Wednesday, June 28, 2023

My Cup Runneth Over

The door was decorated, and the house was ready.
to welcome my women's group. 

This group of women are so wonderful. We haven't seen each other. 
but once since covid. But when the doors opened, and they started gathering the house came alive with happy chatter, hugs, and food oh there was food! I cannot wait until we gather again!!!

And they brought me gifts of flowers and eggs! There is nothing better than farm fresh eggs. 

This morning early, I saw our tree shaking like crazy. And out plopped a young bear! I ran to find my phone that is why shaky pictures lol. 

There he is going over our rock wall headed into the woods. I would say his mother kicked him out this year because she has new cubs, so he is wandering around looking to get into trouble. 

After the morning excitement I headed off with these two for some thrift store shopping and out to lunch. My perfect day is being with my daughter and grand. 

My finds are llbean long sleeve t-shirt, EMS hiking pants, some earrings, and the sweetest theorem painted lamb. All less than $9.00

I also dropped off another box of no longer used items at the thrift store. It feels good to purge now for the upstairs and attic. I have an abundance of cookbooks and my recipe boxes are a mess that will be my winter project to organize. 
We have had so much rain I mean a lot! 
I do hope the clouds part and the sun shines for the 4th of July.  
Not to mention my gardens are so soggy.
Have a wonderful week! 

Sunday, June 25, 2023

A Big Ol' Visitor

Sat morning my feet had just hit the floor I heard a bang, and we lost power.
12 seconds later the generator roared to life. And raising my spirits knowing I would get a hot cup of coffee to start my day. 

Humidity has settled in NOT my favorite weather. We are in the low 80's with pouring rain off and on. I had the ingredients, so I made vanilla ice cream and I had frozen blackberries in the freezer, so I also made a blackberry sauce to go over it. It turned out delicious if I do say so myself yum. 

We have had a large visitor (black bear). As you can see, he wanted the birdfeeder and decided to use the light to try and make the climb. He bent the plate to the lamp and knocked over my big pot under it. As a side note he did not get the feeder and we now are taking it in at night to not tempt him to do that again.

Knobs again! I got brushed nickel. I do like it a bit better, but I miss counted my knobs. I forgot the two over the frig ugg.
So, I am two short. So back to the white knobs until I can be sure I can get two more. 
My kitchen is dark, so I needed something lighter in there. When we put the porch on the whole length of the front of the house it made the kitchen side of the house darker. But I will never give up my porch!

I am still cleaning out! I am on box 11 right now! I am so proud of myself for weeding out what we never use and pass it on. Well, when I am done filling a few of boxes, I take them to the thrift store. And well since I am there..... I got this pair of pjs I have them all washed and dried and ironed with lavender linen spray. Fresh sheets are going to feel good tonight with fresh pjs. 
I also got a new skirt with all the tags, a couple of embroidery magazines and my Christmas cards. All for just a few dollars. I do love a good thrift store.

And this guy had a birthday this weekend! We took him out for breaksfast and some family time. Happy Birthday my sweet husband. 
Busy week ahead I have my women's group coming Tuesday for dinner and drinks. All 16 of us! Everyone brings something so it is an easy way to entertain.  Then Wednesday I am taking some time with my daughter and grand. 
And then we go right into July!!!
Have a wonderful week!

Wednesday, June 21, 2023

A Rock Star!

Happy solstice my friends now on to summer!
The Faires are dancing in my garden tonight, magic* 

My walk today was magical too... An empty nest...

A beautiful butterfly...

Lovely iris on the side of the road.

This kid right here is a rock star!!! 

She won 3 major awards at step up night! 
She is now a 7th grader! My beautiful brilliant Sweet B.
My rose bush in so loaded this year it is falling forward and as you can see it is a large bush. I will be cutting it back when it is done blooming, so it doesn't split. 
I have a surplus of energy lately not sure if it is the freedom of retirement or I am getting more exercise and it fires up my energy.
I am a "Don't matter cleaner. If I can't see it,it don't matter"
Like under things etc. Well today I cleaned my oven I mean I got in there with a scrubby and cleaner. Then I washed the floor, changed sheets, and did laundry and cleaned bathrooms. Plus a bit of gardening!!!And that was after a 3-mile walk. Not sure what is fueling it, but I sure hope it lasts. 
Happy Summer!

Sunday, June 18, 2023


So very true my muscles have been screaming! 

But oh my gardens are really starting to come together. the fairy roses.

They are loaded with buds! When they start, they will bloom until the first hard frost. 

These are my solar flowers that glow at night. The fireflies have also come, and the nights are just full of magic with all the blinking. There are many more this year than there were last year. 

