Thursday, April 8, 2010

Things I have made

OK I didn't make the baby quilt that is on this table. I just bought it at a thrift store. Now the question is do I sell it and make a few dollars or keep it and use it on a table? It looks very cute on a table over another table cloth.
This you see in all the magazines. It was Sat. before Easter and I was walking the dog by the burn pile and I spied a broken rake. Instant glass holder for the porch. It is on a peg rack I have there. It was perfect for the mimosa's I served on the porch Easter.
I found this crochet edging at an antique shop for $7.00 I didn't know what I was going to do with it, but I loved it. And then I had a great idea. I sewed it to the edge of some new sheets I just bought. The bed is a king size and I had a small piece left over. I love the vintage look but I do have to iron the edge before it goes on the bed.(I always iron the pillow cases with rose linen spray heavenly)

Now the bed. My husband and I traded up from a queen to a king and priced head boards yikes!
So we took an old panel door laid it sideways. The top arch is from a door we had on our house at one time. the columns are ones that a whole one was cut in half. We screwed it all to the wall and painted it white. The hanging glass lights are from 2 different yard sales and the black shades are from a yard sale. I believe total it was under $50.00


Unknown said...

That is one great head board. Great Job.
The lace you found was wonderful, such a lot for seven dollars.
I love the glass holder also.
The baby quilt is pretty, I'd be afraid I'd spill something on it. But you might as well enjoy it.

Good post

One Cheap B*tch said...

Keep the quilt! And what is that Cola cooler? Love it! Pottery Barn has a retro-inspired on in their new catalog for $700. Ouch!


lace & arsenic said...

..again, OMG. lol...u are truly talented!!!...i never had seen the rake/glass holder! (not even in mag's!) what a good idea!...and ur head board, is amazing! i love it! do u have a fabric draping above/over it also?..(my eyesight is going! lol)...