Sunday, July 15, 2018

A Post From The Porch

I am comfortably perched on the porch under the ceiling fan so 
I thought I would tell you about my week.

I got an odd Thursday off so we packed up the kayaks and headed out. peaceful...

This is a smallish pond no motors allowed so perfect for us and quiet.

And it has blueberries yummy wonderful wild blueberries.
This is husband he wanted the ones higher up but normally we can pick from our kayaks. Yes he had it tied to his foot, and yes it was a comedy show watching him get back in on the slippery rocks without flipping his boat. Oh the things he will do for berries.

I love the tiny blueberries so sweet and wonderful. I did make blueberry muffins from a new recipe. Now I have made a lot of muffins in my day but this was the best muffins ever, everyone agreed.
Not sure if I have readers who are bakers here but if you want the recipe email me.

Sat we met up with friends and headed for a garden walk put on by a local garden club. This was the sweetest house and gardens in a very busy area. 

This garden was right in the city, they had a double lot and they had gardens that went on forever with water features and little places with seats to sit and enjoy the garden. (That would be my sweet friend Lynn.)

I was completely blown away but these gardens how they made an oasis in the city. They even had chickens! I could post a thousand pictures of this property but I will spare you. Just lovely.

The last house we went to in the description it said that the owner was a quilter and was opening their home for you to see their long arm quilter and see some of the quilts. So in we went and my jaw dropped to the floor!

His wife was an amazing rug hooker!!! Not one mention of her being an artist and rug hooker! Kind of ticked me off.
Why would anyone not mention her work???
Her name is Diane Pepin just a lovely woman and artist 
she was working on a stain glass window from her church in a 2 cuts yikes!

What wonderful work she does,great color.

I finally hung my cupboard or husband did. I am off center not the cupboard.

And here it sits in the family room over an old shipping crate
that husband made legs for.
we are in the heat again but we have been blessed with wonderful weather. Cool breezy sleeping nights and bright warm days.
I hope you are enjoying your summer it is slipping way fast.
Have a great week.

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Sweet Sounds Of Silence

The heat finally broke Friday afternoon
So I shut off the two ancient,rattling, air conditioners.

And Ahh sweet, sweet silence.

I was in heaven we went from 96 degrees and 87% humidity
to 70 degrees and dry as a bone!!

Because I have been hiding out I did not see that a couple of my tomatoes turned red. I had them this weekend and they were the best.

Friday we had sweet B over night and she wanted to do the sculpture walk in the next town. She just loved it. 
Star Dancers.

This was used as a coffee table near two outside chairs by the lake.

A cement chair that over looked the lake.

Black Sail boat and we all agreed that this was our favorite.
If we had lots of money we would want it at our house. 
It turned in the wind so pretty.

The pretty glass was reflecting the sunlight.
We saw a lot more of them them but did not get to each one.
maybe another time. But B loved it and thought we all should have sculptures in our yards.

I was helping a guy clean out books from one of his apartments.
I saw this it is in really bad shape but I took it apart and cleaned it up. It was from Fleishman's yeast. But it looks worn and wonderful on my porch.

Sat we went to a cookout at my brother in laws.
Just burgers and hot dogs but still lots of laughs.
This little one was ready for the pool or water fights what ever came first.

I got up early, slipped on my sneakers and headed out for a nice long walk. I have not walked in the heat. So it felt good in the early morning chill. I looked down and this rock was in the road. Just how I felt at peace and grateful.
I have some new followers thank you so much please leave me a 
comment so I can find you and your blog if you have one.
We are back in the heat Monday but only lasting a couple of days.
We are headed out for a garden walk next weekend with friends put on by the local garden club.
have a wonderful week!

Monday, July 2, 2018


We were invited to our sweet friends, to their home on the lake in Maine. 

To stay at their amazing property.

This is one of their guest cottages, who could refuse?

This is the other guest cottage sigh.. I wish I had gotten more pictures inside they are both filled with wonderful antiques, quilts and her needle point pillows and framed pieces. cozy and comfortable.

Again not enough pictures but this is the entrance to her cottage.

Her sweet cottage garden on the side of her house.
Then we were off to the families inn. They do not run it as an inn but they use it as a gathering place for family and friends. 

And their annual lobster and clam bake! That is a huge custom 
made tray over a fire.

