Monday, May 21, 2018

An Old Soul..

My Daughter and Son In Law sent us flowers for Mother's day and get well for husband. So beautiful!

Sweet B drew inside my mother's day card. It's a keeper!

Husband was well enough to take a trip to their house so we went for a walk in the woods. Sweet B found Lady Slippers (flowers)

She carefully took pictures of them and then made a video of all the pictures she took to music. She loves nature and animals, my mother would have been head over heals for her, I know I am!
She has such a wonderful soul. I can never get enough of her.

Between operations and just plain busy I hadn't gotten together with my friend for about a month. which is rare for us. So we headed to a local restaurant/bar for a drink and a look at the view. 
People come from far away to vacation here. We try to make full use of the area, we feel pretty blessed to live here.
( the white tent? they were getting ready for a wedding that weekend)

So I have decided winter is like childbirth. At the beginning you are excited for those first few flakes, 
Then deep into winter you want it over!!!!
By the time spring really comes your memories are vague of the cold and piles of snow and you're just happy spring is here. 

I saw this on the Old Tattered Flag site and loved it. So I am passing it on!
Have a great week.

Friday, May 11, 2018

Wishing Life Away

I think if any of us are parents we have heard our kids say
"I wish I was older!" My answer was always don't wish your life away you will look back on this time and remember how wonderful it was.

Since then my adult daughter has said "You were so right."
I try to live in the here and now, but I am guilty of wishing life away.
When will spring come???

When can I retire? I am completely burned out of my job for lots of reasons but I am a 60 plus woman who needs the insurance they offer, Or I would move on! And when I think of the few more years I have to work to get medicare I get a lump in my stomach.

I like being home, I love walking the dirt road that runs behind our property. Sitting on my porch hooking a rug, or working in the gardens.
I have wonderful friends and life is calling, but still I work.

I have had a couple of health blips lately nothing I can't control.
But time marches on and I hope the next few years pass quickly for me. 
This cemetery is mostly mid 1700's to late 1800's most died young and lived a hard life I imagine, so I will stop complaining and enjoy today.
Husband's operation went well they were not able to accomplish everything they wanted to with this surgery but I think it will be OK.
I stayed home a few days to be with him, the weather has been wonderful and I have enjoyed my time here with him.
Thank you so much for the prayers and good wishes I am sure they helped.
Have a great weekend!

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Vintage fair

I have been working slow but sure on my stair risers. 

This weekend my husband and his brother rented a booth at a vintage fair to sell some cupboards he has made. We had his brother and his wife at the house for the weekend and my husband's niece and her boyfriend stayed one night with us also. A very busy weekend! While they were at the fair I raked and uncovered some of my gardens. It is looking a lot like spring here! finally!

I did get a chance to walk around the fair a bit.
I saw a lot I would have liked but I am trying to weed out
I  did buy a wreath for my door...

And a new candle. I burn a candle each evening after dinner to get the food smell out of the house.
We are in for a warm week. Husband is going in for some surgery this week so if you have an extra prayer or two he could use it.
Have a great week.

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Spring Cleaning

I spent Sat taking the winter dirt off the porch! Oh how I love my porch! The weatherman has promised a couple of summer days this coming week. And Old Farmer's Almanac has predicted a hot July and August. So hopefully we will have long lazy days to come on the porch.

Today was rainy so I spent a few hours cleaning the family room..

And dusting off the pottery I collect. it has a blueish green glaze inside.
They live in a cupboard that was my husband's fathers that we rescued. 
So I am trying to clean a bit every day so that when the good weather does come I can hang out on the porch or in a kayak.
Have a great week!

Monday, April 23, 2018

What A Difference A Week Makes

My daughter and Son in law gave us a  weekend in Kennebunkport
Maine for our Christmas gift. This was the weekend and it was beautiful!

But sadly Barbara Bush had died earlier in the week. So there was a sad mood in the Port. This is where the Bushes have their summer home on Walker Point.

And no matter what your politics they were a big part of this area. They ate in the restaurants and shopped in the stores. Mrs Bush did a lot of work for local children and the children's hospital.

We got together with family for a night out at a local restaurant.
Ate french pastries in the sun shine before we made our way home the next morning, it was good for the soul.
We have a couple of warm days ahead but then it rains a lot.
I am thankful for the warm up and hope we are headed into spring and summer.
Have a great week.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

April Snows...

Spring just can't seem to find it's way to NH.

We have had snow and ice just in the past week. I would love to see the flowers and the warm sun.

So we took this cold weekend and spent a few hours at the local spa. We swam in the pool..

That goes in and outside. Our little fish just couldn't get over swimming outside in the cold. (beyond the fence is an ice covered lake) lots of fun!

I had a massage, then we all lined up for a pedicure. This little one  had the time of her life. My daughter reported that sweet B kept talking about what a good time she had.

This morniing it was sleeting and pinging against the windows.
So I made some popovers, cooked some bacon, and enjoyed being tucked in for the day.
And a pot roast for dinner all to yummy.

There is a big Necco wafer candy scare since the company has 
announced that it will go out of business if they don't find a buyer.
So I got us a few for old time's sake. Not sure if it is just a New England thing?
I am still hooking on my stair risers and working.
We are off for a fun weekend next weekend.
Have a wonderful week!!

Monday, April 9, 2018

A Weekend Away

I had the blessing of going to a hook- in this past weekend.

That would be my sweet hooking buddy and roommate on the right working on a gift rug with another amazing rug hooker.

This is what my roomie was working on for herself, a pretty great job!

Since I did not get permission to post the other rugs displayed. I am showing you the antique one that someone bought for 2.00, a very good buy.

It was snowing on my trip to Maine but the next day was sunny, windy but still nice. I took a bit of a walk. Where we stay use to be a shaker community at one time. It has changed into lots of different things and now some of the buildings are a homeless shelter, food pantry etc. But also a working orchard. those trees are old look how thick the trunks are I would love to return when they are in bloom.

The Mary statue/alter was hidden in the woods with trails going to it very peaceful.

This isn't really a little pond it is run off from the area so I am sure it drys up in the summer but nice all the same.

This was the rug that my roomie was working on as the gift, very nice.

And this sweet girl is full of so much fun! I enjoy her so much. She thinks all hookers need sheep pasties! Hummm I don't know about that. 
We had wine and Massages, and more food and goodies than we needed. We laughed until our stomachs hurt, and yes there was some hooking going on. I learned several new things from the others and made the trip home feeling blessed that I have this wonderful craft in my life.
Have a great week!!!