Sunday, April 30, 2023

Stitching Update

I am working on Blackberry Primitives Settler's pride quilt.
Block one is done and ohhhh are there a lot of mistakes. I am leaving it for now, but I just may redo this whole block. Or maybe I will live with it and chalk it up to a lesson. 

Some stitching done on block 2. I feel a bit more confident. 
Again, I am playing a bit with the colors. 

Another challenge among the 4 of us friends. She had me stumped but I got a pretty good idea now so I will need to stitch on this too.
It is not due until the 2nd week in June when we all can gather. It will be so good to see them and a few days just the girls is a bonus. 

I am not sure if it is Brit box or Acorn TV but they have a wonderful series with Mary Berry a brilliant British cook. I watched that a bit while I cleaned. 

And cooked. I made a pork pie usually saved for the holidays but I have done a couple of soups in the past two weeks so I thought this was easy warm and filling. It is so windy and rainy and so cold. I am glad to be tucked in with the fireplace going. 
Grand dog went home today. My daughter said she has slept since she got home. She was a fun visit but back to just us again.

More husband clean out loot. He brought home a tabletop aluminum tree. And a wonderful Santa. I may sell the tree I have the original box and price tag. 3.98 lol
I changed the comments to publish right away and not one went to my email. I have read them all and will get back to you. I promise not sure what is going on with blogger?
                               Have a wonderful week!

Wednesday, April 26, 2023


Sweet B is with her other grandparents, and we are stuck with guess who until her parents come home?

She misses them since Sweet B left. But she is getting lots of walks and lots of loving so this pound puppy will be just fine. 

Bad picture but very excited to have the eastern bluebirds back. They were not here last year. This one is very territorial, so I am hoping for a nest nearby. 

Week two for the germaniums coming along nicely even if the weather is not. We are in a cold dreary cycle of on and off rain. On the way through town yesterday we had hail it turned the ground white but quickly melted. and then there was an earthquake. I did not feel a thing, but I guess a lot of people did. It really is crazy all the way around, I guess. 

The last of the crafting before she left. such fun.

So, Grammie was tired and missing her like crazy tonight. I know she is ours but what a wonderful person she is inside and out. 
I know blogger isn't playing nice lately but when you leave a comment, if you think it didn't go through email me, please. I think some of you are getting a message something went wrong and I am not sure why, but it usually goes through. 
I moderate all my comments as I get a fair amount of spam and I like to head it off before it hits the blog. 
Thank you for all your comments I love opening up and seeing them. 
Have a wonderful week!

Monday, April 24, 2023

Do Faries Have Eyes Like A Hawk?

About the middle of this picture, you can see a hawk that hung around for a good long time. I do not know what one it was I could not get close enough to get a good picture with my phone.

But the next day while raking I think I saw the remains of what he was looking for. Nature....

As you know we have sweet B for a few days. 
And husband come home from cleaning out a house with box of costume jewelry most of it was broken. I thought it would be great for crafts.

Sweet B took one look at the old jewelry box and said can we make a fairy house of out this?? WOW yes, we can or at least try!
We dug out all our supplies and went for just a few more things and voila! we have a fairy house with a real chandelier! 

lights that work and Faries lots and lots of Faries!

The outside of the box was covered in fabric and be jeweled.

Most of the inside was repapered with fabric.

So, while the kids sleep...

There is some visiting going on downstairs. Such a fun project and truly she came up with the main idea and about 90 percent of the other ideas inside. So proud of her!
We broke for lunch today her favorite McDonald's and then a browse in the bookstore. And if you put two people together who love books there is some buying going on. Most are hers I bought My Vermont table for myself. I will never not buy her books if I can afford it. And I really like buying local.

On the way home a spin through the dump AKA the dump store.
I found 3 more cookbooks to look through for free. 
It has been a cold rain the past 2 days but we have been tucked inside doing crafts, so all is good. Have a great week!

