Sunday, February 23, 2020

Sweet B....

Every year we take our grand daughter away for an overnight. 
It is our birthday gift to her. This year we stayed a local resort

With wonderful views...

With a small indoor water park. This is her beloved Pepe (grandfather) just having a great time in the pool.

We went sledding, this is B and her pepe getting ready to race.
Which scared me the snow was packed down and it was fast!!!
But so much laughter we enjoy our time so much!

God only gave us one so he gave us the best one.
(at least we think so)
She has such a good heart we saw a golden retriever that was wandering around she made sure I went to the office to see if they knew him. She didn't want him to be lost. He was not lost his name was Jake and he had the best life ever he would run and sled with the kids while stealing their hats.  
She got very car sick on the way home I was so worried she had picked up some virus but she bounced back. (I was so thankful.)
I can not get my phone to transfer photos on either of our computers so it has to be the phone not very good at that sort of thing so I will work on it this week.
Have a wonderful week!

Sunday, February 16, 2020

All Work And No Play

We are always short staffed at work so I have picked up a few over time hours. I do not like over time but I am trying to help out. I am to old for all those hours.
I also have had lots of appointments lately Just yearly things. 
I did meet up with my sweet friend this week and we got a walk in.
This is Meredith Bay all frozen over.

The Adirondack chairs waiting for summer. Me too! I am ready we have had several snow storms in the past few weeks.

There is still lots of open water but enough ice for the ice fishermen. It was so cold Friday and Sat it must of made more ice for them. I do not like that below zero bitter cold. But our wood stove did a great job and once I was home I was happy to stay there.

Some of the bob houses are so funny and sweet this one has curtains and a porch. Did someone steal his wife's she shed or is she fishing? 

In my quest to eat healthier I decided to grow my own sprouts again. really one week and I have lots and lots of sprouts. Just a table spoon of seeds in a canning jar with cheese cloth over the lid.
some water and sunlight and voila!

Today some very long time friends were in the area and called to see if we were home. I made us brunch and we chatted and caught up for hours. It was really wonderful I wish more of that would happen in our lives. To me that is so joyful to connect with old friends. 
I am still hooking on my stair risers I have signed up for a couple of rug retreats and one camp. Something to look forward to.
I also have been asked to give a little mini class to beginners like a couple of hours mostly a demo this summer. I have agreed to do it to spread the word of rug hooking.
Have a wonderful week,we are in for a storm on Tuesday 
we shall see what it brings the weather man has not been right much lately.

Sunday, February 9, 2020

National Pizza Day...

This is not my pizza, but I did make pizza in a cast iron fry pan.
I made my crust early in the day and when sweet B came we made our pizzas. You start them on the stove and then finish in the oven. So easy and tasty.

Thur and Fri we had Ice and snow both days.

Then the temps dropped to below zero which left our world very sparkly and icy.

And with the full moon just amazing!!! Like my daughter said it feels like we are in a hallmark movie it is so beautiful. I did get out for a night time walk under the moon no light needed it was like daylight outside.
But because it was so icy I put on my yak tracks and headed out. For those of you not in the snow and ice they slip over your boots.
and keep you from slipping on the ice. I keep this pair (yes I have a few pairs) on my old hiking shoes so I can shovel or sand without taking them on and off (not always easy to do).
We had a very large ice fishing derby here this past weekend and the news paper had this guy and his bob house on the front page. 
I do believe that sign was meant for my house. As I did spend a fair amount of rug hooking on my stair risers.

This is what I have done I have 3 more almost ready to put on.
I am going to try a different method to attach them to the stairs (rug tape)
Well a busy week ahead, I have to help count votes at our little town hall. A dentist appointment on Wed. And I have to work over time on Friday. phew by the time next weekend arrives I will be ready.
Have a wonderful Valentine's day!!!

Sunday, February 2, 2020

What The Ground Hog Said...

He did not see his shadow so an early spring. We have had a very mild winter and I am not complaining but the people who ski and the pond hockey people are not happy. But my guess is we have 6 more weeks of winter. But truly it is going pretty fast.

I got to my rug hooking guild meeting this weekend! I rarely get to go but they were sweet and happy to see me.
I left a bit early and hit a wool sale buy 4 yards get a yard free.
So yes I have fallen off the wool wagon. I had a whole year of no purchases but I am making up for it now lol. I have a big rug I want to start at some point so I bought for that.
(the white is not quite as blinding as that picture)

I worked this week on finding recipes I have not used in a long while or never. I feel like we are in a dinner rut. If you have any ideas let me know.
This is Swedish meatballs and yummm they came out great. 

Today I made Chicken stew with a puff pastry topping.

Before the topping went on.
I put on a vest I hadn't worn in awhile and it shrunk!!!
I am going to have to have someone look at that closet.
Have a great week!