Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Oh Sleep How I Miss You

Sunset very peaceful. 

My sweet friend and I hiked down to the lake
sat on a log and solved the world's problems. 
So good for the soul.

It was husband's birthday Sunday so we went out to breakfast. The 
day was pretty and breezy.

It's strawberry season they are sweet and juicy and I just can't get enough. (a quick recipe evaporated sweetened condensed milk with chopped  frozen strawberries throw in a blender and put in the freezer to finish freezing in a short time yummy ice cream.) But I like them warm and fresh from the fields.

My rose bush just keeps blooming and the smell is heavenly.

Tomorrow night we get our sweet B over night I am so excited.
She loves this bear (Hattie) that was her mom's 
We also are babysitting their very ancient dog but he seems to be doing just fine. 
I one the other hand am not sleeping just 4 to 5 hours a night.
I have tried it all. One benadryl is not enough 2 make me so foggy all the next day I barely can function. I have cut out coffee, chocolate etc. I seem to go in cycles with this but really this is as bad as it has ever been for this long. So at night when I wake up I just wander the house or read. I am really not feeling all that great from lack of sleep but this too shall pass (soon I hope)
I hope you are enjoying your summer
Happy 4th of July!!!!

Monday, June 19, 2017

Punch Needle

So shock of all shocks I am needle punching.
I went to a local shop with a friend and treated myself.

It will be cute when it is finished.

I was flipping through country living and saw this I love it!
A vintage rug.

My sweet B graduated from kindergarten  where oh where have the years gone....

It was a weekend filled with dance recitals. I always get a little weepy as mom was a dancer too. Great memories.

This is the look of do" I have to stand here one more minute for pictures!" 
It has been so muggy but the thunderstorms have come in to clear it out I hope. 
I hope you are all well and enjoying the start to your summer.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Motorcycle Week.....

It is motorcycle week in the lakes region
and I have made it my mission to stay as far from them as possible.

My gardens are starting to perk up, this is lupine

Happy blackberries

My one yellow iris

The purple iris. It has been very hot and humid
here not my weather at all...

So before work I get out and water things so when the heat of the day hits them they have a chance.

I have a lot of hosta one of my favorites.
My days are work and home. The roads are busy with the bikers
and I am happy to give them the road, I just don't like the traffic.
And when I do get out I take all the back roads I know. 
This little dirt road runs behind us and makes easy access to and from work and the store.
We are cooling down tonight thank goodness we do not have air conditioning so I have a hard time sleeping in the heat.
I hope you are all enjoying spring/summer.
we will be complaining about the snow before you know it.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Thursday's With Cathy

My very close friend's name is Cathy also.
We try to meet up each week and most weeks it is Thursday's after work. 
We hit the thrift store,did well and then because the sun was shining and warm we headed for an ice cream and a bit of a stroll.
We live in the lakes region of NH people pay lots of money to vacation where we live. We headed to the lake house (hotel and restaurant)and their adirondack chairs. What a view! the birds played in the trees above us,the fishermen trolled by us, and all felt right with the world.
So on this thursday I am thankful for my sweet friend, for good health,  for where we live, and our thursdays together.
P.S I just saw it is national best friend's day!

Monday, June 5, 2017

Rain Rain and A Wedding

We have had more rain than we need and the sun 
is a rare thing round here. But last Thur out it came in the afternoon.

I met up with my sweet friend Cathy and we went to a spa 
event under the tent next to the lake. (these are her pictures) We went to dinner and a walk, just perfect.

 This weekend we headed for Old Cape Cod.
For my nephew's wedding.

It was a lovely low key wedding and it was nice
to see family again.
We didn't see much of the sun but the cape is beautiful anyway.
Not much time to wander around.
I do not like the ride to the cape,so much traffic and 3 hours in the car not my idea of fun. One really nice thing that happened on the way home the car in front of us paid for our toll. It was only 1.00 but it made our day.
So we are home all snug it is raining again
and low 50's but still happy to be here.
 Back to work tomorrow.