Sunday, August 26, 2018

Where Did The Weekend Go?

I know I have told you our summer has been unusually warm
and humid. Well we have mushrooms growing every where and in colors I have never seen before. 

This is an old tree stump that we usually put a pot of flowers on but this year the flowers never got put on. So I guess it decided to decorate it's self.

Since the weather has turned I have started baking again. This is a recipe from King Arthur Flour, amazing! It is my husband's new favorite. Here is the link It is easy and cheese cake like. If you are on facebook you should like King Arthur flour lots of great information.

I headed down back to see if we had any blackberries left, we know the bears have been in it from all the bushes laid down. I got a few to put in fruit salad this week.

I had lots of tomatoes so I made yet another batch of sauce. We had some for dinner tonight and I froze the rest. 

I have been having a few stomach issues and have found that a little of this each night before bed has helped a lot. And tart cherry helps you sleep another one of my issues.
I have lost 20 lbs but it has taken me 5 months to do it. My sweet friend said that it is good so it will stay off. I hope she is right. No big diet just staying away from carbs and snacks.

We purchased new area rugs for the formal dinning room and living room. I have no idea what we were thinking getting such a light color but it's good for now. Now if I can convince husband to purchase 2 new chairs.

I spent a little time last night finishing a book I was reading and listening to the peepers our evening are cool and wonderful now.
I know I told you I was trying a new hair dresser well she is amazing! she has made my hair look better than it has in years. A change was just what I needed. 
My daughter the teacher and sweet B go back to school this week.
Summer goes so fast but they had lots of fun and now onto second grade for B I have no idea how that happened.
Have a great week!

Sunday, August 19, 2018

A Fairy Night And A House Tour

Fairy night 2018 kicked off with 2 new books from the bookstore  pizza and music at the restaurant, and dressing up like a fairy!!!

You go from tent to tent to meet fairies of all sorts these were the dancing fairies and each fairy gives you a gift. Really nice gifts I might add so you can make a fairy house at home and invite the fairies and butterflies to live near you!

She took it all in and loved every bit of it! On the way out she asked if she could go again next year. 

Sat we headed to the next town to go on a house tour it was only 10.00 a person and included 4 houses. This is the town of Sandwich NH a lovely old  town. This house went on forever! they have plans of opening it for a Bed and Breakfast (It was still under renovations).

A very large property this I believe ground wheat in its day.
it. It use to be a windmill. It has been all redone there was huge millstone.

This also goes with that house it is a large old barn beautiful
They even have their 6 pew chapel very sweet with a stained glass window.

This was the house next door a large Greek revival.
Very pretty but I feel that they are trying to do modern in an old house never works for me.

Lovely fence across the property

But this is what makes the house wonderful 180 degree view of the mountains. This picture does nothing for the view. Just amazing!

The other two houses were in the little town not sure why I didn't take pictures outside but I loved them both. They were both built in the 1800's and have been in the same family since they were built. Mostly being used as summer homes but both have undergone renovations to make them livable year round. Both very well done. My husband loved this lamp and has all the parts to make one.

This dough bowl had legs put on it what a great idea for woolly worms.
It was nearing lunch after the tour so we headed to another favorite town of ours Tamworth it is the next town over from Sandwich.
We went to a funny little store for lunch, it is a combination hardware store,convince store, gift shop and lunch bar. Called "The Other Store". Lunch for two and ice cream for both of us 20.00 it included the tip! my kind of other store! Then we walked over to Tamworth Distillery a beautiful distillery, we bought blueberry cordial and headed home. 
Today is beautiful! I have been waiting for this weather all summer, warm not a bit of humidity and a slight breeze ahhh summer. 
Have a great week.

Sunday, August 12, 2018

A Weekend With Friends

My good friend has a lovely home at the beach in Maine.
So we met up for a little relaxation. This is Friday night sunset.
I took a good walk had a great dinner and friends.

And this is sun rise the next morning.

It rained most of yesterday and today. But it was still wonderful to spend time with my sweet friend who is recovering from a knee replacement.
We are on to fairy night this week more pictures to come.
Have a great week!

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Another Trip Around The Sun

Happy Sunday! I woke up thinking about popovers.
So I made us some! With homemade strawberry jelly
it was an eggy, buttery, heaven. (king Arthur flour recipe)
We headed for the porch with the Sunday paper and a cup of coffee it was perfect. 
You can also see I have an old cookbook from 1944 with lots of page markers. It covers all of the states. Some recipes are pretty interesting.
I have made a salad from the book that was tasty.
Park Avenue salad, a mix of chicken, potato, hard boiled eggs, Assorted veggies and dressing,
We are in the heat and humidity again or we never left! I am so over this weather you can't do much constructive in it. We are just not use to this. I did get to take my walk, then pick a few flowers from the garden and pick some tomatoes. But mostly I camped out on the porch read a book looked at things on line and called it a day.

Sat was my birthday. Husband took me out to breakfast and my daughter and son in law cooked a wonderful dinner for us then we all went to the bridge dance in Jackson. Live band on the bridge and just so much fun. I am blessed in so may ways and this past year was a good one. (I made it!another trip around the sun)

Thursday I am going to a new hairdresser. I feel very guilty
about it I have had my hair dresser for about 16 years. But there have been a few things I was not happy about (like increasing the prices and not a word or a sign telling you until you checked out! and it was a big increase)  it was time to move on. 
Have a great week I am headed to the beach again this coming weekend to meet up with a friend.