Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Our First Snow Of The Season

Where oh Where have the last five years gone? Our Miss B is 5 today! Her birthday gift from her parents is Disney on ice I think her mother went at about the same age, she will love it.

We finally have our first storm of the season. It is not only snow but sleet and freezing rain not a good mix.

The ice hitting the snow and the trees blowing. Just glad we have the beast in the basement going (the wood stove)

I made some scones this morning and now..

I have another small rug on the frame and trying to figure out how I would like to hook this. I am not sure I have enough of the wool I want to use for the rabbit so I am mixing two wools  or trying the circles. I haven't figured it out yet.
I hope your Christmas was happy and wishing you a wonderful new year!

Sunday, December 20, 2015

The Dupuis Family Christmas

We call our annual christmas gathering with my husband's family
the Griswold family Christmas.

The adults draw the name of one child to buy a gift for and then the adults have a yankee swap after. This is just a few of the kids there is a total of 10 kids and 15 adults so quite a crowd with lots of noise and and fun. there is an annual round of cards and the kids are happy to play with each other and their gifts. And of course food lots and lots of food.

I haven't made this almond tea bread in years.
It is so good.
I have my challenge rug all done and bound I don't think I can show it here but if I find out I am wrong I will post it.
It is a tribute to our little kitty who adopted us and stayed for 20 years. 
Well the gifts are bought and some are wrapped. We have friends in on Christmas eve and then on to Christmas with my sweet B. 

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Feather Tree

I have decided my table top feather tree is going to be it for us this year. I have some of my most valuable ornament on it. 

My sweet vintage santa

A pink basket of fruit.

This is called a dresden ornament it is pressed paper.
They are from the late 1800's not knowing what it was when I bought it for .25 and I found it is worth 200.00-300.00 while not a pretty Christmas theme it makes me smile because I would never spend the big money on them but .25 is good.

I used my fold out creche.  I am as decorated as I am going to be.

Tonight we headed to a local eatery for wine down Wed. All wine is 1/2 price with a couple of apps we were good. We came out to find a candy cane with a note from the local little brownies. 

And last but not least we had the high school caroling in town last week. 
It sounded so lovely and gave us all the Christmas spirit
My husband's family gathers this weekend and then it is right on to Christmas!
I hope you are all enjoying this beautiful season. We are still mild but going into the cold this weekend. Winter will surely come at some point so I am enjoying the nice weather.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

A fun Weekend

I have been busy pulling out my winter/Christmas stuff.
I hooked this last year and still love it. Great on my coffee table.

I stayed with Miss B while her parents did the last of their shopping. She was sick so it was low key. She is like her Gramie was when she was little if there was a strep germ out there it found me. But she has meds and is on the mend. So hard when they are sick.:(

then we headed for Maine for a surprise birthday party. This family owns an inn on a lake they all use and enjoy. I am so jealous of it such a beautiful setting and a fun spot.
  (outside of our bedroom window)
This would be the birthday boy he was very surprise!

It was so good to see old friends. His wife( also Kathy) in the middle.
It was a fun night and we headed home early the next morning so we could catch up on house work. (I took a nap). Of course the weekend slipped by so fast and we have another busy weekend then it is Christmas and a the long months of Jan and Feb. 
The weather is still very mild and we are taking full advantage of it.
I need to pick up a few more things for Christmas 
so a busy week.
I hope you are all taking the time to enjoy friends and family.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Christmas in Kennebunk

We headed to the beach for Christmas prelude 
in Kennebunk Maine

We got up early and hit all the sales and ate our way though
each store. 

Left to right My sweet friend Cathy, My daughter Ashley, and a horrid picture of myself. we are all sporting sparkly reindeer antlers. 

I took a couple of extra days off to fit all the fun in
and to have a day of rest after. I finished the mantle it's a wooly one.

Between two friends I have lots of berries
and holly.

To make the house very festive.

This is the only tree I have up so not sure when I am going to get the time to put the big one up, every weekend is spoken for from now until Christmas.
I have been pretty sick and the meds I had to take kicked my butt but I am on the mend now just tired and of course running around all the time doesn't help.
I hope you are all well and enjoying the season.