Sunday, February 10, 2019

Happy Valentine's Day

I got this off Pintrest, I have a whole box of antique Valentines I have yet to dig out.

I have been hooking away on my stair risers.

But this weather is making my hands so dry and cracked. So I am using lots of lotion and drinking lots of hot water and lemon. Winter skin hurts.
We have been cold but sunny all weekend, of course a big storm coming in on Tue night this week ick!

We had sweet B for over night this weekend. She loves the statues in the next town and we found two that she had not seen. My little unicorn is posing with the dancer sculpture in the background

Not sure this will play but it is a piece of sculpture too. Each time the wind blew it changes and makes a wonderful sound.
It was pretty windy this weekend so we stood in the cold longer than we should just watching this!

Sweet B is reading Harry Potter with her mother and she is so into magic. Pepe had a couple of tricks to show her and she loved it! She tried to master them before she left for home.

While they were playing in the kitchen I noticed how dirty my cupboard fronts were so after we dropped off B I went to work cleaning.
I found the kit that came with the cupboards when they were installed. We touched up some nicks, I washed and dried them.
then I found a tiny of bottle of polish that came with them.
and bingo they look new!!!! Then I waxed the kitchen floor with wax I found under the sink after cleaning that out. (We are finally getting new faucets installed)
I haven't waxed a floor in 20 years but this 30 year old floor looks new again!
I am just an ok house keeper. I like it clean but oh other things call my name and I forget all about cleaning. sigh....
I have been trying to use up food and not throw out so much.
We are also eating out of the freezer more. I have a had a horrid issue with buying to many groceries and then we don't get to them all. Some ended up in the freezer and we never get back to them.
I will say I have done pretty well and have been pretty creative 
and my wallet is happier for it.  
Have a great week and Happy Valentine's day!

Sunday, February 3, 2019

winter fatigue...

We have been cold and snowy this past week.
Pond Hockey was held on the lake this weekend.
It brings lots of people to the area. When they started the games 
on Friday it was minus 3 but it did warm up to the 30's by Sunday.

Down the lake there is an air strip that is used by lots of planes.
Very cool.

We have had more snow than I care for and way more cold than any winter needs brrr ,minus 14 on my way to work on Monday.

The good news is the ground hog didn't see his shadow so an early spring is on the way I hope...
Have a great week 
Go Patriots!!!

Sunday, January 27, 2019

When I Am An Old Lady...

I will wear crazy leggings! Of course not in public but
very comfy cozy for home. 

We have had the craziest weather 15 inches of snow and freezing cold. Then a few days later pouring rain and temps in the 40's
Of course everything froze up solid what a holy mess. Now we are snowing again and more for Tuesday.

We spent the day with Sweet B on Monday. She decorated 
some heart cookies. We did a dance off of course she won but it was still fun and tired Gramie right out.

Over the weekend she went to a children's clothing store to watch her good friend in a fashion show. they needed more models and 

Sweet B did the job, now look at her how does she know how models walk and stand? OMG

She also drew me a picture, I love the butterfly I want to hook it with the flying heart so cute. 

Sat I was suppose to go to a hook in but my stomach did not like the antibiotics I was on. So not much sleep I decided not to 
drive the 2 hours one way down. Plus my hooking buddy was under the weather. I was so sad to miss it.

Later in the day I met up with a friend and we hit the thrifts.
I found this vintage quilt top. I purchased it to use for a table cloth, but I like it so much I might try to finish it. Now mind you I have never finished a quilt in my life but hey how bad can I mess it up??
I was trying to not purchase any hooking related items for 6 months but I got this at 60% off. I know if you are a hooker you have seen these. lots of pockets to hold all your goodies. Great for traveling with your hooking.

I guess that resolution didn't last long sigh...
This is my hooking central, messy but mine. I will try to get in as much hooking as I can to finish up the stair risers.

Have a wonderful week 

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Cold Weekend....

This is dark but it shows the shadows on the new snow we got today. (click on it to make it bigger)We will see the eclipse about 11 tonight.  

We got about 15 inches of snow and then about an inch of pure sleet! Then back to snow a couple more inches. I am over winter!
It now 6 degrees and falling but the wood stove is happily humming in the basement. 

Because there was so much hype on this storm I planned to make a pot roast in my ancient crock pot. A very old wedding present.
but it did the job and was very good.

Then I saw a post on facebook from the King Arthur flour site
For bread machine bread. So I dug my bread machine out and started it up.

Yep perfect! So while we were out doing some clean up it was doing it's thing and smelled so good when we came back in.

I follow this girl called Joy. She has a couple of cookbooks but she 
she posts recipes once a week. This is with almond flour, oatmeal,
and raspberry/rhubarb jam. It is so good the sugar is maple syrup even though it doesn't taste maple at all.

I have been working on my next stair riser but I have been reading a fair amount so that has cut into my hooking time. 

