Monday, May 31, 2010

Long Weekend

Show me your garden and I shall tell you what you are. Alfred Austin 1835-1913
I hope this tells you I am sunny,happy and enjoy a rest now and then. I spent today working in the garden. Got a lot done and it is looking very happy and pretty. On Sat I went to a few yard sales. Nothing earth shattering but did get some things for my antique (junk) booth.

One yard sale a lady was having a difficult time getting stuff out and then she tells me that the lady who was suppose to do the yard sale had a heart attack the night before and she is doing the best she can. So I had to buy the water color of the blue flowers 1.00. Done by the heart attack lady.

I also found a yard sale that a lady who did own a country store business. She closed it and had a garage full of things very very cheap. I bought the balls there they had 7.50 prices and paid .25 each. So I bought a bag full of things and paid less than 5.00 and have a lot of gifts for the holidays. The Ansel Adams calender was .10 thought my daughter may like to frame these. And I always look for decorating books.
We got a chance to get together with family on Sunday for a cook out and some games. I hope you all had a fun and safe holiday and took some time to remember the military past and present and their families.

Monday, May 24, 2010


We have two fireplaces in our house and we use the pressed sawdust logs you buy. I had heard that you can use rolled news paper the same way. We get the paper delivered everyday we do the puzzles at dinner together and read a few pages and off to the dump. I looked up how to make these logs just roll, soak for 2-3 days and dry. I will let you know how they burn once I get one dry. I spent the better part of Sunday cleaning my porch. This is my favorite part of the house in the summer. This is one half of it I will show you the other half later. Cute huh?(if I do say so my self.)
This time of year the moon comes out when the sky is still light.

And at the end of some days a fire is the way to relax.

This is just outside the door to the porch. These chairs my daughter's 8th grade class(she now teaches 6th grade) made and raffled them off We Won.

Saturday, May 22, 2010


It is a beautiful day and there was a town wide yard sale in the next town. So I got up early and off I went. The first house I went to I met a family friend we haven't seen in some time. She was at her friend's house with beautiful gardens. So garden tour and talking later my yard sale morning is pretty much shot. I did get a couple of things there. The Martha stewards books.
and her friend gave me a Dahlia plant. I bought this vase. Picture is fuzzy but is hand blown and I believe some type of art glass .50. I plan on selling it once I look into it a little.
I went to a church sale and bought perennials for .50 each so I bought 4. I get home and I am thinking what the he-- why didn't I buy more? Do you ever do that??? Get home and say what was I thinking?

Last week went to a thrift store very quickly and I found this chair. It looks new and we all gave it the sniff test. I have it on the porch to vacuum and clean but no dirt. I can tell you this If some one got one of my chairs and cleaned it they would find dirt.
It's very comfy and will go in my living room. my new rug hooking chair. I also found this bracelet. I think the beads are glass. It is so cute and I have had so many compliments on it.

The other books (one is Matthew mead)I got at a library sale. I was on my way to my favorite antique store it was a sneak peek opening they are only open in the summer. stopped to buy a sandwich and noticed my credit card is missing. The second card I have lost in a month. The first card was a debit card. So now I am upset and go home to cancel the card. After I get the card cancelled I am taking out my finds and guess what I found? Yep the lost card. I have had the worst karma lately, I sure hope it passes soon. I think my husband thinks I have completely lost my mind.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

quiet weekend

my white lilac is in bloom so pretty. I love white flowers at dusk they seem to glow with the last of the days light and if we have a full moon they shine in the moon beams.
This weekend has been very different for me. My car has MAJOR problems for a car only 5 years old and under 60thousand miles. I will get it back tomorrow but have been without a car for 5 days. My husband wanted me to rent one I decided I didn't want to add that expense on top of the repairs. So no car and we are at lest 5 miles from a town. My husband drives limousine part time mostly during prom season and of course he had a job on Sat. It is about 7 miles for him to pick up the limo and is always out late. He also worked with some of his students on a habitat house in the morning. So that left me with no car and alone all day. What to do??? Well I cleaned the
the house. Got some stuff ready for my antique booth and worked in a long neglected garden.

This garden is over grown and out of control. So I worked and worked.

