Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Short But Sweet

frost is in the forecast for Friday. I picked some green tomatoes and 
made some green tomato relish. my first time making this relish, and boy is this good!

I have been walking most days. Because we were so dry this summer our fall is slow in coming and not the really bright colors yet that we are so used to. 

My favorite time of year. 
Have a great Evening!

Sunday, September 25, 2022


We got up early and headed out for breakfast. The first time in a very long time. Well, we found a quilt show while out and about. 

Whoever did the marketing for this show did a great job!
They put quilts in all the businesses window and had a group of food trucks near the entrance. We decided to not attend the show, but I do appreciate the amazing work. 

We went to a little vintage fair and a couple of stores.
I got this small tablecloth that is April Cornell for 2.00 perfect for the porch. We also purchased some handmade ricotta cheese that is pretty yummy. 

I found a Susan Branch calendar for next year at a big discount. I usually get 2 one desk calendar and one for the house. Now all I need is the desk calendar. 

I also got several packages of spring bulbs to plant. I am trying to add more bulbs each year, so we have lot and lots of color when the snow finally goes. 

Husband made us a new charcuterie board. Or as we always called appetizers. Rain forecasted for this afternoon, so we are tucked in watching our patriots play and I am continuing to work on my rug.
Have a wonderful week!

Thursday, September 22, 2022

Still Working On It.

Yes, tonight is the fall equinox, and it is really going to feel like it.
This morning pouring rain and thunder woke us up.
Tomorrow it will not get out of the 40's. A hurricane will pass by us and right into the Candian Maritimes. Please all of you be safe.
It will kick our surf up and give us 50mph gusts. That is how powerful it is, and it is headed right to Canada. 

We had a few bananas that were past and so I made some bread. These are the mini loaves. We ate one put the rest in the freezer to take out as we want. 

I am still plugging along on the border of my rug I am hooking in the evening while watching tv. I had stopped doing that when I got my rug room done over but since winter is on the way and there is more tv watching going on I brought it down. I have no idea what I am going to do with the corners. 
I have been very worried about the prices of heating oil and the food etc etc. While we are not poor and will do ok how long before we really feel the pressure? I called our heating oil company they wanted me to pay them 400.00 and they will promise to not charge us over 5.15 a gallon for heating oil this winter. (The $$ is just for the promise) I gambled and said "I will pass"
The news here is loaded with stories of people trying to find cord wood to burn this winter and how much it is. I am thankful we have enough for at least 3 more years, but we still use heating oil. I don't remember feeling this way before in other times and there have been hard times we have lived through before. Is it because we are older?
Ok enough hand wringing tonight 
Enjoy your weekend!  

Sunday, September 18, 2022

Shades of Fall

The wild asters are blooming everywhere. 


We had a drier summer, so I am seeing the leaves dry and fall off the trees before they turn colors. So, I am not hopeful for a very colorful fall. 

But I am still holding out hope. This is my favorite time of year.
It certainly is the most beautiful
Our wood pile that hopefully keeps the oil man away. I am a bit afraid of the heating oil prices for this coming winter. 


Back to my rug I am trying a teal blue border. I think I really like it. Much better than the brown I have started. 

Hopefully this is a better picture of my rug it should work to enlarge it. I am coming to the finish line with this rug. I have a very large witch I would like to get started but I have another owl rug I am taking to rug camp at the end of October.

As a kid I loved the smell and sounds of fall. I used to walk to school
I loved walking in the leaves and hearing the crunch they made.
I remember picking the most beautiful leaves and my mother helping me iron them between two pieces of wax paper to save them. I use to have a big dictionary full of my most favorite leaves now I wish I still had them sigh....
Have a wonderful week. 

Wednesday, September 14, 2022


Sunday, we went to our daughter's house to celebrate her birthday a bit early. Her lights went out for a few minutes
while we went frogging at the pond in their neighborhood.

Once you catch a frog (He was a big one) you team up with another 
frog catcher (her dad) and you put them a few feet from the pond and see who hops to the pond first. B's big guy won!
By the time we left to go home (after dark) they had closed the easy access to home because of some accident. Sooooo We had to go all the way around....

To the Kancamagus highway (Ok highway is a very lose term here)
See this road? Think pitch dark! No bigger than a cow path at some points. It is used mainly for access to hiking trails in the White Mountains National Forest. 

