Sunday, September 29, 2013

Please Pass The Motrin

We were headed to the fair today but poor Miss B is not feeling
well so we decided to take a hike

Or two. It is getting so beautiful now the weather couldn't have
been better and scenery just beautiful.

This picture washes out the color it is much brighter.

On our way back down this tree was glowing and yet I couldn't
capture it.

And since that wasn't enough we loaded the kayaks and headed into
the mountains to a small lake we haven't been on yet. My arms were rubber
by the time we were back on shore.

We also walked around an old graveyard.
It is a very old graveyard old 1700- 1800's.

This is the top of the stone.

Here is the stone wall around it, very peaceful a great place
for eternal rest.

I also dug out my hooking yahoo! It has been months since
I have picked up a hook. I finished binding of this small rug and dug
out the animal rug I started for Miss B. Here is to hooking again!
Have a great week!
I want to live my life so that my nights are not full of regrets.
D.H. Lawrence

Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Sisters

I belong to a woman's group that we have called the sisters.
We are not true sisters but are sisters of the heart. We try to meet monthly
at one of our houses. We are a very eclectic group but some how
it really works. There is respect and kindness always. There is at least
another 6 people that couldn't make it this time.
So last night was my turn I made lasagna and everyone else brought a
a dish to share. Which is always so yummy! I also made a dessert it came out pretty good. So
I will share it.
Pumpkin Trifle
2 boxes of pumpkin instant Jell-O add 3 cups of milk and I whipped in 4oz of
mascarpone cheese. While waiting for the pudding to set up
I chunked up a family size pound cake.
then layer cake, pudding, whipped cream, until you use up your pudding and cake
I used only one tub of whipped topping I suggest 2 tubs.
then I grated the white chocolate bar on the top.

Ok this is a very bad picture this is after everyone had their fill
because I forgot to take a picture before. It is light and lovely
and I will make it again.
One of the things we do at the closing of our get together is pass a basket
around. We put a 1.00 in and tell what we are thankful for. It is such a great time
to share. What I am thankful for is David had a great Dr's appointment
in Boston and we were told finally that his transplant is a complete success!
I am also thankful for this group of women who came and raked our yard and put in our firewood  when
David was in the hospital and checked in to see if there was anything they could do for us.
At Christmas we donate the money to a charity of choice. Last year they donated it in
my husband's name. Tell me what your thankful for:)


Sunday, September 22, 2013

One Yardsale After Another

We had a very busy weekend and it all started on Friday at the mail box.
When I started to blog I felt I would be lucky to have a handful of people
read my blog. One of the first few that followed my blog was Lauren from
rugs and pugs and it was an instant connection over the years. She sent me a happy
September gift. I love love love it thank you so much Lauren.
If you would like one contact Lauren a lady is selling them to raise money
for the doggie rescue. This picture does not do it justice.
We found a yard sale that you stuff a bag for 2.00. My daughter and I
split the bag and I got these Holt Howard pieces I think I will try
ebay and sell them.

On Thursday with my Thursday friend we hit the thrift and
I found so much. Lots of really nice clothes.

And at a yard sale I found this travel bag.
you store all your shampoos etc and then when you get
to your destination you open it up all the way and hang it from the
bathroom door. It is llbean and looks like new 2.00.

I have no idea why I love the cutting board shaped like
animals, but I do. the largest roll of curling ribbon for .25
and very cute little ornament were made by a lady that just
passed away in the area. I have several of her pieces and love them.
I was happy to get them for 2 for .25

And then the tale of the apple peeler. I purchased this pampered chef
peeler in the box for 2.00 daughter wanted it. when she picked it up to
figure it out she dropped it on her foot and wanted nothing more to do with
it. So I kept it and it works slick!

So I made a Norwegian apple pie from my
recipe box. While it is ok and I do mean just ok
(I will not make it again). First of all no cinnamon and I
don't feel it has enough batter there is apple that never had
any of the batter on it.

Friday night Miss B came to spend the night while her daddy
was in a curling tournament. (I know you Canadians  know what
that is.) She and I are doing puzzles and oh how she loves them so
much fun. And hey you get to see my best side ha!

I hope you all had a good weekend, we have a busy week ahead
we are off to Boston and I am hosting my women's group.
Have a great week!


