Sunday, March 31, 2019

The End Of Another Weekend

I went to Alfred Maine to a hook-in for the weekend with my best bud Donna. We laughed a lot drank a little wine and baileys.
And of course hooked a little. 

She finished her rug it is larger than it appears here and is just wonderful!

And Jenny finished binding this rug again wonderful.
That was all the pictures I took. 

 In the blue green jacket is another picture of sweet B.
It is from when she was in the photo shoot at the ski area.
It showed up on their facebook page this week. And yes that is her best bud with her. So stinking cute!!!
Well it is back to work tomorrow 
and no big events to look forward to.
Have a great week!

Sunday, March 24, 2019

The Sounds Of Silence

Lately I have sat and hooked in silence, no TV, phones,Radio, or music
 I can hear our grandfather clock ticking and the furnace click on and off but that is it. At first I found it very hard to sit for any length of time in silence ,but it has been getting easier and easier.  It is good for the soul now and then to settle with your thoughts.

As you can tell from the picture above we still have a lot of snow. 
but very close to the house, where the dryer vent comes out, I found this growing yeah for green!

I am still working on the dreaded commission rug. I have never pulled out and put in so many times in one rug. GRRRRR I can not 
wait for it to be done!

Today husband and I decided to go for a quiet lunch. We got all settled in and about 20 minutes later all these people came in with name tags and posters going up in the windows and bang we are in the middle of a political rally! Now it did not matter who it was or what party they were, we were looking for peace and quiet and a chance to just talk and enjoy the food. And guess where he stood the only door in! Trapped like rats! Finally I asked the bartender for a back door and they showed us out. a couple other people followed us out they were as in shock as we were. 

Since we have such a large Easter celebration at our house we start early shopping for all the kids baskets for the big egg hunt. I hit the dollar store and did pretty well. And found these yummm I will not be going back to the dollar store soon as these are like crack I can not stay away from them!.
This morning I got up early and met my daughter and grand daughter for breakfast.A friend of my daughter has a sugar house and it was open house weekend so we wandered over there.
I purchased some syrup and some home made maple cinnamon rolls my treat for Monday morning for going to work.(I bribe myself with treats to go to work)
She also had a scavenger hunt so sweet B and I did that together. She had lots of great questions and B learned a lot about syrup.
So I will close with the one answer I knew. How many gallons of sap produce one gallon of maple syrup?
Have a great week!

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Happy St. Patrick's Day...

We saw sweet B today. Even pigs are Irish today, we saw him on our way out to lunch.

On the way back from lunch I found this lucky rock. You go on a website and it lets them know you found it. It is in honor of her daughter who died. A wonderful way to pay tribute. Sweet B was very happy to hide it again.

Speaking of Sweet B (in the pink gloves) she was part of a photo shoot for Cranmore Mt Resort. She has become a good skier this year. Beside her is her close friend and on the end in the red jacket is another long time friend. Wonderful to see local kids who ski there all the time being used in their advertising.

Our trip home from Florida was very uneventful even though they grounded all those planes. And my plants made it through 2 weeks and seem happier for it.

Even though we came back to lots of snow on the ground I am over winter, I took the white lights out of the windows and packed away all the winter pictures I had hung up and replaced them with spring pictures. COME ON SPRING!

I even baked banana bread for us and some whoopie pies for my husband's pool friends.

My sweet friend bought me and insulated tumbler while we were in Florida. It has such sweet flowers on it. So while I am waiting for my garden to thaw out I will enjoy taking this to work to remind me we really do have spring on the way.
I hope your week is a good one!

Monday, March 11, 2019

Still On Vacation

The weather has been amazing.

The birds and the beach are beautiful.

And this is the only snow(sandman) I want to see.

We have walked a lot. this is a bush that people leave 
shells on so it looks like the bush is growing shells.

Because we have spent so much time in the sun we dug out the umbrellas and sat in the shade yesterday. A perfect place to read.

Of course spring break is in full force, this is how they are keeping an eye on them. Really the kids are fun to watch and wish we had all that energy. 
It has been just a wonderful vacation I will hate to see it end.
Have a great week!

Monday, March 4, 2019


We left NH in a snow storm. The day before it was freezing and blowing  just brutal!!!

To this, ahhhhhhh it has been 80 every single day and just wonderful....

I am walking the beach every chance I get. A fun sculpture.
The sand here is very fine and white.

We have watched sunset every night. We swam in the pool and the ocean. We had lunch in the village, it is just plain relaxing.
Home has had 2 more snow storms our friends are coming tomorrow and my brother in law and wife are coming Thur so lots more fun in store.
Have a great week!