45 minutes later oh boy! it is all cooked in sea weed!
So fresh and tastes like the ocean yummmm.

And lobsters as far as the eye can see soo good.
they were purchased right off the boat that morning. 

And yes they provided entertainment too. So fun and wonderful!
I feel very blessed to be included in that wonderful tradition.

Their inn sits right on the lake also. The kids and dogs swam until they were tired. A slight breeze was coming off the lake so it wasn't bad. I did get a chance to float around in the lake before we headed home.
The next day off to a little antiquing.

Is this not a cute idea? you could set plants on the stairs.

And yes I purchased that hanging shelf with the handmade hinges.
My friend bumped into the dealer on our way out of the store and she made me an offer I couldn't pass up. 
"It is hotter than the hinges of hell"as my mother would say.
I do not like it one bit! We are not set up for this weather as we do not get much of it. It has been 95 to 100 with humidity so thick you can't breath. I live in NH for a reason. It is not suppose to break until at least Sat. 
My daughter is camping nearby so they came for dinner tonight. We made a huge salad with all the fixings and roasted chicken from the deli at the grocery store perfect! we opened a bottle of wine it was heaven having them here.
Have a great week.

Sunday, June 24, 2018


The summer solstice happened this week.
Let summer begin.

I am trying to get up early to walk. I need
to take off a few more pounds. It has been harder than it has ever been. I was happy being a chubby grandmother but because of a little health blip I needed to lose some weight. 
So I walk and diet. 

I found this hand thrown bowl for 1.00 it is dated 1958 I thought I would use it for my worms.

I am working on stair risers slow but sure.
I also have a stack of books calling my name I want to read.
There is just not enough hours in the day!

Because I have been trying to lose weight I haven't been cooking or baking much (so sad it makes me so happy to cook) So I did a batch of scones. Sat morning I had half a scone and half today.
I took a few to a friend So there is just enough for Husband.
I was also given a 1/2 of a gallon of very very ripe strawberries.
So I dug out the ice cream maker and made some strawberry ice cream. Which I like but I can stay away from that no problem
with the rest of the strawberries,I made some compound butter for my scones sooo yummy.

Today we drove to Vermont for lunch at king Arthur Flour.
I had a salad and husband had an  amazing sandwich on their amazing bread. I stopped for a coffee on the way out and husband grabbed a couple of goodies. We are having Sweet B overnight tomorrow night so we have something yummy for a treat.

Tomorrow is husband's birthday. 7 years ago we didn't think he had 6 months to live. A very long road but we are so grateful for each birthday and for this life we have!
Next weekend we are off to a friends house for a very large lake side clam and lobster bake. Yea for Summer!
Have a great week!

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Another Week....

We went to visit my daughter and son in law at the place they are camping in Maine. Miss B thought it was selfie time. 
(love that toothless grin, Her's not mine) 

Of course we celebrated father's day early.
We are playing uno with her while her parents cook lunch.
She is a card shark!

Of course Pepe had his coffee from his new mug this morning.
Just perfect!

Our little bathing beauty she is like a fish in the water.
We rented a paddle boat and mostly went around in circles just crazy.

We walked down to another part to fish and saw these. Not sure if it is where a fish laid eggs or a turtle because we saw a huge turtle!
I think snapping turtles lay theirs on land.

Today we went out to lunch and walked around a local antique shop. This shop is a bunch of junk really nothing wonderful but I always feel you find a gem now and then. This is a handmade box with tiger maple top and bottom and bird's eye maple sides.
It is signed and dated. 10.00 crazy price for this beautiful box.
Husband is going to use it on his bureau.

Then we found this sweet trencher hand carved it is small
about a foot long it is maple and you see bits of bird's eye maple on the bottom. 6.00. I oiled it and plan on using it in the kitchen.
I met the new fiber group mostly knitters and one needle felter. 
Very nice ladies but not sure it's my group but time will tell.
I did start my next 3 stair risers I haven't done anything with the first three yet.
We are going into the heat this week,not my favorite. 
We have had such beautiful weather I can't complain I guess.
It will pass.
The summer solstice is this Thur so dance by the moon and welcome summer! Last night before going to bed I noticed fireflies in our back yard. It Always makes me think of my childhood.
How I Love to see them.
Happy Summer!