Wednesday, April 19, 2023

A New Project And An Up Date

I have started a new project and it is so far outside of my wheelhouse!
The goal is to make a single quilt. 

I started gathering the wool listed on the back and it is one crazy list!
such as: Army blanket green
Army blanket green check.
Army blanket green 1st plaid.
Army blanket green 2nd plaid.
well, you get the idea, so I am playing fast and loose with the colors.

Block one all cut and pinned so far so good lol.

Annnnnd I finally finished my witch!!! All she needs when I hang her on the door at Halloween is some dowels to keep her hanging nice a straight
She is big but oh I love her!

Barely one week and we have some little leaves!
I was asked to explain how I wintered the geraniums over.
I am not an expert, but this is how I did it. I waited until late fall, and I cut them back leaving several inches of the stems. I wrapped them in newspaper and put them in a basket in the coolest closet I have (don't let them freeze) but they need to be kept cool. I know some of you used brown paper bags I say perfect! I would not use plastic. 
Spring, I bring them out and I use new potting soil each year and plant them and watch them grow! I cannot put them outside yet as we still can get a deep frost until Memorial Day. (Tonight, is one of those night. The woodstove is being lit as we speak.) 
I hope this helps. 

One of my favorite authors has a new book out. She has not written in quite a few years, so I treated myself to a brand-new hardcover. 

But first I need to finish this book.
I am a slow reader I have so many things I want to do the time gets away from me. I need to get on the audiobook bandwagon I might get more done. 
We are getting Sweet B for a few days I am so excited I can't stand it! Of course, the grand dog comes too but she is a good dog so that is fine. She loves coming on my walks and she is good company. 
Sweet B has already asked to do some crafts so I need to figure out just what that will be. 
Enjoy the rest of your week!

Sunday, April 16, 2023


Work has been a bit stressful lately (7 more weeks!)
I came home to flowers on the porch. What a good husband. 

I also received other gifts today. 2 new rakes and a pair of new gardening gloves!

For some reason I could only find one of each of my gloves and all the right hand, but I was making do when husband said after lunch let's get some new gloves. 

We did not clean up last fall for the first time I read so much about how it was important for the good bugs and bees to have the leaf cover. Well my wall garden was about 4 inches thick of leaves, wet heavy leaves. I felt overwhelmed but I just started. and I got a lot done. Very pleased with myself. I am out of the shower and TIRED!

My garlic is peeking out looking forward to seeing how well they did this winter. 

The other great goal in this house is weeding through years of paper and sorting out what need to be saved and what needs to go. We are the great paper hoarders, but we are making headway. 

I hope you have a wonderful week!

Wednesday, April 12, 2023

My Hands Back In The Dirt

We still have piles of snow here and there. But it is melting fast yahoo

And there are signs of life! 

This will be the second year that I have cut back my geraniums. 
I keep them wrapped in newspaper in a cool closet all winter. 

I have a few pots, I have crowded them in and will separate them when they start to really get going. 

Hopefully they will do as well this year.
I swear they bloomed like this all-summer last year. 
We are in for summer like weather the next few days.
I know that it is not safe to plant outside yet we usually have to wait until Memorial day. But it's a start and it makes me excited. We have so much clean up from the winter storms but that will come slowly but surely. 
Have a great week!

Monday, April 10, 2023


Easter with the grand and the grand-dog.

I blew out some eggs and we colored them.

And then the extended family came!

All 30 of them!(kids table)
We had 4 that could not make it because of illness. 

The two brothers with the same DNA. My husband in the red and his brother in who saved his life with a bone marrow transplant. 

Starting from the left Nice who brought the fixings for Mimosa's.
my daughter, me, nephew in law, husband lol. No matter how big the house they always gather in the kitchen.  

And cousins! grand on the right! There was food and games, egg hunts and fun!!! It was a perfect day I feel so blessed to be part of this family. 
I hope your Easter was a good one!