Sunday, November 29, 2020

Eye, Eye

I woke up very early this morning not sure why, not a work day.
I was so glad I did! That is Venus peeking out of the pines. 
The wind was completely calm just beautiful. 

But it was icy! We had rain overnight and then the temps dropped.

When I walked this morning there was black ice on the pavement, I was glad to get to the dirt road to walk 4 hilly miles.

Sat was nice so husband cleaned windows so we can see Santa when he is in the neighborhood!

And he decorated the outside a bit. And do you know what I did?I headed for the Woolen Pear (Pam Bartlett) for a wool fix. And what a good fix it was! I am going to be working on a larger rug and was looking for some help color planning. She was very helpful and had wonderful wool! 

I put our little feather tree up when I got home. We moved our seating around from one side of the house to the other and pretty much closed down 1/2 of the house on the main floor. It was all so we could enjoy the fireplace in this room this winter. So worth it! But no room for our large tree. But this one is doing nicely.

New Year's eve is done and bound. I made the clock a wall clock so you could see the midnight he was celebrating. You cannot see the pink champagne in his glass or the little pink bubbles floating from the glass but trust me it is there. I really love this rug and it was a joy to work on. My blog friend did the same rug (click here) and she has just finished her's also. It is fun to see the different way we did the same rug. 

I just finished this little chair pad today while watching my Patriots squeak out a win. I will finish this and it maybe a Christmas gift.

I treated myself to Doreen Frost's holiday letter. It was filled with recipes and lots of creative ideas. I love getting fun mail and it was a wonderful! 

When husband and I walked tonight we saw the moon rising! This
picture does nothing for the amazing sight of the moon tonight! It was just rising and it was still bright yellow from the reflection of the setting sun, breath taking!
Thanksgiving was just husband and I. I baked a chicken and today with the leftovers I made chicken pie. Very good if I do say so myself.

And speaking of Thanksgiving sigh... I started seeing floaters in my left eye on Tue late afternoon. But by Wed evening I was seeing flashes of light. Thanksgiving it was worse. So I called the 800 number for a nurse though my insurance. She said do not wait call your eye Dr group. Well I did, he called right back and saw me within an hour. (they are 45 to 50 minutes from them!) At this point I am scared! Really scared! He dilated my eye and did a very though exam. And good news! I am just getting old! No tears in the retina or detachment. He assured me I did the right thing and any change he wanted to see me again. I never do anything easily.
So for this Thanksgiving I have much to be thankful for. My blessings are many. 
I hope no matter how you celebrated you took time to count your blessings we all have them. 
Have a wonderful week!

Sunday, November 22, 2020

Wooly thoughts

The sunrises have been pretty. This was much prettier in person.

And my walks a little chillier. ( someone is getting a jump on getting their sugaring equipment in)

Besides working 4 days a week I have pretty much been home.
I am dying some ugly wool. These colors are way off but the darker is the dyed, the original blue is much brighter.

And the green is much brighter and blue has some green in it. so hard to show colors! But I am much happier with it and will use it now.

Oh my bear, my beautiful bear!! He is almost done. I love working on him so I will hate to be done. 

Husband and I are still walking at night when I get home from work. This was taken at work.
I work in a college town so there are people and lights but where we live very few people and no lights, but it is nice to see the night sky.

I broke down today and put my little village up in my step back cupboard. I love this village! When husband walked by he smiled to see it come to life again. It is a real mix of found things and somehow it is wonderful!

The little rubber stars I bought at a shop years ago you can take them off and slip them on another string of lights. 
As it is around the country, here the covid numbers are frightening everyday. I work 4 days a week, come home shower and we stay here as much as we can. Our big family Christmas has been canceled and Thanksgiving is just us. We will see if we can see my daughter and family on Christmas day. 
I am blessed in so may ways, I try to remember that at each disappointment and move on. I do a nightly journal of blessings it is amazing how many you have when you write them down.
Have a wonderful thanksgiving and stay healthy.

Sunday, November 15, 2020

Lovely Weather

Our weather has been so lovely...

And some of the sunsets and sunrises have been spectacular!

On Nov 10 we got the kayaks loaded and headed for the water. An unheard of date in NH!

We were the only 2 there, even the loons and ducks had left.

It was so relaxing and wonderful so good for the soul after listening to the covid numbers for the state. NOT GOOD!

