Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

The egg hunt is done the meal is all eaten and everyone has gone home. I am so tired but oh what a wonderful day. we had 20 people including my husband and I for dinner. There were 6 kids for the egg hunt. The weather couldn't have been more beautiful. There was a wiffle ball game and everyone left tired and full of chocolate.(my sister-in-law,her daughter, and her granddaughter.)
On Sat My husband put up the surprise I have been talking about. All the parts except the paint and the rope came from the dump. The iron work came from an ad for wine.(which is appropriate as I plan on drinking wine while swinging) The wood was the rough saw wood we found at the dump.
It's a swing! I just loved to swing when I was little. My grandfather had one on an old maple it was so cool and shady in the summer and when it was to hot to do anything else I could swing.
When the trees fill out their leaves this is where you will find me on a hot summer day. in the garden swinging. I hope that you all had a happy Easter.

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lace & arsenic said...

...what a treat, when i dont come read ur posts for a few days!...EASTER must have been great!...everything looks wonderful and YOUR SO TALENTED!...i didnt get to chat w/u last week/work was so busy! so came to see what u were up too! lol...hope i get to catch up today! love lisa