Tuesday, March 30, 2010

ta da dump

Tuesdays I get to go to the dump for work. I found this photo book of great matting. I would never use the book BUT I plan on slicing them out and putting them in frames as the matting. Now they look a little to new to me so I am going to try the coffee stain and bake idea. I will let you know how they turn out. Does this ever happen to you (I call it weird)? Last Friday I went to the dump and found this gold leaf. (Sorry the pictures is sideways)
So I am thinking well I can just pick up the glue or what ever it is at a store because I like some gold leaf and then I walk into a thrift store on Sat and here it is!

for a quarter! Ask (or think)and ye shall receive.

Monday, March 29, 2010

bunny, flowers, and a good soak

Did you hug some bunny today? This is a sock bunny made the same way sock monkeys are.
this was a gift from my husband. He had to go away for a weekend when we were first married and he brought me this bunny.
we have been married 34+ years does that make it vintage? Or does it make us vintage? I just love him (the husband and the bunny).
More thrifting things. I am not a big fan of silk flowers they get dusty so fast. And nothing beats the real thing. But this is in a 1/2 bathroom with no window and it needed a little spring. This came from my thrifting this past weekend. The branches are from a small tree in my garden I trimmed and the flowers were 2.50 so springy and cheap.
This is the cottage at the Boston Flower show I just couldn't get enough of. This is the roof! All pink tulips. I think I can really understand Goldie locks now. Seeing that cute little cottage and just wanting to go in.

Doesn't this just make you want to knock on the door and ask for a tour! The colors and textures were so wonderful. Oh and the smell no honey bee could resist.This tub they put in the back with the fox glove blooming and the rose pedals floating on the water. what a perfect picture to hook an rug of? Or better yet to slip into and soak your cares away. It is cold and raining here today and they predict for the next few days. But! Sat up to 80 and sunday 70's We do not get that kind of weather untill July. I am loving it that we can have the egg hunt and family wiffle ball game.
Off to see American Pickers!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

busy weekend

Can anyone guess what this is the picture of? It is the highest peak in the northeast.
yep its Mt. Washington it is so beautiful and this picture does nothing for it. I have a point and shoot camera and that is as good as I could get it. but this view is just around the corner from my daughter's house. Well when I get together with my daughter http://thriftygoddess1.blogspot.com we try to go thrifting if we can and we got to go to one of our favoite places Harvest Hills it's a thrift store that supports an animal shelter. Usually really good stuff. This is a sample of what I got. More to come later.
All easter was 1/2 off so I got the little vintage chicks 3 for .40. Are they vintage if there is a date 1991? I guess it would depend on who you asked. The glass egg is sweet and will go on my mantel.
a fake chocolate bunny and a reproduction easter card but it was .10 so a deal.
The on Sunday My husband took me here! Can you guess? its at sea level not in the mountains.

It's Boston! It is only about 2 hours from us but seems a million miles away in life style.
but the reason for our trip was the Boston flower show.

There were a lot of water features and we took lots of pictures and I had my video camera with me that I put to good use.

this was my favorite garden and I have lots of pictures that I will share later.
It is a true cottage garden. They even built a cottage to go in the display and they planted the roof with tulips very pretty. It gave me the needed boost with all those great smells to wait for spring to really come to N.H.
I did buy myself a little gift it is a bottle that a guy was wrapping wire around and putting a suction cup on. You stick it to your window or mirror and put a few little flowers in.
I chose a Mirror what a way to brush your teeth looking at the bouquet.