Our electric co-op was offering 30.00 each (max 2)to turn in old air conditioners. Since we have to pay the dump to take them, and we had 2 that needed to go off we went to their collection site Home Depot. I would rather get 60.00 back than pay to have them taken away. 
While were there we shopped. 
I have wanted to update my kitchen knobs. So, 29 knobs later and lots of $.

I got black hated them took them out put the white back and now I need to go back to return them. I think brushed stainless maybe.
Still loving my blue cupboards that I put in 35 years ago that are all the style now.  

I bought these pants at walmart in the mark downs. They had the big patch on them. 
I stitched the little patch and put it on. I think I really like it! Funky!

speaking of stitching block 4! Like I said I am playing fast and loose with the colors but so far so good. 

And I have had a bit of time for baking. Blueberry muffins.
Tomorrow, I have to bake whoopie pies for Sweet B. 

Because this little firecracker is stepping up to middle school tomorrow. Not sure where that time went! 
Happy Father's Day to all you dads. 
Husband had a good day dinner out with our family and some gifts. 
This coming week I am redoing yet another garden. I took the time today to look things over to see what I have that can be moved. And there is lots of weeding to be done. These gardens have been so neglected over the years there just never seemed to be enough time. 
 Summer weather is finally coming by the end of the week, so I need to finish up my major gardening before the heat hits. We have had lots of rain but on the sunny days 70 and lovely.
Have a wonderful week!

Thursday, June 15, 2023

Geranium update

My Geranium is doing so well. 
It started like this April 12th. Not a bad turnaround.
And it saved me lots of $$$

I have had more gardening time the past few days, so I am transplanting, weeding, and putting in the few veggies I grow.
My peony is starting to bloom smells so wonderful. 

And speaking of smelling wonderful this old-fashioned rose bush is in full glory. It too smells wonderful. 

My Hosta is doing well too. We have had rain most evenings lately and sunny days. Everything is green and growing by leaps and bounds. 

My iris are starting to fade. 

I have a few different colors all of them were given to me over the years.

I battle the ferns in this garden.

I only have a couple of the yellow iris. 

While I was in Maine all these ideas kept coming out from those crazy talented women. Well, this was one. To paint your rusty garden iron a bright color so it really shows up. So, I did! Husband sat on the porch and said "ohhh I like what you did with the piece of iron." I do say you can see the piece better. 
I am proud of myself for not spending much on plants this year I am moving plants around and making do. I think I have spent 45.00 which is down by a couple of hundred! I am always crazy for flowers in the spring. 

Donna roasted her chicken breast with a mayo mix. It stayed moist and wonderful. So, I tried it, and it was great! I just mixed mayo with some dry ranch mix and sprinkled with breadcrumbs. You could use any flavor combo you like. 
I am hosting my women's group the end of June we haven't been together in some time, so everyone is excited and ready. 14-16 women!
Drinks, food, and good friends what could be better?? Nothing!
Not much crafting time I take a shower at the end of the day and curl up for a show or two and head to bed. My poor old bones are sore from all the digging, pulling, and lugging.
Have a wonderful week. I pray you are all safe from the awful storms. 

Sunday, June 11, 2023

These Women Are My Heart !

The sun has set on another gathering.

We all gathered Wednesday, and I was given a retirement dinner.
Donna cooked the most amazing meal and to top it off she had chocolate cake with PeanutButter frosting!!!! There were gifts amazing, wonderful gifts! I chose this glass for my wine for the rest of our gathering. 

Then we showed our challenge project. Dayle sent bits and pieces and we were to make something from them and bring to the gathering. I thought I was pretty clever ummm not so much!

Bonnie took her pieces and made them into a journal. And I do mean made. She laced in hand dyed papers and all just amazing!

Donna took her pieces and wrapped them around a rectangular vase and added mod podge to them to make them stiff voilĂ  a container! 
Sorry not a great picture but a great piece!

And Dayle sewed hers to make a decoration to a bag! oh I need to step up my game! 
My head swam with all the amazing crafts that were being done or shown wow. I have lots of ideas and plans for this winter but wow I will never live long enough!

We went to Camp wool aways fun!

While the weather was not the best, we made the best of it lots of walks on the beach and outings. 

I think someone was following us lol.


I worked on my block on our down time. I made one huge mistake and yes, I will fix it but not right now. 
We laughed until we could not breath. There were hugs and stories and food oh the food! 

Saturday afternoon I went down the beach to stay over night with my longtime friend. This morning we got out early and walked. It is at a place called Ludhom farm it has so many trails it is a beautiful property. 

We met bird watchers such a great place for that. And it goes all the way to the ocean.

So, we walked the ocean we walked a lot I think it was a good thing because I ate a lot over the days there.  
I headed for home today it is good to be home, but I miss them already.
I hope you had a wonderful weekend and have a creative week.