This made me laugh the squirrel of Judgment lol.
The Saga of my stupid tooth goes on and on, I will be glad to have it all over. 
I have tomorrow off but I get to spend it with sweet B which makes my heart happy. 
Have a great week everyone!

Sunday, January 13, 2019


We got the snow that was predicted, two storms back to back.

Tuesdays storm wasn't bad but Wed storm was bad. I have never seen the roads as bad as they were Wed morning. We are getting a lot of freezing rain mixed with the snow which makes it heavy which brings branches and trees down on the power lines.

We were without power for about 8 hrs that is why I stayed at work. I would rather be at work then home in the dark. 

Sat bright and early we headed for Sweet B's delayed birthday party. She is in the light blue shirt third from the left.
They were unicorns! we did face painting and a horn from kits all left over from Halloween this year great idea from my thrifty daughter and the girls loved it.

There was candy and snacks, fruit and cupcakes all unicorn theme. She had a blast with her little friends. Her dad is feeling better but still not great so keep those prayers coming for him. 

I looked at my horoscope this weekend and yep that fit what I was working on. 

My stair risers. I have 5 done, one needs a bit of tweaking and none of them are perfect, but but I love them and it looks great on the stairs! I am working on number 6 now.
I started getting the bills from my hospital stay earlier in Dec. Yikes! And I get my permanent crown on Wed.(I will be so glad to be done with this tooth) I have not had the estimate of my part on that yet. Hey it's only money right? This cartoon struck me funny and pretty appropriate for me right now. (click on it to make it bigger)
We have been in the deep freeze for the past few days.
I am thankful for the wood stove helping with the oil bill and keeping us toasty. We are in for more snow this week, oh spring where are you???
Have a wonderful week, I hope you are weathering the winter happy and healthy.

Sunday, January 6, 2019

The Sun Has Set...

The sun has set on another weekend, why do they go so fast???
I started the weekend by going to see Mary Po pins with my sweet friend. I really enjoyed it, not as great as the first one but I still found this sweet and funny with a message.

I got this snowman as a gift this year and it is so me. I have left it
out on the kitchen window for awhile. All other Christmas is packed up and put away, I do have a couple of boxes that need to go in the attic but I am in pretty good shape.

I also left this spoon out, I love this crazy wooden spoon.

It is hand painted in the bowl of the spoon.

Because we have all been so sick I cleaned the house top to bottom.
And lit the little house balsam incense for a feel good smell. I am hoping that all sickness is at an end. I opened the windows for a few minutes to let all the fresh air in and the germs out. I started with a cold on Sat but I have used the zinc nose swabs and they seem to be doing the trick thank goodness!! 

Husband traded our coin jar in for $, our mad money. Even though I need new brakes and tires this week ugg will it ever stop?

So I had my first ever root canal it didn't hurt but I have a phobia 
of dentist in general, not fun.  I get my crown in 10 days. So for now I have to only eat on one side and be careful. I have discovered this yogurt I am not a big yogurt eater but soft and easy to eat works for now. This yogurt tastes great. and I have lost 4 lbs just because it is so hard to eat and don't want to deal with it.

I am back hooking on my stair risers I have lost interest so I am trying to finish up the 6th one. I have pressed the first three and will do a very quick binding and get them installed on the stairs. Maybe that will get my interest going again. 
Have a wonderful week we are in for a couple of storms, I am so ready for spring!

Sunday, December 30, 2018

Happy New Year

Feet up watched the Patriots win. Now watching the Eagles and Redskins, yes I do enjoy a good football game.
A cup of hot tea and I am happy.

I have finished the hooking part of my little sled. 
Now to finish, I am going to put wool on the back for a chair pad.

I did wrap up a few of my Christmas things to put away.
These snow babies were made by an older lady here in town.
She has passed away now but she molded them and painted them. I bump into them once in awhile at the local thrift ( she donated to fund raisers a lot) and I snap them up when I can. She was so sweet and I loved to hear her talk.

This is one she did for me. Oh that sweet little bluebird on her shoulder, be still my heart I love it.
We went to husband's family's annual Christmas party
always lots of fun. The adults do a yankee swap and this is the best gift I have ever ended up with. I plan on taking it to work with me maybe it will help to keep everyone calm. plus a little scented moisture in the air can't hurt.

Well the old calendar on the wall says a new year is right around the corner. We all make resolutions or try, I do want to make a couple of goals for the next year. More on that later.
This Christmas was a hard one my son in law was so sick and in the ER on Christmas eve but all he could think about was Sweet B and her Christmas. I think they have finally figured it out with lots of trips to the hospital and the right medicine and your good prayers helped so much, thank you so much! Plus I have been dealing with something new but I am on the mend, I will start the new year with a root canal yahoo. (not) I will be so glad to see this month gone.
Happy New Year my sweet friends old and new. 
May it be a great one, I hope it brings you good health and great joy.