Wednesday, January 31, 2024

Gifts from friends

 Yes you guessed it more snow.
The snowbanks in out little cul-de-sac are 3 1/2 to 4 ft high.

I worked on a little thing for valentines day not sure I am done with it yet. The wood is drift wood from Maine.

My sweet friend gave me this wine carrier. It has a corkscrew and a couple of glasses. When I went away recently I forgot the corkscrew and no one had one they were all drinking mixed drinks. 

A few more pictures from the hook-in. 

This rug I am crazy over. 
Jenny N thought this rug up and she will have a working clock in the middle of this rug. And lots of real clock gears here and there all over the rug.

This rug has a 3D effect it was sculptured. 
A pretty mermaid.

This pattern is from Deanne Fitzpatrick in Canada. 

I found my ear buds and charged them up. Found my libby app for a free audio book.
It has made all the difference. I have gotten more done not much scrolling. I am listening to a lousie Penny book. Just perfect......
We had a busy day. I had an eye appointment then we shopped Aldi's (we don't have one near us) then out to lunch. And then tonight out to dinner. ( we had an amazing coupon that was expiring lol) I am over fed and tired. I have snuggley socks my friend knit me I am all tucked in!.
Have a wonderful week.

Sunday, January 28, 2024


We have had so much ice. I got up early and did some sanding on our very steep driveway.

I have been going through old cookbooks some were my mom's. Just seeing her handwriting make miss her all the more.

I tried this recipe and it is a keeper! I cut it in half as there is just two of us.

If you try it let me know if you liked it.

I also made some bread this week.
And these muffins were made to use up a couple of things that needed to be used. Banana muffins with a cup of fresh cranberries. Husband loves them.
I met up with my sweet friend on Saturday. It has been a long while since we got together. We shopped the thrift store and then went for a wonderful long lunch heaven ♡ the company, the food, and the view was perfect.

I got a chance to put out some of my vintage valentines.
Now for the winner of my giveaway. I want to welcome the new followers and thank you all so much for entering. 

Kathyinozarks you win!
Just email me and I will get it in the mail this week!
Have a wonderful week!

Wednesday, January 24, 2024

Another Snowy Morning

I am up before dawn. I wrapped myself up and grab my cookbook and a couple of new magazines. I am determined to cook some new recipes. Since we are not going out much  (or at all!)
I am looking for more variety. I am going to try my hand at making gnocchi and who else should I go to but mary ann Esposito.
We use Roku for our tvs and they have lots of free shows. I have found Rachel Khoo she has a show called The little Paris Kitchen. 
she is darling and has the most wonderful recipes. I am sure if you google her lots more will come up. I have enjoyed hooking in the late afternoon watching her shows.(they are on demand) I have learned a lot of tips and tricks from her.

Speaking of hooking this is my Lady Liberty. She is coming along slowly but surely. 

Now for a few more rugs from the hook in in Maine last week. 
I am always amazed at what each of us choses to hook. It makes the hooking world so diverse and wonderful. 

This is an "penny rug"  piece. It is all wool, each piece is cut out then pinned on and then each piece needs to be hand stitched on. A labor of love. 

This is a Michelle Palmer pattern so sweet!
It was being hooked by Gail from Vermont. She was in my hooking class when I had Michelle this past fall. 

This is one fancy sheep, she is doing such a great job. 

I really like this pattern she is doing a great job!

The Hookers name is on that rug I do not know her but great job on the rug. 

Ok one more addition to the give away basket. I found this sweet enamel pin. I would say 60s 70s such a fun way to brighten up a plain T shirt. I think this may be the last addition although I am going out and about with my dear friend Cathy on Friday so you never know. Want to put your name in go Here.
I live in NH so we had our primary yesterday. I am sick of the calls and the flyers but I also understand how important the whole process is, and how lucky very lucky we are to freely vote for who we want.
I live in a very small town about 3000 registered voters and I have been helping to hand count votes for years. Only 800+ people voted.
And that is all I have to say about politics here. 
 I am off to stuff some shells with cauliflower and sausage wish me luck!

Sunday, January 21, 2024

A Very Fun Time!

We have a game camera out by our shed and look who is waiting for some unsuspecting squirrel to hop by a pretty nice bobcat. 

My poor car took a beating going to Maine on Wed morning.
I was suppose to go Tuesday but we had snow and I needed to to be home to shovel the deck and stairs as husband still had some pneumonia left in his lungs. ( His xray came back as non left thank goodness!)
I started out Wed morning and when I got to the Maine line it looked like they hadn't plowed ugg it was slow going for awhile.

I made it to Maine in one piece! I will show a few rugs as I could go on for ages but this is just a few. This one she was down to background she was mixing a few colors I really like it. 