Sunday, September 15, 2013


Husband made a sign for the end of our driveway pretty cute:)

Our trees are losing their beautiful dark green of summer.
While I like fall it is so short here and then we are into winter.

My sunflowers are still pretty, we lost a few during an awful thunder storm.

I canned this past weekend for the first time in my life! This is green tomato
relish I tasted before I put it all in the jar and pretty good if I do say so myself.

And this is bread and butter pickles another winner! Now I am itching to
do more. I have lots of cukes left. My next batch will be mustard pickles
I had them as a kid and loved them.

This is from a week a go it was a hike my Thursday friend and I
did. It is about 3 miles from my house so pretty.

We saw these flowers on the way up. I have to say I have never seen these before.
If anyone has any  ideas I would love to hear them.

Well it is time to say goodnight we are all tucked in.
I hope your weekend was a good one.
Use what talents you possess: the woods would be very silent if no birds sang there except
those that sang best.
  Henry Van Dyke

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Happy Wednesday

We are hotter than august right now. while I hate the humid part of it
I am not going to complain the winter will be here before we know it.
So what did I do in this heat? Well I baked a batch of cookies.
peanut butter with home made blackberry jam.

I finished my mask that I was working on this spring.
I think a pair of wings and Miss B will be one pretty butterfly for
Halloween.(The colors are much brighter in person)

And this is my ta da dump find for the week.
I hate the frame but I love the stitching. Not sure just what
I will do with it but it looks like fall for sure.
I am going to try to can  green tomato relish.
I am thinking about pickles but haven't found a recipe I think
is easy and good. Any suggestions?
My daughter will be 30 this Friday! How is that possible?
Happy Birthday!
We must be willing to get rid of the life we've planned, so as to have
the life that is waiting for us.
Joseph Campbell

Sunday, September 8, 2013

A Busy Weekend

While this is an older picture this is exactly what we both are feeling
like doing right now.
It started with Friday a birthday party! They had a band and it was cater.
We had so much fun I think we danced almost every dance lots of laughter.
we haven't danced that much in years.:)
Sorry to busy dancing to take pictures.
Then a family reunion on Saturday. We drove to Maine Saturday, to the Beach house of
David's cousin. The weather was perfect, the cousins funny and sweet, the older
aunts and uncles so great. There was food everywhere, laughter, and lots of hugs and tears.
Sorry no pictures to busy.
We stayed overnight with our close friends. We went to sleep with the sounds of
the ocean and woke up to a beautiful ocean breeze and mimosas, yummm. We are so blessed
to have friends who are quick to invite us to stay in their lovely home by the sea.
no pictures to busy.
And then on the way home we see Bud and Bill.

They are a working team and they were plowing up...

Potatoes! there were a few guys behind them with baskets picking the potatoes.
It was a scene that touched my heart, my grandfather had a team of work horses
and one of these horses looked just like his beloved horse Prince.
If any of you know what tramping hay is, I did that as a kid, with my grandfather.
 I can remember laying in a hay rack full of hay, looking at the late summer sky, with my grandfather telling old
Prince to take us home. Home a great place to be with our memories old and new.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Something Is Going On??????

Our house has some bad energy or there are a few spirits having fun.
On Sunday we packed up and went to the lake to meet up with family and have
a real labor day cookout. Hmmmm no one is here yet oh well save a bunch of tables.
my daughter, son in law, and Miss B. came but  Still no extended family. and then the texts and phone calls
started coming we were at the wrong state park lake!!! What an hour away nope we stay put.
There is a cousin get together this coming Sunday for my husband's family.
Wait Wait it is Saturday!!!! What??? We have a packed weekend and that throws off our whole weekend.
When I get home I always turn on the small tv in the kitchen to hear the news
while cooking dinner. I picked up the remote that was next to the tv where it always is AND it is the phone??? Husband had hung up the remote???
So how do we get rid of this energy? walk into the house backwards?
burn incense? I am up for suggestions.
Oh and as a side note I have woken up twice in the past week feeling
a pat on my head, It was not husband or the cat.
We built this house no one, died here, we did not find an ancient burial ground.
And now as I write this husband is going crazy because one foot is so itchy it just started.
I think I will go to bed early tonight and hide under the covers until our world gets back in order.
or buy a lottery ticket.