It was a busy weekend but good I have a very busy week ahead. I will be getting my antique booth up and going (I hope) so I am off to price more things. Lots more pictures to come.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thrift stores not so thrifty

I thought I would start digging out my easter decortations. This is another rug I hooked. I really like it I think it is fun. The buttons are from my mother's collection. and I have a few pins that I put on. I put this in the fair to be judged and they were not amused. I don't think they like my buttons etc. But I like it and will put it with my other bunny things.
I did get a chance to go to a couple of thrift stores. Now I know that the thrift shops in my area are fund raisers for the food pantry and other needs.
BUT every time I go in I see the prices going up and up. I am finding things that last year would have been 3.00 are now 5.00 or more. Am I the only one seeing this? Is it just supply and demand? That is one of the main reasons I basically stopped going to goodwill.
They have new things and want new prices or their second hand items I could buy the same thing in walmart new for that price. Am I just being grumpy?
So here are a few things that I did pick up. the glass candle holder is hand blown and once I clean it up I can put it on my porch. The little blue plate is hand painted I think it will look nice hanging on the wall. The little bird is hand painted, and the ribbon has paw prints on it. The pig is a bank and I believe it is hand made by one of the students at the college. The buttons were a gift. The lady said that they where her Grammies. I love buttons and will find something wonderful to do with them. Seems like the blogging world is quiet are we all waiting for spring?

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

rug hooking and the dump

First I want to welcome my two new followers!! They are rug hookers and if you really don't know what that is please take some time and look at their blogs. They are beautiful.
This is a rug I hooked with mostly wool skirts that I found at thrift stores. I have drifted away from hooking and hope to get back at it really soon. (I certainly have lots of wool for it)
Now I went to the dump today and I know this is not the right season but how could I pass these up?? there are 3 and not broken in any way and a baby blue sled. Do people throw out sleds at the end of the season thinking they could just buy more next year?

See the purple shoe things they are attached to strong rubber bands and when you walk in them it feels like a mini trampoline. I thought the kids at Easter would get some fun from them. The basket, did anyone see Martha's magazine on making the cement planters using old baskets? Well that is on the top of my list to try this year.
The board I thought was a book holder thingy. It has a stand on the back that keeps it on a slant but my book slid off and onto the floor. The return policy at the dump is very good :) so back it goes. Rainy and cold here they are saying some s-n-o-w flurries are possible. Yikes!
To cold and rainy for my surprise but stay tuned.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

yard sale finds

The first yard sale of the season and I believe that they were antique dealers weeding out. While the prices where not yard sale low. I was able to make a few deals so that I may make a little money at my antique booth. OK OK I am thinking that I may keep a couple of the things. the two oil pictures, one is on a slag glass that is flowers I am in love with. and the other is of a water fall. the linens are yummy with embroidery on them and then one is a true linen with hand made lace. I also bought a shelving unit, an old bed tray (I have plans for),a box that has hand carved flowers on it.
The thrift stores really had nothing in them. I did get more sheet music for crafting.
The weather was so beautiful this weekend, we got a lot of yard work done. I know that a lot of you where shoveling snow. Oh how I know how that is. For several years we have had egg hunts in the snow. When the snow melted we would always find
the eggs that had gotten lost. We may get more snow yet as it is very early for this weather.
My poor old body rebelled from all of the work. I am one big ache right now and thinking a hot shower and some Motrin is in order. I am working on something for our yard that all the parts came from the dump. Can't wait to show you.

Friday, March 19, 2010


Look what I found in my garden when I got home from work!!!! Now to you southern ladies it may not seem like much, but to the flower starved northerners it's heaven!
I got a chance to hit a couple of thrift stores but not much. I got stocking stuffers for my daughter so I can't show you untill after christmas.(we fill each others stockings with free or thrift store finds) and a couple of finger puppets for the up coming egg hunt. Another perfect weather day for tomorrow. So I am going to try to find that one yard sale that is in the paper wish me luck.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thrifty Thursday

