Friday, October 22, 2021

Rugs At Rug School

One of the teachers was Cindy Irwin. She does amazing things with beads and rug hooking! Leaves beautiful

She did a little collection of purses so sweet...

And just amazing.

This is a horrid picture and I will try to get Lauri T's picture as she took a great one. This is a full size, completely beaded, flapper dress!!!

And this is a full size, completely beaded, wedding kind of dress!!!
Just beautiful!!!


This is by Laura Hubbard Tamworth NH. 
The scrolls are perfect!

Unfortunately I cannot see the tag on this rug but still pretty wonderful!

This is Creative Crewel hooked by Kathy Spellacy
She said she reduced the pattern by 1/4. I am not sure if this is part of her McGowan schooling or not but a lovely job!

Green Man was hooked by Faith Webster

This was hooked by Marlene Wheeler.
This is just a sampling of what was there!! 
More to come

Wednesday, October 20, 2021


Sat was the annual family Halloween. So fun! there were carnival games and a bouncy house for the kids. Everyone was dressed up and the weather could not have been better!

Ok now to Rug School! I have a lot to post so I am going to do it a bit at a time. I had Kathy Spellacy as my teacher. I could not say enough good things about her!!! Just fabulous!
I have had this very large fish pattern for years, so now was the time. 

Kathy gave great suggestions and so much help. She believes in color planning as you go. A woman after my own heart! I wanted to go outside my comfort zone with color. 

So glad I did! I learned so much every day. I have not worked with many teachers and it has been 15 years since I worked with anyone. I I did not know what I didn't know!!!! 
I was able to commute to this rug school so the feel was very different but made the price very reasonable. I will look for more instruction and I do hope to get to work with Kathy a lot more. 
The work that was shown there was awe inspiring I will show more very soon! 

Sunday, October 17, 2021

Good news all around

Last week I told you about going to the fair. Well I bought some dyer balls made from llama wool. I tried them today they dried each load about 10 minutes less so with a the Electricity going up that is a big savings.

We also bought raw honey from a local beekeeper. 
We drink camomile tea most nights and have just a smidge of honey in it.

We were on the road for our 2 plus hour ride to Boston at 4:15AM..
Yes we take the first appointment and go in, in rush hour traffic. You have not lived until you drive in Boston rush hour traffic yikes! It was dark and foggy most of the way. But the news was great!
It will be 10 years since Husband's transplant in early Nov. His amazing young Dr said you know I don't have many in the 10 plus club. We feel so blessed to have found him, and all those that came together to make a miracle for us.
And speaking of 10 years that is most of our Sweet B's  life. 
She has an interest in hooking and did a good job. She has a busy life and we decided that she would hook when she is here with me so I can help her. 

We also had time to do one of the little kits I got at a yard sale a couple of weeks ago. He came out cute and I love she gave him glasses like her.
In the past couple of weeks I have been getting the gardens ready for winter. I have a compost barrel, I opened it up to spread it on my garden, so I could plant some garlic. I see 6 pair of eyes looking at me! yikes! I just do not want them to jump on me! They thought they found a nice cozy place for the winter. I have no idea how they lived through the couple of good turns I gave the barrel. I screamed and jumped away,  husband came to help get them all out and on their way. 
I got the garlic planted and planted 60 daffodil bulbs on our hill. In the spring the hill should look pretty good if they all come up. In addition to the ones I planted a couple of years ago.

Our weather has changed we are cooler and it is a bit more breezy. So the leaves are slowly falling.( this is the stone wall that is around the little cemetary on my walk)

I made a chicken stew today and it came out pretty good if I do say so myself. There are leftovers thank goodness, it is a busy week. Husband shoots pool twice this week and 
I am headed to a three day rug camp, it is close by so I am commuting. I am so looking forward to working with a teacher. 
Have a wonderful week!!

Monday, October 11, 2021


You are going to get so sick of my fall pictures. But here goes anyway. This is the very old stone wall that runs the length of our property.


The amazing little brook you have seen so many times.

Not sure how good this picture is, but it is amazing to see a tree not turned at all with one blazing orange behind it.

The road I walk every day. It was so quiet you could hear the leaves hitting other leaves as it headed to the ground. I have lived in Maine or NH all these years and fall still astounds me.

