Sunday, October 29, 2023

Rug School Part 2

I am going to start this post with my yummy win!
The door prize from Dorr Mill a 79.00 value! Yes please!

Ok I am starting what was in the rug show. I did not get all the information on the rugs sorry. And sorry not sorry about my rug hooking sneakers showing lol. 
I am going to let you scroll through them. 
Please click on them there is so much wonderful work here. 
I do not have a rug in the show. 

I haven't decided what I feel about lighting up a rug or wall hanging. I like the hooking but just not sure. Thoughts?

There is something about his sweet face. He looks a little devilish lol.

Love how this was finished.

My friend Debbie Kelly's rug.

This had a stuffed 3D piece to go with it. They are 2 separate pieces. 

Again my friend Debbie Kelly's

I never got a good picture of this, this is a larger rug, and it is Pandora's box. Amazing amazing detail!!!! click on it you will be amazed. Remember this is all with little strips of wool fabric!

You can see it here on the end. Wait until you see what she was working on at the school!!

The braid around this rug was lovely but it caused the center to buckle a lot. You have to be so careful when binding with anything. 

This is our fearless leader's Pam Bartlett

I only have a few things of what they were working on most of it was just in the beginning's stages.
How wonderful is this rug?? From a picture.
It felt like you could pick the flowers! 
And the person who did Pandora's box was working on this amazing bear!!!
And that is it for the rug camp and if you are still with me, I am going to close with this. 

The past few days have broken all kinds of records for warmth. 80's! Unheard of at this time of year here. The leaves have turned brown and slowly rustled in the warm breeze. It made me really work on getting my gardens ready for winter and cleaning up around the outside of the house. 

And not 24 hours later sleet! We could get snow by mid-week.
the highs this week will be lower than the overnight lows last week. 
It is like fall's last warm breath saying this is it time it is time.
Have a wonderful week. 

Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Rug School

I was able to attend a 3 day rug school in my area. My teacher was Michelle Palmer from NY. I can not say enough good things about her. She truly is the best teacher I have ever had!! She taught the class she didn't just run around color planning. I learned more from her than I have the past two decades. And she is booked at other camps until 2027 and I understand why but it also means she will not be back to this school ugg. 
This is one of her rugs and I fell in love with it and yes I ordered the pattern. My deal with myself to not purchase any more patterns when right out the winter when I saw her work!!! 

I  also fell in love with this one and you guessed it I ordered that too.

Her hand drawn label on that rug !!!

This post is all about her and her rugs the next post will be what was being worked on and what was in the rug show. 
This rug is so darling and has so much detail. 

She has a way of doing letters she raises them just a hair above the background and she is dead set against black she thinks it causes a hole effect she really is not wrong. 

These donkeys are just darling. She does not sell wool and when she sets up to teach she took a round table and made like a color wheel of strips of wool and that is her gift to you. They are free! to her students. No teacher has ever done that before. 

You get a welcome packet with your name in script and a package of her hand drawn note cards! 
She left the word butter in black so you could see that your eye is drawn to that and not the rug as a whole. 

And she had about 15 more rugs she would teach with or throw down amazing! Her punch needle is like nothing I have seen it is like velvet. 

And since I will be doing crows I took pictures of all her crows.

It is never just black. I could go on for pages and in the interest of not boring you I will not. 

So I will end with my rug I really did finish it at the hook in.
She changed the pattern a bit and made it not so heavy. And took me way outside of my comfort zone on color but I trusted her and I am so glad I did! 
There is so much more to post next time. 
If you ever get the chance to get into one of her classes, take it don't wait she is so amazing!

Sunday, October 22, 2023

In The Dye Pot Again.

But first a yummy coffee. I am loving my frother and stirring with a cinnamon stick just makes it so much better. 
Oh and some of own fall spice blend. 

Remember I told you about my addiction to my phone? Well even my horoscope got wind of it yikes!

This week I have been doing a lot of walking the weather has been beautiful and I was exposed to covid so I needed fresh air while I waited and waited. 

I kept masked around my husband and pretty much stayed home. 
and the good news is day 7 and I tested, and I am covid free! 
Now I can go to my rug school this week.

Sweet B and family came for breakfast this morning. I had sent her some Halloween fabric she returned it made into coasters. Love that kid!!

Because of my time to myself this week I was able to finish my rug.
Now to bind it and send it off to my daughter she loved it when she was here. 

So back into the cauldron (aka dye pot).

This was the mystery jar it must have been mixed up during my purple period. There are some really nice pieces in there the couple I don't like I am keeping for a batch of primitive black. 

The next batch was a formular I mixed up from the Vermont Folk Art dye book. 

And I am loving these results. 

 I was asked about my dyes. I have the Cushing's dyes. They were all that was around when I was learning to dye. And I am too deep into them to change at this point. I have done natural dying, and it is fun to see the results. But it is hard to get larger batches of certain colors and they tend to fade quicker. 

Ok about being on my phone to much I find all kinds of things I want to do. Are these cookies not the cutest???? the upside is they are so good. Almond flavored butter cookies. 

And they are all gone! Husband was eating them like potato chips. 
I had a few but really, I am glad they are gone I could not stay away from them. 

I am ending with a sun rise I saw while I was in Maine a week ago. 
Have a wonderful week!!