Sunday, July 26, 2020

The Good Old Summer Time

My gardens are in full bloom. But the horrid heat is getting the 
best of it. We have more heat this summer than most of the other summers put together. 

My tomatoes are starting to turn red and when they do I will have some canning to do. 

It was finally cool enough to make a pie one day last week and it was delish!

This was my harvest today. yumm we had pasta with pesto
and some grilled chicken so good with sliced tomatoes. 

Not the greatest picture but click on it to see it better but it is one of my own design stair risers. It is fireflies. most nights we sit on the porch and wait for them to show up. 
I am still working part time but they want me to go full time starting next week not sure I am ready. Our covid numbers are still low. Masks are mandatory to enter our store I hear a sneeze and look up, a man had removed his mask to sneeze. I gave him the evil eye and shook my head he beat feet out of the store. Some people are just so awful! 
We are still staying close to home so not much else to talk about.
Have a wonderful week!

Sunday, July 19, 2020

I Swear...

Husband brought home some flowers. My mother always bought these for me for my birthday it is in Aug and they are my birth flower.

Husband has been helping clean out a barn a few towns over and noticed this sign and took them up on their offer...
"Sit a bit enjoy God's view"

They were right it is a nice view! I love that kind of thing on the back roads of NH. The glads were a road side stand  that said "Glads ahead" and after you passed them " you just went by the glads!"

And speaking of views we got up early Sat morning trying to beat the heat and picked 8 quarts of blue berries. The bushes were loaded. Because everyone was picking the tops I sat in the grass and picked the bottoms and found 5.00! It was soaking wet from the night before and half in the mulch so I called it a tip and kept picking. Speaking of finding money we walk our little dead end road every night and first husband found a penny in the road, the next night I did? Very strange for a little dead end road with hardly any traffic where did they come from?

I put them in 1 quart bags and froze them. 

I bought the last pint of local strawberries I made a dutch baby added the strawberries on the top and made a cream cheese drizzle yummmm

My basil plants runneth over so I made a batch of pesto with more to come, I freeze it in ice cube trays and then transfer to a bag. Great for pasta, soups and stews all winter long.

I am working on finishing up my stair runners...

Only three more to do, I am designing the rest of them.
Next up fire flies a picture next week.

I saw someone on facebook ask how to clean the grippers and people were telling her how and saying but I have never seen them that bad. Yikes mine were pretty bad. I got out the vacuum and good as new.

Husband brought home a grain measure for me. I have wanted one but not willing to pay the price. This is just wonderful!

It is bent oak and has the name of the maker stamped on the bottom. It was made in a little town in NH. I just love the patina!

I have chased the deer out of the yard 3 times more!
and yes she makes me swear! She is eating her way through my hosta garden.
Something else makes me swear. I was side swiped while grocery shopping this morning early. No note, nothing, I called the PD and they are going to look at the footage at the store and call me tomorrow. He feels he will find the person. It was 7 am and I was one of about 6 cars parked up front and right beside a full size white pick up hmmmm that makes me swear!

I have a crooked little stick in a watering can as my mask drying rack. I am washing them as I use them and trying to keep covid away from us!

Have a wonderful week!

Sunday, July 12, 2020

What A Week

We had more rain this past week some of it very pounding rain which is never helpful but the rainbow after is pretty.

We got out in our kayaks..

Saw some geese, we guess it is a mom and her almost adult babies.

And a tree that use to hang over the water was make quick work of by the beavers.

Things were blooming I believe this is purple lose strife.

I weeded my veggie garden and worked a bit in my flower gardens it was so humid I didn't do much I am good for nothing when it is that hot and humid.

I know I showed these last week but they are doing amazing and will bloom until the first hard frost.

My delphinium are just getting ready to open too. 

This is a hosta bloom and that is a bee butt lol. He or she was very busy.

When I planted my garden this spring I tried to get zucchini plants
no luck. Except this one garden center had something called 8 ball zucchini. I had no idea and the young girl helping had no idea so I bought two plants any way. They are round! and they are delicious! Very much like normal zucchini but a bit nuttier I think.

We had our first pick of peas around the 4th. there is something about picking veggies from your own garden and having them for Dinner. So good!

Back to zucchini I picked my first one today and I found a recipe for poor man's crab cakes on line. They were so good you do not miss the crab at all!use this link to go to Happier than a pig in mud blog

Then I found a recipe for brown butter chicken. Very much like a milder easier version of chicken piccada.

I finished my rug, all bound and on the floor all I have left is a label.
I am very happy with this rug and yes it even seemed fast to me.

 I am working on my stair risers again. I had them hooked but not bound, after I get one more bound I will have three left to do.
I really love them but I am looking forward to getting them done.
We are off blueberry picking tomorrow. We hope to get out early we are in a heat wave I hate to say it but it makes me look forward to fall.
We saw this today, this little tree is already starting to turn it will not be long I know so I will try to find joy in each day hot or not.
Have a great week!

Sunday, July 5, 2020


I hope you all had a wonderful 4th it was very quiet here just husband and I we are trying so hard to stay healthy but it is getting the best of him. We need to get out a bit more.
Husband made me this little house for my porch so sweet.

I went to the farm stand early for some local strawberries. There is nothing like local strawberries. The ones shipped in the grocery store taste like the box they came in. I made strawberry ice cream just waiting for it to harden.

I for some reason wanted pie. So I made a pie now it takes us a long time to eat a pie but I don't care I love pie!!! I tried a new crust recipe I found on a blog. Nope! back to King Arthur Flour's recipe.

Our house guest is leaving tomorrow. She is very sweet and well behaved. . She likes to lay on the footstool while I am working on my rug. We are walking 3 miles every morning and about 1/2 after dinner she loves it!

We gave her her dinner but she could not pull herself from our big window in the kitchen that looks down into our yard. And this was why! That deer did not care one bit about that dog growling at her from the open window. Husband went out because we thought something may be wrong with her but when he got with in 5 feet of her she jumped up and left she was fine. I do not want her here she can go through a garden in a night. 

I worked hard in my gardens this spring and they are starting to show my hard work. My hollyhocks are just wonderful.

I have a whole row of fairy roses and they are in good form they will bloom until we have a hard frost.

I have had such a hard time growing zucchinis, this year I put them in a pot and voila I am going to have zucchinis! That is just one plant!

I had an old farm tool that the handles rotted off. Husband replace them and oh do I love it! I put it under the trees where it is hard to grown anything.

I am on the border of my large rug. I am not sure if I have enough wool so I am backing into it. I put an extra row of background around and then two rows of black. now I am filling in the plaid from the bottom up evenly all the way around.
I want to finish this rug but I will be sad not to work on it anymore.
We had several days of rain which we badly needed and then the weather has been warm but not to bad. We could use some more rain.
I loved all the comments on my rug thank you for helping my ego to grown lol
Have a wonderful week!