It has been the year of the mushroom. Lots and lots of them everywhere.


This is our wood pile just waiting to be brought in to heat the house this winter. I am very thankful for this wood (that we cut from our land)this year. Prices keep going up and up. In the past two weeks gas has gone up 12 cents a gallon. I have no idea about heating oil I haven't bought any this year yet.


While fall is in full swing my roses are still going strong since early this spring. when I was a little girl and I would come in the house from playing outside, my hair everywhere my dad would call me the last rose of summer. I never looked this good lol.

It's fall! that means soup, I made homemade french onion soup. It came out so good! I froze some for later and left at least another serving for each of us this week. 

We headed to the old country fair in our area. We went late afternoon on the last day to avoid the crowds. We only needed an hour to walk around and eat something, so perfect. I went into the art building not one rug!!! But this woolen quilt won best in show. It is all applique and just beautiful,

I finished hooking my acorn fairy. Now to steam and bind. 

I have pulled a couple of loops on this one. I am anxious to start it.

But next week I am going to rug school and working with a teacher on a fish rug. I do not want too many things going at once.
I need to control myself,I just keep buying wool, and patterns!
My new wool this week. Husband always say if you want it buy it we are on a one way track here. Yikes!

We took Sweet B for her riding lesson on Friday. She is in complete love with riding and is doing great. This horse (Esme) flew from the Netherlands with it's owner to immigrate here 8 years ago, amazing right?

After riding and few other stops we headed back to Sweet B's house and went on a walk to the river near her house. 

Where we found this, pretty much sums up our day with Sweet B. We loved every minute of it!

So I will leave you with this. This is the road home from the fair.
It was starting to get dark but if you click on the picture you can see the colors. 
We are off to Boston tomorrow for husband's annual exam. 
We did zoom last year (which I loved) but not allowed to this year.
Have a wonderful week!

Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Fall Secrets

Each year we have someone who comes and decorates our mailbox and sign post with cornstalks and pumpkins. I know it is not my husband. I came home from work no cornstalks. Husband was in the house and we had a quick dinner. He left to play pool, I headed out for a walk at the same time. And wow the cornstalks were there and all tied on! There is no way he could of done it. unless he has some magic powers he never told me about. It just makes my day. Really my fall!!

I am harvesting the last of my basil. I made basil butter this year. I froze it and will give it with a loaf of home made bread for the holidays. 

Basil salt we shall see how it goes.

The fall colors are starting to show. Not as much red as last year. 
I will miss these wonderful fall nights. While I don't mind winter, I love fall the best.
Have a great week!

Sunday, October 3, 2021

An Anniversary

We went to a mountain we haven't been to in 40 years.

The reason we would go there all those years ago is there was a fire tower on the top, and husband knew the spotter so we would go some days and visit him and take in the view. Oh how the times have changed. There is no more fire tower and there are very well marked trails and building with lots and lots of people. The view was still wonderful in spite of the bad weather.

On our way to the beach we stopped at a yard sale at a little store I love to shop at. There were lots of craft things. Each piece in this picture was .25 each. All never opened. Click on the picture there are some amazing things!

Everything in this picture was 1.00 each! my glue gun is getting very tired so I got a couple of the little ones for a buck each!

And this picture everything was a total of 8.00 including the quilted bag. There are more things that belong in this picture but I missed them what a deal!!!!

OK enough of the yard sale. I took my buddy Donna and headed to the yarn store. I have wanted to learn to knit. I can do a couple of things since 8th grade and have not progressed at all. So I was assured that this scarf/shall was easy, so here I go!!! I will watch a you tube video on this and then sit in a very quiet room and give it a try. I do not have a lot of confidence going into this but I am determined! It has been one of my retirement goals to learn to knit . Since I have a little over a year to go before retirement I thought I should get started.

Today is our anniversary. So many years have slipped by that were just a blur. When I see these young faces I think, you two have no idea what you are in for! If I could do it all again, I would truly do life with him again. It has not all been easy, Oh no it has not been easy at all! But we always supported each other unconditionally. Whatever we chose to pursue in life we could count on the other to be there. I guess that is the best you could ask for in the end I think. 
I over indulged this weekend, oh boy did I! I hate to get on the scales in the morning but, tomorrow is a new day. 
Have a wonderful week!!!