This is being hooked by Janice she told me the burlap was so stiff she put it in warm water a few times to rinse and soften it up. I was shocked I thought it would make the burlap fall apart. She said no and has done it before. Amazing work. 

This one she was working on the braiding for the border. 

This is being done my roommate and sweet friend Donna!
Her husband was a mechanic most of his life and this is for their bedroom purple and blue gears. 

This is an antique rug reproduction she tried to stick close to the original rug colors. But she didn't like the border and was going to bind it as is.  

This was being done by Gail all she had to do was the sky.

Kathy from Vermont did this santa and I had never seen her finish before. she used silicone calk and then she could cut it close to the end of the hooking and put the strips to match each section I loved it! She said it was an idea in a rug hooking magazine years ago. 
I will have more rugs to show you next time. 

I was in Freeport Maine so on my way home I stopped at a vintage store. I thought this hankie would be so sweet for valentines day or Easter. Tuck it up your sleeve for a vintage look. And that little book has all kinds of fun things. Recipes, good dates, bad dates etc so cute. I am going to put it in my giveaway basket.

I am going to have quite a basket to give away. 
Go to this post ."Give Away" to put your name in. (Yes I have seen each of your entries blogger is not playing nice with me)
You have to be a follower and I will draw it on Jan 27th and announce it the 28th. Don't be left out!
We are in the deep freeze I don't think we got higher than 17f today brrrrr but it is winter and we have plenty of snow. We have the woodstove and the fireplace in the family room going. I am staying away from husband for the next few days incase I came home with something. 
We had so much fun at the hook-in we laughed and ate and had cocktails. I feel very blessed to have this hobby that allows me to meet such wonderful women and have such fun. I got into a class in April so excited for that more later. 
Stay warm everyone and have a great week!

Monday, January 15, 2024

Bluebird At My Window

This sweet bluebird and his mate visited our feeder during a recent snow storm. 

I have been slowly putting Christmas away. I don't have a lot of heart things. This was from a thrift store several years ago. 
Husband used up the last of the raspberry jam. I was getting ready to marinate some chicken so I made a very tasty marinate with what was left in the jar. I added some olive oil,vinegar, mustard.salt and pepper. Shake, shake,shake the jar voila tasty marinade. You could also use this as a salad dressing. A great way to use up what was still clinging to the jar. 
We are cold and very snowy. (But not as bad as Buffalo NY yikes!) I have shoveled and sanded until my body aches so much! I got my first seed catalog and someone posted this. My garden is not this large but I will take some of the ideas when planting this spring. Think spring!
Husband is better but needs an exray this week. I am off to hook with friends for a few days! 
Have a great week

Wednesday, January 10, 2024

Color Choices

I started lady liberty and I need your help. I started hooking her like a person but should it be like the statue?
We had about 10 inches of snow then about 2 inches of rain so you can imagine what a heavy mess it was! Then there were high winds thankfully we kept the power on. 
As you know husband has been sick since before Christmas. Well very long story short he has pneumonia. He is on antibiotics and finally starting to feel better. Fingers crossed
Since I haven't been anywhere or done anything that is it for me.
Blogger is having issues when I go to comment on my own blog it comes up as anonymous crazy.
Don't forget to put your name in for my giveaway here.
Have a wonderful week!

Sunday, January 7, 2024

Thrift Find

Snow Day today we got 6 to 8 inches of fluffy snow.

King Arthur flour has a sale and this pan was 60% off.
I gave myself a little present.

I made a small chocolate cake to try them out. So sweet! 

I had an orange that needed to eaten but before I cut it I zested the rind and put it into sugar. 

Voila orange flavored sugar! I have been having oatmeal for breakfast and it is so good for a light sprinkle of this sugar. 
There are so many great uses for this sugar. I kept the top off for a day and ever once in awhile I gave it a stir.

And I pickled some onions I had a half of a red onion and a bit of white onion so in a pint jar I sliced the onions, added a heaping tsp of sugar a half cup of very hot water and then top off with vinegar add some salt and pepper.
Shake it up and refrigerate oh they are so good! 

I had a hair cut on Friday and around the corner is my favorite thrift store. lookie lookie what I found! It is a little large just perfect for layers underneath. Now that we have snow I hope to get out to snow shoe and oooh I will be looking pretty fashionable lol. 

 I got this shade out I got last week. It looks great on the small floor lamp by my chair. 

Speaking of Christmas I walked passed these two getting ready to put them away and I had to leave them for at least on more day.
Doesn't it look like they are having a great conversation. 

More on the give-away I have added fingerless gloves. They are handmade but not by me. Some cocoa bombs, a little sign,.....

And a fun basket to hold all the goodies. 
Do you want to put your name in? Go to this Give- away post to comment.

This is so true of me I need to get off my phone!
I will reply to the comments on the last post (I have been spending to much time on my phone) and welcome to my new followers.