Sunday, June 24, 2018


The summer solstice happened this week.
Let summer begin.

I am trying to get up early to walk. I need
to take off a few more pounds. It has been harder than it has ever been. I was happy being a chubby grandmother but because of a little health blip I needed to lose some weight. 
So I walk and diet. 

I found this hand thrown bowl for 1.00 it is dated 1958 I thought I would use it for my worms.

I am working on stair risers slow but sure.
I also have a stack of books calling my name I want to read.
There is just not enough hours in the day!

Because I have been trying to lose weight I haven't been cooking or baking much (so sad it makes me so happy to cook) So I did a batch of scones. Sat morning I had half a scone and half today.
I took a few to a friend So there is just enough for Husband.
I was also given a 1/2 of a gallon of very very ripe strawberries.
So I dug out the ice cream maker and made some strawberry ice cream. Which I like but I can stay away from that no problem
with the rest of the strawberries,I made some compound butter for my scones sooo yummy.

Today we drove to Vermont for lunch at king Arthur Flour.
I had a salad and husband had an  amazing sandwich on their amazing bread. I stopped for a coffee on the way out and husband grabbed a couple of goodies. We are having Sweet B overnight tomorrow night so we have something yummy for a treat.

Tomorrow is husband's birthday. 7 years ago we didn't think he had 6 months to live. A very long road but we are so grateful for each birthday and for this life we have!
Next weekend we are off to a friends house for a very large lake side clam and lobster bake. Yea for Summer!
Have a great week!

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Another Week....

We went to visit my daughter and son in law at the place they are camping in Maine. Miss B thought it was selfie time. 
(love that toothless grin, Her's not mine) 

Of course we celebrated father's day early.
We are playing uno with her while her parents cook lunch.
She is a card shark!

Of course Pepe had his coffee from his new mug this morning.
Just perfect!

Our little bathing beauty she is like a fish in the water.
We rented a paddle boat and mostly went around in circles just crazy.

We walked down to another part to fish and saw these. Not sure if it is where a fish laid eggs or a turtle because we saw a huge turtle!
I think snapping turtles lay theirs on land.

Today we went out to lunch and walked around a local antique shop. This shop is a bunch of junk really nothing wonderful but I always feel you find a gem now and then. This is a handmade box with tiger maple top and bottom and bird's eye maple sides.
It is signed and dated. 10.00 crazy price for this beautiful box.
Husband is going to use it on his bureau.

Then we found this sweet trencher hand carved it is small
about a foot long it is maple and you see bits of bird's eye maple on the bottom. 6.00. I oiled it and plan on using it in the kitchen.
I met the new fiber group mostly knitters and one needle felter. 
Very nice ladies but not sure it's my group but time will tell.
I did start my next 3 stair risers I haven't done anything with the first three yet.
We are going into the heat this week,not my favorite. 
We have had such beautiful weather I can't complain I guess.
It will pass.
The summer solstice is this Thur so dance by the moon and welcome summer! Last night before going to bed I noticed fireflies in our back yard. It Always makes me think of my childhood.
How I Love to see them.
Happy Summer!

Sunday, June 10, 2018

An Emotional Week

I found a beautiful new water fall. Ok new to me.
And I have driven by this spot quite a bit but because I had my window down on this day I heard the water.

My brother was here for 8 days. I haven't seen him in 2 years.
Always so happy to see him and of course because he lives in Mississippi he misses good old New England seafood. 
And you can see it was chilly while he was here we had a fire that he loved.(brother on the left husband on the right)

The lobsters that we purchased were so full I haven't had lobster that good in a while. So yummy!
When I had to say good-by to my brother it was really hard I never know when we will see each other again.

A couple of weeks ago a friend and I went thrifting
I found an ott light. I got it for 18.00 I didn't have a floor model
just a table top. So very good find for me.
I have also found a local fiber group I am joining this coming Wed.
They are in the next town and meet once a week. 
The lady I spoke to said there were a couple of rug hookers. 
There are knitters, spinners, and hand sewing. And that a bottle of wine may show up now and then! So I am looking forward to joining them. 

As most of you know I lost a very close friend last August.
Her children decided that they would bury her and their father who died 14 years ago (they were both cremated) together at their mother's family cemetery. I think it was a good idea they needed closure.

So this past Saturday, a beautiful warm June day 
a few close friends and family said a final good-bye to both of them. I asked her children to please keep in touch. they are very close to my daughter's age and I have known them for years.
But it is all very final and life must go on. My gardens are filled with plants from my friends gardens, they are living reminders of 
our friendship. She was my hooking buddy,I miss her so much.
It is motorcycle week here so we are staying close to home.
It is hard to move around and the restaurants are full. So we are tucked in the woods where it is quiet and will wait it out before we head out to restaurants and stores.
Have a great week!

Monday, June 4, 2018

Better Late Than Never

This rock showed up at our house. I had never seen it around the house before but 
 I like the sentiment. Maybe a hint from above?

If you click on this picture you can see 5 cormorants (birds) in this tree!
They are huge birds and to all be in this tree was amazing. 
My friend and I were by the lake when we saw this.

Sweet B had a dance recital this weekend it always reminds
me of the years of recitals that we had to attend for her mom. 
Second from the left in the glasses.

My sweet sweet girl how I love her.

A book of North American crafts came in the store I work in and this was in it!
look at that bed rug oooh how I would love to hook one!

What a project that would be! I will save it for retirement.

Never got out of the 40's here with rain which we need.
So a small fire was in order to chase the chill.

Yes I am still hooking seems like it has taken me a long time.
We are watching Acorn TV in the evenings which we love and I hook.
So that is what has been happening here. I have been gardening and cleaning things out. I am trying to walk most days and avoid the ticks.
Have a great Week