Sunday, March 30, 2014

A Ta Da Dump Find

This is a chest that is about 12-14 inches tall.

All dove tale joints and a drawer on the bottom

The brass plate on the top is missing a few bumps and bruises. 

The inside is lined with a chamois material. It is oak or maple all wood
great chest. So this is the before after husband finishes with it I will show you.
This was found today at our dump.

This was a dump find also. This is the after!
It looks great and will look great around our fire pit.
and all it cost was paint and a few nails to fix up.
Husband made this from drawers that was taken from my aunts
kitchen and the door were salvage he bought. 

Crown molding on the top this is a very pretty green kind of like a gray green.
He is getting ready to sell this I am sure it will go fast.

 Prayers for the Boston fire fighters that lost their
lives this past week. But for the grace of God go I.
While David doesn't go in the buildings anymore he still
answers the calls, runs the trucks, and anything else that needs to be done.
Have a great week everyone.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

A Really Cute Cupboard

We went to the airport to pick up a friend an hour from our house and this is what it
looks like. As you can see not much snow at all.

This was taken on the same day at then end of our road.
who would think there could be that much difference in just an hour away.
I just thought Dead end summed up how I am feeling about spring right now.
and hold on to your shovel we are in for a big storm Tue evening through the day

We got to see our little cutie girl though she is such a 
ball of fun!

David was in the middle of waxing this cupboard. He made this
cupboard he does such a great job. And it is already sold!

Since it is still very cold and windy here I made a pot roast  for dinner.
and then I stewed the blackberries I had picked last summer that was still in the freezer 
and made dessert. with some puff pastry and vanilla pudding so elegant and easy.
I am weeding out some very old patters I have had for a long time
I plan on posting them on ebay if I can figure it out.
Have a great week and help me pray for spring.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Danger Whining A Head

This is my motto and I am holding on with just my finger nails. 
Our weather has been horrid we are still colder than the normal for January.
We are below zero a lot of nights or single digits. Our lake is still making ICE!
It should be getting ready to go out by the end of this month. We have had major snow storms and ice
storms! Were is global warming!   
I have found the best recipe for banana bread. It is from Cooks Illustrated.
Really the best I have ever had this is the second loaf I have made.

I hit the thrift this weekend, the good news is I took a lot of 
stuff to drop off it felt good to get rid of it. I pulled out my bread machine 
on Saturday and it is dead!!!! My yard sale find lasted about 5 years and for 
5.00 it was good to me but I am so sorry to see it go. Now I am on the hunt for another one.
With all of this baking I wonder why I am gaining weight ugg. I am just like the old black bears
here only at this point they have used up all of their winter weight.
Miss B was sick bad cold poor chicken which lead to bad dreams so she and 
her parents were exhausted. Her little friend came down with it and had to be hospitalized for an over night.
So scary for those parents.
Then husband came down with it and guess who has it now yeck!
It must be floating around out there because we didn't see miss b to get it
and miss b didn't give it to her friend. But husband gave it to me. 
My step sister lost her husband last week He had cancer that took him quickly. He was only in his 50's 
I feel so bad for her as they have a 15 year old son. We were are not super close as
our parents married when we were all adults. But my heart still aches for her.
Well that is the boring news from here I have been reading and not lifting a hook.
maybe I would feel better getting back to hooking. I think after this cold goes away I will get back to it.
I am off to take a nap ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

Sunday, March 9, 2014

A Really Great Project...

It was a good week baskets of gifts....

Cranberry scones.....

and a really great project that David finished....

He took a bureau that was given to him took the 2 top drawers out
and made a rolling bar. The bottom holds wine bottles and
there is racks for wine glasses on the top.

The top is made up of lots of wine corks soooo cute.

And this is how it looks all done up!  All ready for sale.
Well we had a nice weekend but there is snow in the forecast 
boooo I have my fingers crossed it goes south of us.
Starting today, I need to forget what's gone.
appreciate what still remains and look forward to what's 
coming next.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

To Darn Cold!!

Monday we were 7 below zero and we are suppose to at least that tonight.
Isn't this MARCH???? 

I have worked on my face a bit, I tweaked the nose a bit.
I can't work on it to long the little strips make me crazy after awhile.

I have been hopeful for spring so I have been buying seeds. Right now
my garden is under about 2 feet of snow.

I hit the library tonight after work and found a couple of books by 
authors I like that I haven't read, and I got a couple of magazines
in the mail so I am all tucked in and waiting for the weekend 40's yahoo.
A heat wave!
Women who seek to be equal with men lack ambition.
                                           Marilyn Monroe 

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Facing The Ice Castle

In like a sea lion, cold and wet with fishy breath. Rain to snow and snow to rain-
do-si-do and back again! This month can't be trusted; the hing of spring is rusted.
                                    The old farmer's almanac
We toured the ice castle last night it was pretty amazing!

This is some of the ice sculptures you can see from part of the castle.

and what is a tour of an ice castle without the a fire dancer?
It is very cold here usually at this point around here they are talking ice out.
Which is usually a bet you make on the day and time the ice completely goes out on 
the lake. There is still so much ice it will be July before we get rid of it.:(

I dug out my old popcorn popper ( a wedding gift a long time ago) 
This is so much better and cheaper than microwave popcorn.
Plus you can control your fat and salt intake. When our daughter 
was growing up this was a big deal to all the kid to watch this silly popcorn popper.

Ok I tried hooking with a 3!!!!And I am not loving the small cut. I
think I would go to a 4 next time but it was very much a learning curve for
me to do these eyes and I think for my first time not bad. I will finish it and show it
I hope you are warmer than we are our high today is what it was on waking up this morning.
It is dropping all day. Oh spring where are you????