Sunday, June 23, 2019

Summer Is Our Best Season

Harper Lee was correct summer is the best season. 
There have been naps on the porch this weekend. Our weekend weather has been glorious! 

My old fashioned roses are in full bloom and they smell wonderful!
Just sitting here with the breeze blowing them the whole porch smells of roses.

My poor garden is so late this year but my peony has finally bloomed. 

And not be be outdone by the flowers this I believe this is a Luna moth, 
 just as beautiful. 

A rare Friday dinner out we headed to the next town.  We settled into a local Italian restaurant. After we took a walk around the new sculptures that were installed around town. 

It was a beautiful night and perfect for walking off dinner.

This one was called Irish Step Dancers, cute.

This one is a little hard to see but is a vase of sunflowers made out of iron. 

My sweet B loves fairies and the most amazing book came into 
the store I work in. This book is full of pop ups and you move the leaves and you find fairies hiding.
I can not believe she is now a third grader not sure where the time goes? 
I have been doing a lot of reading lately I go in spurts, I will read for awhile and then not at all for awhile. One of my customers reads some of the same authors I do and she buys all the new books as they come out. She is very generous and lets me read them.
I did order some wool this week for my stair risers. I don't need  much and then I will get back to those in the evenings. If I have good weather I try to walk or get out in the gardens. We have not had much good weather this spring so I want to make good use of it when we do.
I am sure you have all heard of the horrid motorcycle accident in our state. A truck pulling a long trailer hit a group of bikers and killed 7 of them! Some where air lifted. It happened about an hour north of us in a very tiny town on a regular two way road,so sad.
At close to the same time there was an accident 1 hour south of us 2 cars collided and two were killed in that accident, I have no idea what is happening on our roads. 
Have a wonderful safe week.

Sunday, June 16, 2019


We finally had some good weather on This weekend.

This garden is so over grown! You have to walk around the yard
to see this garden so I forget about it a lot.
But the Iris keep on going. They need to be divided but first I have to weed everything else out.

Same with this poor lupine still keeps going though.
I will tell you it is hard work digging out roots of weeds that have taken over. My shoulders ached so much. And it shows me how out of shape I am. I got it half done so more to go. But it will look so much better.

This is by the road this clump of ferns are just beautiful. Wild and beautiful.

Sat we met my daughter and family for breakfast. We found an out of the way little place we love, that the bikers just haven't found yet and had a lovely breakfast. It is a funny little place that is called the other store. It is a hardware/gift store with a lunch counter and a sweet deck that over looks this river. I love any time we get to have with them. 

There was a farmers market in that little town.I got some local raw honey. It was a bit pricey but so worth it. We use it in tea and on the scones I made this morning.

Husband cleaned out the shed and found this little wooden cart.  I prettied it up and love it!

Noisy Bike week is over the rain came in late this morning.
They all cleared out and headed for home.
I have a beef stew cooking and watching some Miss Marple.
And for you Downton fans yes! a young lord Grantham! 

The traffic has been crazy and very noisy. I think there were more Bikers than last year. But sadly we saw the air ambulance go over several times (Dart) so sad. 
The really good news is I was accepted into a fiber weekend.
for July! This woman has an amazing piece of property and is holding a first time fiber weekend. It is mostly fleece and yarn. but she is having dye classes and a felting class. And the good news is it is free! I was invited by a woman I met in a fiber group at a local library. So something to look forward to!

Sunday, June 9, 2019

A Week Of Joy..

Wed. I had my sweet women's group in for dinner. There were only 7 of us this time but it was so lovely. they all brought something to share and we chatted and caught up for hours. I enjoy these ladies so much, I am blessed to be part of them.

Thur my sweet friend and I met up for an easy hike.

Down to the lake. After we go there I had snacks and beverages in my backpack. We just sat enjoyed the amazing breeze coming off the lake and got caught up. There wasn't anyone around so it was quiet and lovely.

Friday after work I put on my sneakers and headed out for a walk. When I get to this point in my walk all I hear is the brook running over the rocks. heaven.

I found a spot with 9 lady slippers that is the largest group I have seen to date. 

This butterfly flitted around me for a while and then just rested so I could get a good picture of it.

I also found some treasures this week. This pan had never been used it still had the new tags on it. 

So I gave it a try this is Ricotta Banana bread with pecans topping it.
A new recipe for me but a keeper for sure.

Then I found this handmade basket it is signed and dated. No breaks in it just perfect. I see wool in its future. 

Speaking of wool I got to hook on the porch this morning. 
The weather finally feels like summer!
Husband was reading the paper and found a small garden walk put on by the local garden club (free). Off we went.

Four lovely gardens and properties 

This girl had a horses and the birds were making a nest of their tails.

Everyone was so gracious and lovely. Tea and treats at each home.

This home,breath taking! This was their view from their porch. sigh.. The sun rises here.

Sets here. The view from their back porch sigh...
What a joy that garden walk was.
Well it is motorcycle week here in the Lakes Region. I have nothing against them it is just when there are so many they are loud, and it is hard to get from point A to point B without traffic. ( We usually have very little traffic) And forget going out for dinner.
The good weather the past few days has really brought them out and about. So I will go from work to home until it passes.
Have a wonderful week!

Sunday, June 2, 2019

Stair Risers...

My new motto lol

Well I continue to walk. On Sat the only living being I saw were the cows. I will say my sleep is better, I do not know if it is the combination of exercise and magnesium or just the magnesium. But  it is better and I will take whatever it was that turned it around. 

I found these wild flowers on my walk not sure what they are but they are not violets. I think they must be some kind of wild orchid.

And speaking of wild orchids we have the lady slippers in our yard again. They are so rare and special.

The flowering crab that is on my blog header is flowering again the whole yard smells sweet and lovely. mmmmm

After I walked on Sat. I came home and changed out my dark curtains for the summer white ones. Makes it feel like summer even though the weather is still not cooperating.

It was my grand's dance recital. I can not believe how big she is and how wonderful she does!

She makes me think of her mom each time I see her dance.
My daughter danced until she graduated from high school. 

I have three risers done and steamed just have to give them a quick bind so I can get them up on the stairs. 
I am having my women's group in for dinner this week and would love to get these few more on the stairs.
It seems the weather this week is more of the same, rainy and cold. 
I hope summer doesn't hit all of a sudden 90 and humid. I hate humid.
Have a wonderful week!!!

Sunday, May 26, 2019

Another Week Another Hike

First I would like to honor those who served and serve this country and those that sacrificed their lives for our freedom. 
We may have our issues but we are truly a great country!

I spent the better part of the weekend transplanting perennials and getting ready for memorial day.

We are finally getting porch sitting weather and I am happy to say we have enjoyed every minute of it!!

My sweet friend and I hiked Skye Pond. I have shown you this hike before but it was easily accomplished after work and a big pay off for the view.

It was a beautiful day and you could see forever. But the bugs oh the bugs they were horrible. The minute we stopped they swarmed us. 

I am not great on heights and I always get a bit of vertigo if I am too steep so I have to step back. Beautiful all the same.

There is the feeling of summer in the air. Our days are longer, we have already had 2 thunder storms, and everything is getting so beautiful. Sometimes in the long winter I wonder why we continue to live here but when spring truly comes around I know why ahhh. I guess we just appreciate it more maybe.

We are back from a family cookout and the birds have said their finial good night and it is quiet, so quiet. I am sad to say no peepers tonight. 
 I will sit on the porch for awhile longer and enjoy the silence, I am off to work tomorrow. 
Have a wonderful week.