Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Weather Or Not...

A quiche was in order after blowing out a dozen eggs so 
Miss B could do this...

She came over and dyed lots of easter eggs

With sparkles, stickers, and all sorts of fun stuff.. 
So fun having her here and she helped me put out all of my Easter decorations so I am all set for our big family Easter, and her sleep over the night before! I love having them here.

My horoscope, I have plans to go to a rug hooking retreat but 

yes more snow in the forecast 8-10 inches starting Friday the day I was leaving.
Will this winter ever end?

Sunday, March 19, 2017

A Hook In My Hand

I didn't get the best picture but we had a huge storm last Tue .
We ended up with 19inches and lots of wind. Some areas looked like a bomb was dropped trees and light poles down everywhere.
We were lucky we made it through and only lost one tree that didn't hit much but another tree. And we didn't lose power at all.

Oh yea the dump I haven't been in awhile.
This is a glass candle holder that has tree bark attached to the outside. I love it and hope to use is this summer on our porch.

And who could pass up the monkeys. So funny!

We have been watching Foyle's War it is sent in England during the start
of  WWII. He is a detective it is very good and has several seasons or as they call it sets. I am getting them from my local library. 

I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who had some encouraging words on my last post. I really was feeling so down about my creative skills. But as you can see I wandered back to it.
I am very blessed with a husband who encourages me. 
I am looking forward to spring, I hope it springs this week.

Friday, March 10, 2017


My horoscope today....interesting

Wednesday, March 8, 2017


 I will admit it here and now I feel I can no longer hook a rug.
There I have said it and last night I piled it and walked away.
I was an ok rug hooker but I can't even get started now.
I have started one rug 5 times and pulled out every single loop I put in  5 times. Is it just one rug? nope I have 3 rugs balled up in that corner, I couldn't start or I started and couldn't continue.
I went to my guild meeting looking for inspiration on Sat. 
we had Lisanne Miller from P is for Primitive who bought cushing as our speaker. She was talking about color planning and borders.
Her program was up lifting and wonderful.
I didn't even pull my rug out of my bag to hook while I was there.
But I was feeling good and home I came and started right in.
It went from bad to worse most of the night.
So I tried the next day and the next until I piled it in the corner 
last night and went to bed.
So maybe I am not a rug hooker any more. 
Or maybe I have compared myself so much to all the amazing brilliant rug hookers out there I can't get over myself.
But until then I have gone to find my mojo I sure hope it shows up soon. I do not like the new non-hooker that I have become.