Sunday, April 18, 2010

mother nature and crafting

Saturday morning I got up to this??? Did I tell you it was 80 for Easter? That is New England for you. The 80 degree weather makes you want to buy plants and get your gardens all decked out and then mother nature does this. I for once was not fooled. On Fridays my husband brings home 2 donuts from the most amazing bakery. So I had my coffee and Donut and waited for the weather to get a bit better.
I went to the last day of an estate sale on Sat. Not much left but I got a few things. Lots of vintage garden books, The Shells and Christmas are for me, I plan on selling the books.
While I was out and about I ran into my friend Cathy she is a big thrifter and does not live in the same town as I do but it is amazing at how much we run into each other. I did buy her a book on shells and a Maine bouy that had a hand painting on it at the estate sale so when I ran into her I gave it to her so no picture. She has lovely beach houses in Maine and Florida. We give each other gifts that come from thrift stores or church sales which is so much fun.
While I was at the trift store the lady who runs it(she is the nicest person I know) gave me a container of home made pea soup.
Now you either love it or hate it. I love it and would never make it as I am the only one I know who likes it. Took it home for lunch yummm!
So since the weather wasn't very good I decided to create. The pears are from the fabric at a thrift store same with the music in the back. The scrabble tiles are from the dump. I got a chance to go to Micheals craft store today. I am so glad I do not have one near by. I spent 36.00 and could have spend so much more. I have lots of ideas rolling inside my head lets hope they come out.

And I got a chance to rug hook a bit. this is a large rug 54" square. Sometimes I am over whelmed when I look at it. but got the large leaves done and now working on the small flowers.
This is a better picture of the colors. The brown plaid in the back is my background it has blue,green, and red through it so thats my color plan.


Rugs and Pugs said...

Oh, please keep us posted on your rug progress. It is going to be WONDERFUL. 54" square!!! At the rate I hook (I must be the world's slowest), it would take me half a lifetime.
The weather in Ohio has been chilly, well as far as I'm concerned, darned cold, but we thankfully have not had the snow.
Pug hugs :)

lace & arsenic said...

again. u amaze me! i love the pears/scrabble tiles?! smart! and the rug, well, genious.