Now it is not all done but close. I plan on using cocoa shells for mulch and make this an herb garden mostly. I have lavender and a large rose bush already in it the other plants I plan on transplanting to another garden.
Today we went to my daughters then we all went to a home show. Nothing exciting. But on the way to her house we did stop at one yard sale. The two ladies where telling me how well they did
Sat. (please don't tell me that) I did spent 1.50.
The little pot I saw at the home show 3 for 20.00 I paid .50 the little house is a bank I plan to sell it and the nail polish is new and a good color for toes in the summer, I gave my daughter a snowman that I got.
Now I know how much I miss my car and just how quiet this house really is. I also realized I like my own company.

Thursday, May 13, 2010


My Mother and Gramie always said if you can't say anything nice don't say anything at all. I have hit a few major bumps in the road. Everyone has their bumps so I will not air them here.
nothing that will not pass and nothing life threatening. I will try to dig out my gratitude journal and count all my blessing which are many.
So I will start with my garden. It is getting so pretty and I am so hopeful for a wonderful gardening season.

When I was a little girl I would sit in a big field and pick and pick lily of the valley. The smell brings me back there. Another blessing! So think of all the things you should be grateful for.
The small things count.

Thursday, May 6, 2010


I thought I would show you the progress made in the past week or so on my rug. another tulip head and some back ground. The colors are better in this picture. I went to my little antique booth and added more stuff and picked up my big check, well big for me 288.50 pretty good for yard sales and thrift stores. I am suppose to yard sale Sat but they are calling for rain. I have a pile of laundry ready to tumble over so I guess it's time.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


When I got home from work today my husband had these all lined up outside his shop. He has been selling them. I thought they looked so sweet all lined up. This is my late day to go to work so I took some time to go out in the gardens. I have a lot of weeding to do but the sun was coming in just right. Not sure I captured it but this is over my garden gate.
My friend Lisa and I are doing a plant swap from our gardens. Which I love, a free way to get new plants. So this garden will look fuller when summer comes and every thing is all filled out. This is my husband trying to clean out our tiny pond. Just a little buggy yikes!!

I also went to the thrift store. Not much to pick from. I got this basket and 2 white cotton pillow shams for 2.00.

My dump finds where fun and funky. the thing folded up was in the bag under it. I was thinking computer. but it wasn't. How fun is the big bobber? But oh what fun when I found out what they really were.

A Cooler and a portable BBQ. The cooler has a little loop so you can tie it to your canoe or kayak, And it bobs along behind you.

My sister was here for a few days so nice to visit with her. She is about 7-8 hours away so we don't see very much of each other.
I got a call from the humane society that my application was approved. But she hasn't been released yet and seen by the vet. I am still on the fence. Not really sure what I am going to do.
My husband is fine with any decision I make.
Tomorrow I will find out how well I did on my first month of my antique (junk)booth.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

weekend finds

I went to yard sales on Saturday. Nothing really exciting but a few good things. the santa on the far left is a freebie. he is a tree topper and completely wonderful. The angel is a bit vintage not sure how old. I got this chopping board from the free santa lady for 1.00 I was going to sell it but now that I have it home I love it. Look at his tail it is a small knife.
I got 2 jars. I didn't think they were vintage but when I turned it over it said walmart. I paid 1.00 a piece. So I had to do something to make them a little more spiffy.

I painted the covers and I had some decals. The decals were so old that most of them just fell apart but I did manage to get 2 to work. I just love the look. very vintage inspired.

Then On Sunday my daughter and I went to an animal shelter thrift shop. Where we always get really good buys. And then she stole my heart!!!!

I have not had a dog in several years and I do not usually go to the shelter part but something was tugging at my heart today. There are a few problems. 1. My husband who is the kindest person I know thinks that we should not be tied to a dog as he is retiring and we like to go away when we can. 2. She is a stray who has been there for 4 days and still has a couple of days before she can be released and then the vet goes over her. 3. I have a 16 year old cat who has to come first and they do not know at this point if she is good with cats. 4. I still work full time so she would be alone days. I will say she was very cool, calm ,and collected no barking, no jumping at the fence. And responded to sit. I can not believe that someone is not looking for her.
She seems well fed and cared for. So I will wait for the 2 more days and really think this through and really talk to my husband. I did put in an application for her but I am not sure if I was the first to do that. So I am trying to not get my hopes up but all I want to do is hug her neck.