Monday, February 27, 2017

Water Water Every Where

"Never swap horses while crossing a stream."
This was the Plymouth State Parking lot when the river rose over it's bank.. Not a fun call home for the kids.

As you can see it had gone down 6 inches by the time we saw it.
This is the amphitheater where we have the summer concerts. 
The trees would be about 2 feet in from the banking and that would be the electrical box for the bands about 5 feet tallk yikes.

We are being visited by four turkeys everyday it seems. 
Hummm are they trying to tell us something?

And speaking of turkeys, I get to the dump and see this ott light.
I jump out the car load it in all the attachments were there including the receipt. I ran and bought a new bulb nope.. Husband looks at and it is dead,deader than a door nail. :( I was so hoping to get a free ott light. Well the dump has a great return policy so back it goes I have already returned the bulb.

Since my husband and I finished the Downton Abby series (again)
from the library. I picked this CD up.I had never watched it before, I love it! Season two in April it is so wonderful (PBS)
I have been reading anything to stay away from hooking, what my problem is I don't know? but I have to get back to it!
Have a great week
Loyalty in little things is a great thing

Sunday, February 19, 2017

A Beautiful day

Today was one of those days that remind me why I love living 
in Northern part of New England.

I decided to shovel the walk way we have not shoveled for most of the winter. Sunglasses on face to the sun ahhhhh

Yes it was deep but I just kept at it, yes girls can move mountains...
of snow.

We were well into the 50's and snow was melting. I am sore but so happy I got out in the sun.

Husband was so sweet for Valentines. We ordered take out and he had the candles lit and a rose ready for the table.
I prefer to stay in after working all day it was relaxing and so lovely.
Have a great week!

Monday, February 13, 2017

Snow Moon

The full snow moon was Friday night we had grand plans 
to snowshoe under the moon. It was so cold and husband could never put on enough clothes to keep him warm so we stayed home.

And as you have heard we had snow this weekend!
So I got out my hook. this is a rug I drew from a picture I took this past fall on Star Island. I have been a bit over whelmed thinking about this rug so I decided to take it piece by piece and not worry about the whole just yet 
We didn't get the snow the southern part of the state did which is just fine with me about 9.5 inches on top of our already deep snow.
My aunt in Maine was 24 inches and counting when I called her this afternoon. I wished her well and was thankful it was not us.
Happy Valentine's Day!

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

A Cow And A Pig Went To The Farm

Husband and I took Miss B to a winter festival at the farm.

We got rides on the old model T snow mobiles..

We watched them harvest ice and haul it to the ice house with a team of oxen. We petted cows and did a scavenger hunt. She had a great time and was worn out when we headed of hot chocolate.

WE have been very snowy and into the snow again tomorrow.
Getting tired of it.
I have a pattern all drawn and now I just 
have to pick up a hook.
There is only one way to achieve happiness on this terrestrial ball, and that is to have a clear conscience or none at all.