I have been walking a lot! and I have changed the way I eat so I have shed a few pounds and I am feeling better, more energy. 

When I walk I try to pick up things that catch my eye. Today we walked with our daughter and family. I saw these sweet little cones.
I have other things to add but I added balsam oil to it and it smells like Christmas! 

This is my New Year's bear, I am enjoying this pattern so much.

His nice cozy bed.

And his window...

His lantern...

I am not happy with the brown I started for the floor and the pink champagne needs some help but that will come.

I thought this summed up Covid so true.

The weather has turned and we are cold now. We are expecting high winds and very cold air coming in tonight. We have the fireplace going and the generator is all installed in case of a power outage. We are good!  I usually read a couple of sappy Christmas books during the season. This book is very different from others I have read and I am really enjoying it. and a new Early American Life. Life is good!
Have a wonderful week and stay healthy.
PS the night picture from my last post was not my picture It was a free internet picture. 

Sunday, November 8, 2020

Is This The Party To Whom I Am Speaking?

Because it gets dark so early now, when I get home from work husband and I walk our road in the dark. He meets me at the driveway with a flashlight and off we go. We live in the woods there are no street lights. We try to walk without the flashlight on so we can see the stars it truly is amazing! We have just loved it. Who knows when it gets super cold but for now it is a way to relax before dinner.

This was a week ago now it is very dark. Plus we have been having the most wonderful weather for November high 60s touching 70 for us that is crazy warm! We are enjoying it as we know it will all come to an end soon enough.

This is the pattern heard around the world! I want this pattern it can not be longer be reproduced I have talked to everyone associated with it and more. I am hoping someone has it in their stash not hooked. But for now I have let it go.

Because I got this sweetie in the mail!!! I am putting the one I am working on aside as I am limping along and I want to work on this one very badly. Oh the life of a hooker lol.

Because it was a beautiful day and we have not been out of the house for fun for us in so long we headed deeper into our mountains.
The foliage is gone but the mountains are so so pretty.

This one the moon was almost sitting on top of it.

Husband took us a route that I had not been on and we made a couple of stops to see the beauty of it all. 

And we ended up here. this is a very old some say oldest country store. It had the old wood floors and lots of fun things. We ordered take out sandwiches to eat on the porch. They were huge! and we ate it all lol. 

This was right next door the steeple on this church was very different. We also crossed the covered bridge but for some reason no picture of that. It was a nice day that we needed to get out! and the beautiful sunshine and warmth was a bonus!

I ordered a new computer, I got a notice they were shipping it. At  1AM a got text from my credit card company that they denied the charge because of suspected fraud. So at 7am I got up called the credit card company to tell them it was not fraud. She wanted to be sure I was who I said I was and she wanted to send me a text code. Well I looked all over the kitchen no phone! and told her so. Well that could be because I was talking to her on it!!!!!
She must of thought I got a live one here! so how do I get a text while talking on the phone? who knows? but I thought well if I lose her she thinks I am nuts anyway who cares. I got the text and cleared it all up phew! 
We have a couple more days of this glorious weather I am getting out in it as much as I can. 
Have a wonderful healthy week!

Sunday, November 1, 2020

A November Visit

Sadly our beautiful fall is coming to an end.
There is even less leaves than this now.
And this was before it all went away.

We had some snow it was gone by lunch. It is a bit to early for snow but still pretty.

And through it all these roses keep blooming.

They are the only thing left blooming.

Last week I spent some time weeding out my closet of wool
I feel like it is a bit better.(this is only half the closet) The plan is for husband to do some built ins this winter if all goes well and the price of lumber doesn't keep going up.

I have been working on this rug for much to long. I have taken out most of everything and re-hooked them. But good enough now I am done pulling out. Plus I am using a smaller cut than I usually use.

We went trick or treating with sweet B, there were maybe 1/3 the amount of kids trick or treating and lots of houses not giving out candy. But those that did were very inventive. 

Candy chute, you place your bag under and the candy drops in.

I know this is very blurry but this guy was standing on a metal roof doing the candy chute one slip and he is off that roof!

We got up early with the time change and while having coffee she came for a visit. She has been around here most of the summer but now she can't hurt anything so have at it.
We are sticking very close to home now. Our generator is getting installed slow but sure. It will be so nice to not worry about an in coming storm making us lose power.
Have a healthy happy week!