Sunday, January 17, 2021

Herb Angel

There is a pretty important birthday in our family today..

My sweet aunt is 97 today. She walks right along no cane,no walker.
She has been tucked away in her home so I have not seen her in awhile but I have called her and sent her pop up cards, she just loves them.  When I was growing up I was the oldest of 4 kids, and there was not a lot of money to go around. She was very good to me, bought my first barbie doll and paid for an art class for me and the list would go on and on. She has my heart for sure. She is my mother's oldest sister. (my mom passed 12 year ago) She sits and crochets her day away. 

I was up and out very early this morning to pick up the few groceries we needed. I decided to pick up a few tulips to brighten up the kitchen.

Sat morning we had a couple of inches of snow and then the rain came! Lots of rain! The snow soaked up all the rain and weighted a ton! We lost this large limb off a white pine.

Luckily it fell just right didn't take any wires with it and it was on the edge of our property so it didn't hit any buildings but did take out a few small trees on the way down.

So it will stay there until spring and then it will get cleaned up. 

Husband has been working so hard on my rug hooking room.
The wall of cork is up! and we found out we have enough to do the wall showing on the right. It is a small space since the closet doors are there. But more display room!

The floor is in!

And a couple of the built ins are in!

I am so excited there is still work to do before I can move in.
But it is looking great!

I have started a new pattern Herb Angle by Lori Brechlin .
I am enjoying this rug so much. The details have been fun.
I have got to stay off the computer I keep ordering patterns I have another one on the way. A big stretch for me we shall see!

We are tucked in and watching football (yes I love it) come on Saints! 
Husband and I have both had our first vaccine no issues at all.
and we have an appointment for our second one in Feb. 
I am anxious to get on with our life. I know we will have still have to be careful, but the fear we have had about my husband getting this will hopefully subside.
Have a wonderful healthy week!

Sunday, January 10, 2021


There is a quote for everything I think...And this one is true.

We see lots of sunrises this time of year. And while this one does not have lots of color I love that you can see the break of day and the moon looking on..

As I have said before we are redoing a spare bedroom to meet my needs for my rug hooking etc... The house is a mess but...

There is great progress, all the wallpaper is stripped, woodwork is painted, track is lighting installed. each track can hold 3 lights! I get to choose!

And this wall will have...

This cork installed! I will be able to hang my rugs, moved them around and change them anyway I want!
I am so excited,I have never had a room of my own that is just for me!

I am binding my dancing rabbits rug tonight and then it will be tucked away until Easter for Sweet B. 
Deanne Fitzpatrick does a letter each Sunday.
And her quote I took today was:
"Comparison is not picking my pocket. "
Meaning the minute you start comparing yourself to others it takes away from yourself, your art, your soul. I have a very hard time with that.
I tend to compare my work to others and in the end it takes all the joy away at times.

Nothing smells better than baking bread. Oatmeal molasses yummm

I work 4 days a week and walk 4 miles on each of the other 3 days
This snowman on my route made smile. I love his eyebrows! 

And this is a brook that runs the whole length of my walk. While we haven't  had much snow lately it is still pretty.

Thanks for putting up with the quotes. 
I will leave with this...
Have a wonderful week!

Sunday, January 3, 2021


I stayed up until midnight to make sure that 2020 was on its way.
I opened the door to let the old year out.... 

And the beautiful moon was shining brightly right in front of me.
I am taking that as a good omen...

I had to clean out my craft/spare bedroom as we are doing it over to suit my needs and I found some pictures. This is when my daughter graduated from college. Can you tell I am so proud of her!!!! It was nice to think back on those wonderful days and hope for more to come. 

I started a new rug. It is a very old pattern called Dancing Rabbits.
This will go to my Sweet B for Easter so I am hooking it to her likes.
Purple is her favorite and this is what I dyed a few weeks ago. I still have some tweaking to do before I am happy but it is one sweet rug.

All our Christmas decorations are down, I needed to get on with this year. Plus the house is a mess from cleaning out that one room to do it over. New year's day was nice so we put away all the outside Christmas decorations except the window candles I like seeing them though out this dark time of year. I also filled my car with donations and headed for the thrift store to drop off. It felt good to get that stuff out of the house and there will be a lot more going, I need to pare down things here. 
I hope this New Year brings all that you desire but most most of all I hope it brings you laughter. I haven't heard a full laugh since all this started. I have seen a smile or a snicker but I want to see full out laughter, hard to get your breath back,laughter. 
I wish you pure JOY.

Sunday, December 27, 2020

2020's Last Post

I will not be sorry to see this year gone. Someone posted that at midnight on New Year's Eve open your door and let the old year out. 
Oh I will be doing that if I am still awake!

This Christmas was ok we didn't see our family and we miss them like crazy, and a few tears were shed, but.... It will all be ok in the end at least that is what I am telling myself to keep going.
Our 17 inches of snow we got a week ago...

Is gone! It was in the 50's and pouring rain all day Christmas! What a mess! That snow is white gold for this state. Skiing, snowmobiling, snow shoeing etc. People drive hours to play in our snow. Gone! and now the forecast is for the same weather New Year's Day. This year just keeps going.

I say if it is winter we should have snow! 
I you are not a beef eater you should look away...

I cooked my first prime rib Christmas day and it came out pretty dang good if I do say so myself.  We eat a lot of chicken and fish though out the year so this was a big treat.

I also finished my second Santa. I have a couple of tweaks (one eye is bigger than the other) but then I will bind it. I have another rug all set to get started on. It keeps my sanity to hook that is why I hook so much.

I will keep my Christmas decorations up until after the new year.
I put some paper whites in this hanging vase, they have not bloomed yet but they are growing a lot! 

Husband does puzzles to keep his sanity so we are a pair!
This he finished just in time for Christmas.                                               So I will end here.
I wish you good healthy and lots of laughter in the new year. I really have missed the laughter, real side splitting, until you cry laughter.
Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 20, 2020


Thursday we were suppose to get 4 to 6 inches we got ...

17 and that was low compared to other towns! Two towns over it was 48 inches!!! crazy amount of snow!!! Boy did they get it wrong.

So miss B and her mom decided to get a couple of runs in. she has new skis this year (they are longer) so it is a learning curve for her again and she did great!

My Santa is done! and crazy as it sounds I started another one. I will not get it done before Christmas but that is OK.

I watched a Gene Sheppard video on wool dying. A one pot method 
I tried it and was not happy with the first attempt so I did it again much better! It is really darker in person a great background. Which I have plans for. 

We give a Christmas goodies basket to some local hard working town employees. Today was cookie day I need to donate some of them to a charity but the rest will go in baskets for the workers.

When it comes to decorating cookies not so good but they taste good so that is all that matters.

All those cookies were from the butter cookie recipe from Susan Branch. What a wonderful recipe and it makes a big batch so you can divide the batch and make several cookies. 

The new pattern is from Old Tattered Flag it was a free gift on their Facebook page. So yes you can copy this but give credit to the Old Tattered Flag.

We have plenty of snow for Santa to make his way to our house.
But now they are forecasting rain for Christmas day ugg what a mess! 

We will be staying home for the holidays, I will miss family like crazy and need this whole covid mess to be over the sooner the better. 
Life is passing me by. 
I hope you are tucked in and counting your blessing for this odd season. We all have something to be thankful for and for now that has to do.
Don't forget to look for the Christmas star on the 21st when 2 planets come together and become very bright in the sky. The first time in hundreds of years! 
Merry Christmas my sweet blog friends