castle in the clouds (which I have posted about lots of times) an easy hike and more special with a friend.

I will spare you from having to look at all 7 but trust me it was beautiful! And my boots were great. I did have my old ones in my backpack but there was no need for them.

We have had every type of weather this week snow, below freezing temps with high winds, sunny and warm and in spite of it all the trees are budding and the tulips are blooming! This tree was decorated with yellow finches just waiting for me to fill the feeder.

Every work morning I work I drive by a Dunkin' Donuts and see a line of cars just waiting to get that cup of coffee. I have been brewing a pot every morning for years and taking a couple of cups in a thermos (that was given to us) to work. And every morning I say as I drive past "How crazy is that? A complete waste of money!" I was feeling very superior about it all and then..
I ordered a rug hooking pattern that would keep me in Dunkin Donuts coffee for a few months sigh.. that will teach me.
Like my husband says "It's all about what something is worth to you."
More on my new pattern later. I am working on Daisy. I had to pull all my flowers out, I hooked them in pink and it just did not stand out from my background so white it is!

I have told you before about Tubi a streaming station that is free.
They have some wonderful older movies. This week I watched the Ya-Ya Sisterhood. I also found Dark Shadows a creepy soap that was around when I was a kid, my mother did not let me watch it so I would go to a friends house everyday after school, her mother would let us watch it lol. 
This is school vacation week for Sweet B and my daughter, they decided to take her to Boston for an overnight and to the aquarium.
When they told her she said "Great I want to see Paul Revere's house!" Love that kid to the moon. But the best part is she is coming for an over night!! So excited!
Have a healthy happy week

Sunday, April 18, 2021

April Snow

We are in a drought and need rain but our rain came in the form of snow. Pretty and it was melted by night, but I am ready to move on from snow at this time of year.

I am ready for dandelions to weave into crowns with Sweet B.
We spent the most of last weekend uncovering gardens and raking so we are ready!

I have worked on my rug. It is a quick hook, I am working on the last of the flag and the mane, then some background.

Usually we have projects every one of my days off to 
accomplish but today we decided to just do nothing. I did do laundry and change our bed, took a walk ,but other than that I didn't do much.

Tomorrow I am going on a much needed hike with my BFF.
 I got the compass out that my daughter got me for Christmas! Um directions galore yikes!

And I have new hiking boots that I haven't worn yet.
So for tonight no slippers just boots. I will put my old boots in my backpack in case I have any issues with these.
Have a healthy and happy week.

Sunday, April 11, 2021

10,000 Steps

Unusually warm weather and the gardens are waking up.
Ice out was declared on Squam Lake this week, a few weeks early.
Since we had a mild winter and not much rain this spring we are in a drought all ready this year. 

My father-in-law's chives. He has been gone many years now but we continue to grown his chives.

I know this is a bad picture but this is why I do not clean up gardens before winter. The little birds snacked on the cone flower seeds all winter. 

I had some nervous energy so I washed windows and curtains today.
The house just seems fresher somehow.

I did finish the rug I was working on,just ok. the selvage is so large I will not bind it until I hook a stair riser on it.

I started another rug on monks cloth. I use to use monks cloth all the time and liked it, not sure why I changed as I am enjoying working on it again. 

I want to thank you for the prayers, thoughts, and emails.
Husband is home, his poor battered body, he has had much sickness in his life and this was scary, but he came out of it pretty good. 
We are both trying to take it one day at a time. 
I have started back walking, the stress was doing me in.
Today was the first day my phone beeped to tell me I reached 10,000
steps. So the journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step. I pray this is the first step to may more miles with him. We have been together since we were teens. 
Wishing you great health and peace.

Thursday, April 8, 2021


We were able to get Easter in between hospital stays for husband.
So if you have an extra prayer he could use it. 
(It is not covid)