Today I got a chance to go to a thrift store after work that I only get to go to on Sat. I got the rusty step stool. Should I paint it? the dish towel is a very bright spring green not sure why it's sage here. the polka dot fabric is a sage and more of the upholstery grade. There is a old book of music and a Christmas CD never opened. The tin is cute and it held fruit cake. Does that mean someone ate the fruit cake? or did it walk off by its self? I also picked out a booth to rent in a group shop and they are going to make some changes to it for me. This is a new shop so they are still adding spaces. I get to move in April 1st.
The weather is still beautiful so spring fever is a problem while I am at work. I just can't wait for the weekend!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

the saving o'the green

I had a very productive day. First even though it was my late day to go to work I got up early did laundry, paid bills,unloaded the dish washer,colored my roots, etc. Then I went to the local thrift shop. they had a few pieces of furniture and I liked this piano bench $3.00. I know I can do something creative with it and sell it at my booth.I also got a few small toys for the Easter egg hunt. The little sled is from the dump. I am thinking wreath how about you? And the best thing of all is the 2 cups and the large mug. I am collecting this pottery and my friend saw them and got them for me. I have such good friends!

Then when I got home it was so beautiful out I raked and raked out my gardens. I know they don't look like much right now but wait until you see them in the summer. My husband made all the stone walls. He talked me into a tractor a few years ago so it has made his job easier.
When he is on his tractor and I walk by he sings "She thinks my tractor is sexy"Aaaahhh love is in the air.

Monday, March 15, 2010

check it out

OHHHH rush on over and see all the wonderful thrifty finds on

Saturday, March 13, 2010

saturday finds

Easter is on the way and we have the family for dinner and an egg hunt. That is six kids and I always buy baskets,candy,etc. I found these baskets in a thrift store for .25 each and they still have the tags on them. Then I got digging around in a box of kid toys and found lots of little things that would fit in the eggs. I will throw them in some warm sudsy water to clean them and no one will ever know. I don't think this side of the family gets the whole thrifting thing but are amazed at what I do find.

Then I found the patterns,cloth,etc at another store.
I am going to rent a booth at a group antique shop. So I am now on the hunt for things that I can resell. I am very excited about doing that. The cloth is so much prettier than it looks in the picture. and it is upholstery grade so if I find a cute chair or bench that needs a redo I am all ready.

Well the house is looking pretty good and I have done my thrifting thing. Company not coming for a couple of hours. Just the right amount of time for a nap. It's cold and blowing out so a movie and a nap it is!

Thursday, March 11, 2010


Ok remember my theory??? Well today at the dump I found this webber grill and the charcoal to go with it. Except for being dirty it is in great shape. No rust, nothing broken, and I have the cover to go with it. There were 2 hard plastic chairs that I have plenty of so I decided to not be greedy and leave them for the next person.
I did pick up a 1943 Cherry Ames student nurse book and a gardening book. I bought this same grill last year for (are you ready?) $80.00 oh if I had just waited.
This dump(recycling center) is in a college town. In the spring when the kids are moving out they just dump everything. so really good pickings to come. (Not to bad right now) There was a really cool old door but I couldn't get it into my suv.
I am thinking truck for my next ride.
Oh yesterday was such a bad day for me. First I washed my husbands electroic truck starter. It came out of the washer in 5 pieces. So I put it back together and bought a new battery and It works!!! Only then did I tell him what I did. Our furnace had a water leak I called the repair man. He came with the hard sell for a new furnace. I told him I am waiting to find a new one at the dump! (just kidding) No way this one is good enough it works. Then I work with handicapped adults and I was walking a blind young man down a hill to my car to take him home and I fell flat on my face!! He had my left elbow and let go when I fell. I think he thought I just disappeared.
He started calling my name. That is when you wish the earth would just swallow you up. Lots of people to see me fall! It's ok to laugh I did after the fact with my friends.
Company coming for the weekend off to hoe out the house.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Dump finds and my theory

First I want to welcome and thank my 2 new followers! Oh I am busting my buttons with pride!
Now on to the dump finds for the day. Yep that is a blue tooth in the packaging with the cord, directions, and different size earpieces. I do not believe it was ever used. the game Phase 10 is still in the factory shrink wrap. the Susan Branch cookbook is really nice and I love her art work.
There is a shell book and a coffee book 2 of my favorite things. and the I chin book is a Chinese fortune telling book it has the coins you toss to read what is in your future. I figure if I ever need a new career I can tell fortunes on the sidewalk and pick the dumps between customers. Now for my theory. I believe if you want something and can wait for it, it will show up at either at the dump or a thrift store. This has happened to me so many times. I so love free or cheap.
Did anyone see American Pickers last night? They were in my home state and didn't even stop to say hi. (They knew I would not show them my prime picking spots:) I loved that the guy made them have a shot of tequila before picking. AAAhhh the N.H. way!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Bird houses