Across this bridge and onto the highway. Well at least it was wider than this cow path, and it had lines, it was very slow going for our old eyes. 
We turn into our neighborhood over an hour later and we see a woman who we do not know walking with a flashlight and staring down at her phone??? I get a text from the neighbor "Do you have power?" Well, no we don't but the generator is happily going, and we are just fine. But the woman with the flashlight was staying at one of the air B and Bs here and when the power went out, we think she freaked. It is dark here no streetlights and no cell phone service. I have no idea where she walked to, but it would be a good 4 miles in either direction to pick up service. City folk lol. The lights were not out that long, and I hope she was fine. Oh, and my daughter reports we had just left, and they lost power. It was a dark night. 

Ok I am having picture issues with my phone, but I did pick up my hook again and this is where I am on my rug. the right lower corner is all I have left. I am not sold on the border I have chosen that may change. But it felt good to hook and at least chat with other people even if they were just knitting lol.

This stuck me funny so I will leave you with this. 
Have a wonderful week.


Sunday, September 11, 2022

By The Light Of The Moon

Last night after dinner we took a little ride to the local covered bridge to watch the moon come up over the lake. We are tucked in the woods so by the time we see it get up over the trees the orange of the day is gone. 

It did not disappoint! It was a glorious harvest moon!

While we stood on the bridge waiting for it to rise, we met the nicest people it was just a lovely 45 minutes. 

And there was lots of spider activity going on. I love seeing their work I just want nothing to do with it being near me. 

Friday night a town south of us had a street dance. It involved food trucks and live music so off we went. Well, the wicked witches of the lake's region were there to perform. (They have a facebook page) What a fun group of ladies.

They danced around their cauldron the kids loved it and joined it. Maybe in retirement I should join them! 

I finally made my broom from my trip to Salem Ma. it was fun and pretty easy I added the sunflower from some flowers my husband gave me. 
I am finally feeling better the symptoms I was having mostly have subsided with the med change. Such a relief, but now that it is fall, I need to get back to my pursuits. This is the week I usually go to Star Island but this year I decided to stay home. I have a couple of other things I want to do, and the price of things keeps going up, so I had to pick and choose. Maybe next year. I will surely miss it. 
I am going back to the little fiber group at the library on Tuesdays to hook and I have a couple of things scheduled for October, so I am hopeful.
I did pick up my book again. The historical fiction of Hamilton. I didn't know how much I didn't know about that time in our country. 
This book is fiction but well researched. 

Trying very hard to not make quick judgments of people a very bad habit of mine. 
I was sad to hear of the queen dying my grandmother was a very big fan of hers. I need to dig out the couple of things I have that were my grandmothers that has pictures of a very young queen on them. 
Have a wonderful week!

Monday, September 5, 2022

Falling Into Fall

Can you believe my Sweet B is now going into the 6th grade???
And just how cute is she?? I know I am partial but really, she is a doll!!

Aug 31 we were close to 100 and humid September 1st 70 and dry like someone flipped a switch. I will tell you it made me very happy. 
We went to the last concert on the common last week and could not believe how the light had changed in just one week. The days are noticeably shorter, my one complaint about this time of year. 
Today a gentle rain and chilly high 70s. 

We were going to a friend's house for a cookout yesterday, so I baked some cookies to take. King Arthur flour chocolate chip oatmeal cookies.  
It was nice to see an old friend. It was my husband's best friend from high school. His mom was there (90) she came right over and hugged my husband and told lots of stories on him when he used to hang with her son in school lol (his face was so red at times lol). She was a delight; she knits up a storm and is as spunky and bright as a new penny. 

I canned 6 pints and 6 quarts of tomatoes today. 
I have 4 qtrs. of pasta sauce in the freezer I think we are all set for the winter at this point on tomatoes. 

We have a bumper crop of acorns this year. I haven't seen this many in many many years. There was an old road agent (country title for Highway supervisor?) in this town who told us years ago that meant a very hard winter ahead. We have also had a hawk here for some time. Not sure what that means except we have no chipmunks, squirrels, or birds right now. Our very bad bear has been live trapped and hauled away. I am on several hiking sites on FB and someone was taking about a young bear trying to get into his tent ummm just where did they take him? yikes!
I haven't picked up my rug hook in weeks and weeks. I got an email from the woman I had just met last spring about getting together this fall for hooking at the library. I think I need to get back at it to see if I remember how. I also have a 3-day rug camp coming up in October. 
I hope you are all happy and healthy and enjoying this beautiful time of year. I am sorry for those in the west, the horrid temps and lack of rain. 
Have a wonderful week!