Sunday, May 30, 2021



This group of ladies slippers are in my front yard and they are glorious!!!!

This is a hike I have shown before but it still takes my breath away each time I go there!

My sweet friend and I try to get here each year when the lady slippers are blooming as there are lots along the trail.

I am still walking most days and these were growing in a very neglected area which made it beautiful.

When I saw these all I could think of was Sweet B and how she loves to blow them to make a wish. Lots of wishes there.

My poor hook has been very neglected. I know I should work on my stair risers but I wanted to work on the Acorn Fairy so she is next. 
But sadly there hasn't been much time to hook with gardening. 

But husband has been very busy. He has been working on these trucks this winter they are all hand made with hundreds and hundreds of small wood bits and pieces. Amazing right?

I have been cleaning out gardens and moving them. These lupin were getting ready to bloom so I didn't move them, I will after they are done blooming.

My iris are looking pretty good.

My one and only yellow iris. 

And this sweet girl has a dance recital next weekend 
and we can go see it this year!!!!

Please take the time for a little prayer of thanks for those who
gave their lives for our country. No matter where you stand politically we are free because of those who gave all. 
God Bless

Thursday, May 27, 2021

Until Blogger Co-operates

We had our very belated family Easter! I haven't seen most of these loves in a year. Wait some of them even grew mustaches!
Blogger is not letting me load more pictures so until them...

Monday, May 17, 2021


I had a post deleted and then reinstated. 
It was a post about big rugs! They sent one email, said they had deleted the post because it did not fit their standards...
Then I get another one the next day reinstating it. They reconsidered.  Good thing I didn't read my email for a couple of days because I would have been more than mad! It is a crazy world!
Now I wonder if someone complained or they were looking around and saw the title?

On to other things.... I am getting the yard all planted and pretty for the summer. This is on a stump of a group of large trees we had taken down a few years ago.

My sweet woodwdruff is finally looking good it took a few years to take. I am battling the bugs trying to get things in the ground but it will be worth it after. 

Today I met up with a couple of  sweet friends, then and we headed for Camp wool in Kennebunk Maine. She is getting ready to close and move further up the coast. I treated myself to some wool as you can see. I have two larger rugs ahead of me. I have not been hooking much with the gardening I am beat at the end of the day. 

I will leave you with this from Erma Boombeck. 
There is a lot of truth in this.
Have a wonderful week!

Sunday, May 9, 2021

Busy Beaver

Daisy is almost done with the binding.

A friend and I went for a hike today. It is a new place for us.
This pond almost lake is thanks to some busy beavers!

Crazy smart engineering! 

It wasn't a long or hard hike but perfect for us today. 

With a bit of a view. 

This tree that was still standing had a hole completely through it!
It looks like it has been that way for some time. 
Husband and his brother had a booth to sell their wares this weekend.
It was a big crowd and ready to buy so they did well.
It was nice having them here with us for the weekend and of course we ate very well. 
I am going to take tomorrow to try and get some flowers in and the few veggies we do. But sadly the black flies are here so I am not sure how long I will be able to stand it.

Sunday, May 2, 2021


We had some wonderful time with Sweet B. I took her and pepe to the hike my friend and I did the week before and they loved it. 
She is growing like a weed!!

We gathered some acorns and bits, voila!!
We have acorn people!

She thought up the people, I ran the hot glue gun. She was thrilled, so was I.

We even made a little acorn dog! Her mom tried to do some with her and she said "It's ok Mom I can craft with Gramie you are good at other things." lol.

Then she wanted to try hooking. 
the hooking you see is mine, I had her try it on the project I was working on.

For the first time with a hook in her hand I thought she did great!

As you can see I am almost done with Daisy. I am going to try and finish up the couple of stair risers I have left to make before I start my new big rug.

Taking B home on the other side of the mountains. It almost doesn't look real but that is Mt Washington,  it was still getting snow this past week. 

I read,but I go in spurts, I will read a lot and then I will not read for a couple of months. I love this author she is a lot like Agatha Christie.
At the end Inspector Gamache solves a case in a very tucked away  resort. It sits in the woods on a beautiful lake and he says. "Is this place heaven or is this hell?" To Gamache it is heaven, but to his right hand man it is pure hell. He hated the bugs and how far out it was he couldn't wait to get back to the city. 

So I started thinking about this house, our home. 
When we first moved here the house was still in construction phase. I moved away from my family and friends. I didn't know a soul. I cried when I filled out the emergency form for my daughter's school I had no one other than us to ask to be a contact. I was lonely. Then the first thunder storm we had the house got hit! If someone had said here is $10.00 for the house, I would have packed my underwear and headed back to Maine.

But now all these years later it is pure heaven for me. When we go back to see family I am over whelmed with the traffic and the people. When Covid hit I was even more thankful than ever, this place truly hugged us and kept us safe. We have been asked several times lately if we are interested in selling . The real estate market is red hot here,  No one has ever seen it like it is now. We are about 2 hours from the heart of Boston but worlds away in lifestyle and they all want it and I don't blame them.

Heaven and hell is all about prospective. 
Have a wonderful week in your own personal heaven.