Monday, April 26, 2010

a "cute" post

I promised an up date on my rug hooking. So this is all there is. I got one tulip done and all the little flowers all the way around. The colors are not right in this picture. it is a green stem, deep reds on the tulips, and blue small flowers. Of course this is a big rug so this tulip is large. This lamp shade is from a small yard sale. When the lamp is on the shade looks like this. all the colors of the berries are so cute.
And when you turn the lamp off it is like this, plain white. Cute for a kitchen and only 1.00
I am finding I am using the word "cute" way to much. So I need a thesaurus, maybe the next yard sale I will find a cute one.
This is another pile of goodies from the rummage sale and yard sale this past week.

The bag is full of buttons, the night light is now in our up stairs hall, the silver creamer and sugar and the little table cloth I plan to sell. The tin not sure what it is meant for as it is very shallow. Muffin tops? Did everyone see Seinfeld when Elaine and Kramer where trying to give away muffin stumps, as they wanted to sell only the tops? Well my plans for the tin is to fill it with scented rose hips and tea lights for the kitchen counter. I have a few new things for my antique booth just some washing and ironing to do. Thank you for all of your comments I love to see them.
I hope all of you are safe and sound from all the storms. I called my brother in Mississippi and he is fine. He lives on the coast and no storms there. But they are worried about the oil coming a shore. What a mess and not cute.


Rugs and Pugs said...

Cathy ~
OH!!! Your rug is going to be gorgeous...and SO BIG! What size cut are you using? Please keep us posted.
When I saw the muffin tin, I was thinking tea lights...and so were you. Great minds travel parallel paths, right?
Pug hugs :)

katie said...

Loving the rug, it is a great pattern and your colors look wonderful.
That lamp shade is interesting and so pretty when it is lighted. Love all the other goodies, aren't yard sales and thrifting fun.