Monday, June 27, 2022

Out With the Bad Energy...

In the interest of attracting good energy, I decided to decorate my front porch door.
Not much blooming right now in my gardens, but the leaves and the pinks look good, and they make me smile. 

There are hosta leaves, astilbe, beach roses and lavender. 

My lavender is just starting to bloom perfect time for some Lavender wands. I make them every year. They smell so wonderful.
This is from the Heirloom Gardener -John Forti 
Lavender wands ~ History brings us artfully layered garden crafts like weaving lavender wands. They encase the fragrant flowers in a green woven basket of their own stems, and create artful wands that could ornament closets and drawers to perfume clothes, lingerie and bedding. Science reinforces what our ancestors already understood; that lavender infused a calming perfume that also kept moths and bedbugs at bay.
To make your own lavender wand, gather the longest stems of fresh lavender. Secure them tightly just below the flower heads with fine ribbon and bend the stems back over the flowers like a cage. Use the same ribbon ends to weave back through in opposite directions (in order to leave flowers exposed in a checkerboard pattern): over and under, over and under, until the flowers are encased and you can use the remainder of the ribbon to fashion the handle of the wand.
It's a great craft to share with kids...and of course there is a little magic in every wand 😉
May be an image of flower


This is so tiny and such wonderful color. 

Roses we dug up in Maine at my mother's house not far from the ocean. They are everywhere near the ocean in Maine. They do well here and form a hedge for us.  

My favorite place in the summer and sadly the last of my roses. The pounding rain this morning took out the last of them. 

My hens and chicks in my rock gardens are happy. 

Today I saged the house. It is supposed to drive any bad energy out of the house and leave room for the good energy. 
Husband has been getting better every day. But we are still being very careful today is day 8. I have used more bleach, disinfect spray, soap, paper towels and hand sanitizer than I ever thought possible. 
The worst part is the isolation, anxiety of waiting for the other shoe to drop. Again, tense energy... I am hoping the sage helps Let's put it this way it can't hurt.

I have had a lot of time on my hands but for some reason no creative energy. I have hooked a little but really, I have wasted so much time on pintrest. Makes me mad just thinking about the lost time. 

I enjoyed the last book I read by this author, and I treated myself to a new book something I rarely do but my library didn't have it.
Sadly, it is nowhere near as good as the first book I read. But I will finish it. 

I am closing with a smile 
Have a wonderful week!!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Not Just A Walk

A Walk around my neighborhood, I found lots of wildflowers,

Wild foxglove


I have no idea, but they are sweet. 

I love the pop of red as you walk through the woods.

Not sure of this one either but great color. I have walked a lot in the past few days good for the soul.

And then there is her lol. I have "deer off" canisters everywhere and still she eats away. As I walked the neighborhood, I saw signs of her snacking at almost every house.  As you can see, she is very well fed. 

She ate the middle right out of this this lovely  hosta grrrr

Husband caught Covid after all this time. He is vaccinated and boostered he has a very thick medical file, so I was still worried. 
The first two days were not good at all, but he is getting better Thankfully. He did go to the Dr just to really get checked out for my peace of mind and his lungs are clear. But I have been in quarantine in my rug hooking room and spare bedroom, my hands are raw from the washing and alcohol.  So far so good for me 
Of course, it came at the worst time. We were supposed to have sweet B for 3 whole days we had all kinds of plans and poof gone like that.  But it is what it is and that is why I walk and walk and walk. 
Here is to a healthy summer!

Sunday, June 19, 2022


My old fashion roses are in full bloom so lovely

We got this bush from a friend who was going to bulldoze it. He had bought land that use to have an old house on it. He was clearing to build his house. It is so fragrant so lovely.

I bought some local strawberries and oh they were so good! 

I finally found a good pizza crust and made some very tasty pizza with just left-over veggies and some pepperoni. 

If I can keep the birds away from the blueberries, I just may have some to eat this year. 

The fireflies have come out again this year. I am always so excited to see them every year. (My jar of solar stars)

A new shop in town it is a very different shop I got this small candle
really it smells like Christmas and if it gives me inspiration and clarity that's a bonus lol.

So, for their grand opening they were having card readings.
Ok I am game truly it was a joke it was such a horrid job. 
The reader talked about himself so much I had way more information about him than I should have had for only meeting him for15 minutes lol. 
Our mountains got snow this weekend 
Our high for the past 2 days has been 58F Brrrrrr with a very brisk wind, 
but I would take it over the triple digit heat the rest of the country is having. 
Have a wonderful week!!

Monday, June 13, 2022

Slow Stitching.

It is motorcycle week in our area this week, so it is getting loud and busy. Not my favorite week but they bring a lot of money to the area, and it is one week. (This is about 30 minutes away, but they filter to our area too.)

My old fashion roses are in bloom, and I cannot describe just how lovely they smell. I cut a few every other day just to enjoy them before they are gone. 

Blurry picture of the bluebirds they are hard at work again in another part of the birdhouse. They are just so sweet!

So, these sweet people gathered at the beach for some girl time.
Donna, I have seen but the other two I have not seen in over 2 years. 
We do message each other most days but not the same. 

Lots and lots of food. Donna makes the best bread!!!!! 

And one of us collected a crab family to take home lol

Sunsets and evening walks

We watched the tides come and go...

And saw the spooky moon. There is a full moon coming so the tides were high. And early this morning we woke to a pretty good thunder and lightning storm. 

And all of us rug hookers were learning slow stitching. You draw a pattern of your choosing, and you stitch or embroider it. I had not done it in years and really loved it. I don't know many stitches but that will come, I hope. It was a sweet gift from Dayle, do think she has started a trend among us!?. 
I had to join them a day late because of a family party and go home a day early because finally my broken tooth is being taken care of tomorrow. While short and sweet the visit was so worth it I love these women.
We see each other and maybe two years have passed but we start right in like it was last week we saw each other. I love that more than anything. 
I think I have plenty to write in my blessings journal tonight. 
have a wonderful week.

Monday, June 6, 2022

Mr Bluebird On My Window...

We have enjoyed watching the bluebirds build their nests and now he is standing guard over the Missus. 

Recital weekend for our Sweet B. 

She is my complete joy. She is going for the toe shoes just like her mom did. She is taking dance all summer to get a jump up. 
How I love this sweet girl.

May and June have been 90 one day cold and raw the next. Since I have ban turning on the furnace, we lit the fireplace one evening. It was just enough. I am shocked and horrified as you all are at the prices of items we need to exist! We have made some changes here as I am sure you have. 

Sadly, my funk has continued I have not pulled one loop. 
Have I gone this long without pulling a loop? I am not sure. 
Seeing my grand this weekend has given me a lift so hopefully soon I will get back at it. 

I saw this at our local new bookstore and loved it! 
As you know I manage a used bookstore. This came in and I was finished with my Dorothy Gilman book, Thayles Folly (you should give her a try!)
I am only a few chapters in. This author really researched her information and I know sadly very little about the revolution, so it really has been a learning experience so far. I do like it and will hopefully enjoy the rest of the book. 
Last Monday I split a tooth eating breakfast. (Yes breakfast) I got into see my dentist they cannot save it, so I have to go to an oral surgeon. Well, you guessed it not for 2 weeks! I tried several others, but they couldn't get me in earlier. My poor dentist was so sorry, but it is in my sinus, and he doesn't dare touch it as he is not an oral surgeon. So, we are looking at another bridge $$$ I will not do an implant my insurance will not touch it and it is so expensive!
So that is my sad story for the day. I think the broken tooth was a message for me. 
Thank you so much for those that reached out to me. I appreciate it more than you know. Have a wonderful week.