Sunday, May 31, 2015

Rain, Rain, Stay A Few Days

It is raining a much needed rain, we have been very dry this month and have had a few forest fires in the state. 

Yesterday was H H H and we had our sweet Miss B over night.
So a little nature walk and she wanted to make a centerpiece.

I love love love her creative side. this is all her she didn't want any help thank you very much.

I am going to wait another year and then introduce her to rug hooking. She is a lefty so it may be a bit hard for me but I am sure 
she will catch on. She really gravitates to anything that she can be creative with.. and our time together is always much to short  sigh........

I think I am going to sign up for an on line bread making class with
King Arthur Flour Not really the right time of year for me for this but it is being offered now and making bread makes my heart sing.
Have a great week!

Thursday, May 28, 2015

A Hike..

The clouds parted

The rain stopped

It was getting late so let's take a very short hike 
(my sweet friend)

How hard could it be? Well hard! the air was humid and it was steep.

But we made it! to the chapel at the top. So glad we did what a view!

This was at one of the trail heads. Amazing to think about.

A nice cool shower and painted my toes for sandal weather

The Karen White book is a ghost story love it! Then I get the great magazines in the mail it's a good day. And to top it off we had ice cream! 
Have a great weekend

Thursday, May 21, 2015


I have been working long hours. 

when I get home I walk the yard to check on my flowers to decompress..when you get near this tree it hums with all of the bees in it.

Tonight I found 3 lady slippers...

A very exciting find in our area.

They are just so lovely and rare.

and some flox that planted itself.

My daughter is having a hard time sleeping. Me too but it didn't start as young as she is. So we are both trying to relax and turn off the tv and the computer a couple of hours before bed...
Tonight I am listening to Rosemary Clooney a yard sale find.

And reading.... This is a very fun read but you should read garden spells first as this continues the story. I have my daughter reading this author now and she is loving them as much as I do. I have read everything she has written and just love the whimsy of it all.
Enjoy your evening and sleep well zzzzzzzz

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Town Wide Yardsale.....

First up a Calender...

This is May it will keep me until it comes back on next year.

Then a few CDs to watch on a rainy day.

A coach change purse.. always handy

A great older basket,it does have a few splits but I am sure I will find something to do with it.

This was my favorite find he is hand carved by a local person and for 2.00 a really great deal.

And of course Miss B is always on my mind some very fun stuff.

My gardens are starting to bloom a little bit...  

these little faces always make me smile.
I am still painting the porch I want to get it done so the screens can go back on. I miss my porch so much!!!!!
I hope your week was a good one!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Long Time No See....

My two loves...
David's 6 month check up was great he was able to go off one of his drugs which is huge!

We have had some beautiful weather and things are blooming. 

We got the summer itch for all of those great local places that are near the lake. 

And of course those house repairs ugh. Our porch needs painting and a replacement of a few things. It will be so beautiful when it is done. 
I have been working and painting and cleaning the house.
so not much time for anything. I hope your spring is a beautiful one, Of course we are in for a frost tonight. :(

Sunday, May 3, 2015

What I Did With My 3 Day Weekend

Starting Thur afternoon my husband came in, in a panic he had lost his phone. To say he was in a bad mood would be an understatement. He is the hardest person on phones EVER. Lost a phone on our way on vacation once, fell in the lake with one in his pocket once, I could go on! 24 hours later we get a call he had set it down in a friends garage on a table and he had just found it. Crisis over thank goodness 

Saturday I headed to my rug guilds meeting. I worked on the sky of this rug. It is a very special rug it was given to me by Kim of Millie Mat. It is one of only 3. 
I finished my amazing book and headed to the library to return it. I found this just smiling back at me. 

The first thing I tried was her banana bread coffee cake.
It's a keeper along with smashed potatoes. There are a few more I am going to try before I have to take it back. 

It is feeling a lot like summer we headed out for a little ride and low and behold town docks is open. They have a watermelon drink that is so fun and yummy. 
Since we had no idea that it was open we had already eaten so we grabbed an ice cream but vowed to come back.
My heart is so broken over the earth quake in Tibet
I picked up a Tibetan prayer flag when the wind blows it send
prayers to heaven. It reminds me to keep them in my thoughts.
We are off to Boston on Wed for Husband's 6 month check up think good thoughts for us. (We are not expecting anything)