Ok I seem to spending alot of time at the dump! Do I have a dump addiction? Is there a 12 step program for that? Well today my husband and I went and we found all this rough cut lumber.
Which made our hearts jump. My husband can build anything and has machine to make the wood smooth. So we loaded up his truck with all the good pieces. One of the things he builds that everyone loves is bird houses on old garden tools.
Little chick-a-dees build nests in them. I have them through out our yard and garden. I have hutches and cupboards that he has built. Also my potting shed and our house. Now he has moved on to my daughter and son in law's house. (Oh and a big shout out to Ron miss ya:)
so untill the next dump find bye.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

wonderful day

The sun is shining and it's warm for here. What a beautiful day. After I took a walk I coffee stained some tags. They came out great and I love them. While I was doing that I had stripped the beds and washed some of the linens and hung them on the clothes line. They smell so sunny and nice. (We still have snow on the ground as you can see.)

Then off thrifting. there is a new group antique shop I wanted to see. I collect a pottery that is brown on the outside and a bluish green on the inside. I belive it is called country tyme. I found this covered platter for a song! I just love it and would never find another one in a long time. I sent a picture to a friend who collects it also. I put the ruler so she could see how big. But it still dosen't look right the inside where the cover sits is 12"long.

So I am off to enjoy the last of my beautiful day I believe another walk is the perfect way.

Friday, March 5, 2010

one cheap b*tch

look who's following me!!! I love her blog so much. She has wonderful craft ideas.
check out her coffee stained tags!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

ta da dump

On Thursdays I go to the dump. So I get a chance to pick. I was very excited by my finds today. Some one tossed alot of halloween stuff and I found these two beauties. the white man stands about 16" high and the orange man's head is on a spring both could use some touch up but nothing I can't handle. Also I found the cutting board and the basket. the basket is in great shape and the cutting board I will sand down and reoil.
I also found lots of current magazines and a couple of books. The best part??? Free!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

thrifty wed.

On Wed. I go into work at 10:00 which is 2 hours later than usual. So I get to check out our local thrift shop. I found 2 llbean items the sweater is lambs wool and the hooded zip up has a lining that feels like fur but is called fleece. Both very nice. the 3 pillow cases are sweet two print ones are handmade with a zipper(pillow covers?) the the white has cut out lace on one end.
I am a sucker for sweet linens and yes I iron all pillow cases with rose linen water in my iron.
It is pure heaven to sink your head into a nice crisp pillow smelling like roses.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

snakes and sunsets

So as you can tell the sand is like powdered sugar and so silky as it goes through your toes.
and each night we would watch the sunset with a toast.

So now back to real life. A new group shop opened on monday and I am planning on taking a look
around this weekend. Vacation was wonderful but be it ever so humble there is no place like home.

Monday, March 1, 2010

vacation photos

We went to someplace warmer than New England. And look what we found!!! a Crock just laying on the beach. Isn't he awsome???

we had a dinner guest. Do snowy egrets eat burgers?? Well he wanted some and he wanted it now. He would jump at you when you walked by with your tray of goodies.

And of course lots and lots of thrifting. Oh I how I wish we had a big old truck to get everything I wanted home. This is a small sample. I did get lots and lots of clothes. I filled my empty suit case I brought just for that. We went to Goodwills that were 1/2 price all the time. We went to resale shops, we went to them all. we met up with a friend from home that is wintering there and we had a girls day (all three of us named Cathy). We found thrift shops that were having a 1/2 price sale just for a few hours and we walk in just at the announcement!! Was it by accident? I think not!the thrifting gods were with us all the way. Tomorrow sunsets and snakes oh my!