Sunday, March 11, 2018

Time For A Barn Raising

A local restaurant owner had this barn moved and rebuild for functions. This was the grand opening celebration. 

To say it is beautiful is an understatement.

Two open floors with a huge fireplace on the far end.

They had a country group calling square dancing. very fun!!!

We were served dinner along with music, friends, and fun. It made for a wonderful night that was much needed. 

Easter is coming fast and we host a very large family Easter with an egg hunt for the little ones. I hit the dollar store today and filled the bags we will be giving away.

There is 27 of us total of those there are 8 littles. 
The best part is my daughter and son in law come with my grand daughter and stay overnight the night before. 

The time change is going to do me in for awhile I just wish they would leave well enough alone. Of course we have another nor'easter on the horizon so 8-12 more predicted. We got about 17 inches last Wed and a nor'easter that hit the coast hard on the 1st of march. I hate March just when you think you have made it out of the winter bang! your back in!

The only thing springing is my mother's african violet.

I have been working on my stair risers. I am loving them 
more and more I can't wait to get at least a couple of them done.
Have a great week everyone and if you are in the line of the new storm hunker down spring is coming I think??

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Bad Moon Rising

The Bad Moon Rising.... We had the full moon on the eve
of the northeaster that hit the coast. We didn't get much out of it which was fine by me but oh the poor coast got hammered. 
But I hear we are in for another one on Wed and Thur. Which I hope they are wrong about. I am ready for spring.

We headed south for a birthday party. We started out early to be able to make a couple of stops. this is a handmade wooden spoon with a little age on it. I am going to sand it and oil it again and use it. I love wooden utensils. 

I have been working on my stair risers a bit not much time during the week and then we are busy on the weekends.
Have a wonderful week and I hope spring has sprung in your area.

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Thrifty Finds

I hit the thrift to drop things off from some cleaning I had done and well
I had to look around, right? I found this!

It is a tray that hooks onto the arm of your chair. I have seen them used for crafts.

I will velcro the pin cushion and bits bowl on .
I also have a large magnet I will glue down with the hooks and scissors. There are pockets on the side for books, phone,or remotes 
All for 1.00.

As most of you know I work in a used book store. Friday a book came in that is about Celia Thaxter she was on Star Island in the 1800's. That is where I go for a rug hooking retreat in the fall. A sweet find!
We had a fun weekend husband's brother and his wife came for an overnight we went out to dinner and played cards. 
Today we are getting snow so I am tucked in watching a movie and hooking a bit. 
Have a great week.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Keeping Busy

We got snow last night 5 inches, when we were suppose to have a dusting to 3. Made for a pretty day and a stand out visitor.

Can you see him now? Yes a cardinal! He was surveying the land before he made his trip to the feeder. He was so red in all the white he glowed. We went into warmish weather so the snow melted a bit. We are going into a warm week, can spring be around the corner?

I had a customer pop in last week to give me this bag she made for me. I work in a used bookstore and she is one of our long time customers. It made my day she was so sweet to think of me.

We got to see sweet B on Sat, on the way home I got husband to stop at a shop I love and treated myself to this large pin cushion. that thimble is normal size so you can tell how large it is.
My daughter gave me back a couple of pieces to fix that I had made for them. They have pets! At first I was put out that they were not better taken care of but my daughter had a point she said " I want them to be out to show them off not hidden away." So I will fix them and pray for the best.

I have transferred 3 of my stair risers but now I have to decide what the background should be because that is what I think ties them together.

I have been growing sprouts that will go on my sandwiches,
they grow fast this was in just one week! I will eat these and then regrow some more until I can plant a garden again.
Have a great week everyone.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

A Great Guy

My husband took me away for a romantic overnight to this Inn.
While the driveway was close to a mile long up and up and the weather was not the best it was beautiful Inn. It was built to be an inn about 15 years ago. You can see mountains past mountains just amazing. And probably the best place I have ever been in. The breakfast was amazing. He also made reservations for us to go out to dinner to this amazing place that was a spurge but so worth it!!! I felt very pampered. What a wonderful guy to surprise me, I guess I will keep him.💕💕💕

We also shopped a bit I bought myself a tibetan prayer flag that I will put on the porch when better weather comes. When the wind blows the flags your prayers are sent to heaven. I also have a dump find....

This record cracked me up it is from my grandparents time, I am sure you have heard of can hear them sing here.

And last but surely not least I have bound my rugs I finished at rug retreat yahoo!! and I am going to start the stair risers. I got the first one on to red dot but I need to buy some nice new markers, mine are dry and would never bleed through. I am so happy to be able to get these started. 
We have had snow and rain, cold and warm, ok warmish.
I am so ready for Spring but I have to be patient and also when the ground thaws I will have to work in my gardens, so for right now except for shoveling I get to hook most days.
Have a great week!!!

Monday, February 5, 2018

I've Been Busy!

We had a super blue moon at the end of January.
I love the moon.
This time of year it looks like daytime with the moon reflecting off the snow which makes it very hard to sleep.

I recently picked up an second hand ice cream maker. So with low fat yogurt and some strawberries I gave it a whirl. Very good and we kept the fat and the sugar low so a good treat.  

We have been toying with getting a single serve coffee maker.
It kills me the price of coffee in those little cups.
I make a small pot in the morning but sometimes in the afternoon we would like a cup.
Then I remembered the french press I have. A small scoop of coffee, some boiling water,wait for a few minutes, voila!  really great coffee for much less than the single cups.

Beth at Parris house wool works in Paris Maine had a little giveaway on her facebook page around the first of the year. She sent me these wonderful things. Her pattern of a bee. (We call our granddaughter sweet B) so perfect, wool, and wonderful handmade soap. So very generous. If you are on facebook find her she always has wonderful things on her page.

I can not say enough wonderful things about these stair risers that a 
 rug hooker friend drew for me! This is a very small sneak peek. They are amazing and I can't wait to start on them. 
I met her on my retreat to Star Island. 
I love meeting other rug hookers they are usually open, wonderful, sharing, and kind. And usually up for a good laugh!! 
Well my Patriots lost so sad but there is always next year.  Then I stayed up to watch "This Is Us" Ok I knew Jack was dead but I didn't know how he died. I was sobbing with his TV wife Rebecca. So crazy but sign of a good show. 
We are in for another snow storm on Wed 10 plus inches. It has been so icy if  you take a walk you're taking your life in your hands. You'll break a hip!!!
Can't wait for spring!
Have a great week!!!

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Weekend With Sweet B...

Miss B's birthday is very close to christmas so we try to do something very special with her later after the holidays.
We went to Montshire Science Museum for children.
Learning about bubbles and catching one is even more special.

She loved this one on pulleys they had a table you could change things around and make things move very hands on.
there were so many kinds of hands on things for the kids, and little programs throughout the day, hiking and snowshoeing trails, really a fun and amazing place for kids.

If you are going to Montshire you need to go to King Arthur flour just around the corner. A great lunch and yes she was queen of the weekend.

We stayed in a hotel with a pool her favorite! She can swim so well.
She is a little fish. She got some hands on toys and craft things..
And now Pepe and I are home feet up!

This was a busy week at work getting caught up from 
being gone a few days. This is a sun rise they never get old.
Have a wonderful week!