Sunday, October 13, 2019

A Secret Cornstalk person

This is outside our kitchen...While having my morning coffee.

We are swamped with tourist leaf peeping this weekend.
So we tried to get off the beaten path...

We both have lived in New England all of our life.
Mostly in New Hampshire....

But the colors, the smell, the sweater weather never cease to 
to go straight to our souls and we have to soak up it all up!  Some falls are better than others but all are just splendid! I am always sad to see it fade away.

I met up with my friend on Thursday for a church rummage sale.
And we went to a local old mill for a rug show.
This is 92 inches by 96 inches The woman who drew and started to hook it, died before she was finished with it, and it was given to I believe her nephew and wife and they finished it. It is on loan from a local museum. This is a picture of a tour boat that was on a large lake in our area.

This artist is Kathi Hooper ( I hope I spelled that correctly) 
She paints and hooks. I love her work lots of movement and wonderful color!

Some of her art work as well. A lovely show and I do have more to show you later.

We are starting to get chilly nights so I changed out our summer sheer curtains for our winter curtains. While we do not have to worry about privacy it is nice to shut out the cold night.

And have them wide open for the day. I bought these curtain rods at a antiques store and they were not much. I spayed them black and have used them for years. They go all the way back against the wall if you want them wide open.

For the past several years someone has been dropping off cornstalks for our mail box. Usually we find them leaned against the mailbox, but this year they tied them on. I love the mystery of it and it makes my husband and I smile each time we go in and out of the driveway. Small town living is just the best!

I have to work tomorrow so we ended our day with our first fire in the fire pit. So relaxing and ready to start another week.
Husband's appointment with the specialist was good-ish. He feels that we should do the wait and see as his blood work has come back to normal. He has ideas of what he thinks is happening or happened. We go back next month. So far so good.

I have had some new followers welcome and thank you for joining me. 
Have a wonderful week!

Sunday, October 6, 2019

A Fall Kind Of Week..

Not sure where this picture came from but it makes me smile.
The chipmunks have been very busy here. I heard one storing nuts in our down spout! I knocked on it he came flying out and lots of acorns behind him.

Not the best picture but I am done with the Halloween rug.
I took out the orange gate and chose the same purple as in the house. Much much better. Now to ship it off to Sweet B.

We have had a few Turkeys come thought the yard daily for the past few days. I hope it is bugs they are eating in the yard.

A little north of us they are at peak but we are not quite there.
I did get a walk in, I came down with a horrid cold and it was 4 full days of ick..

But Friday it seemed to dry up and get much better but of course Sat Husband came down with it. He got in to see the specialist on this coming Tues so I hope he feels well enough to get what ever test they want. This is an old stone wall that was on our property when we bought it. We had to break through to put the driveway in but have left the rest I just love it.

I was able to put a few Halloween things out. We don't get trick or theaters it is just for us.

Sat I got out of the house for a few hours and hit a couple of thrifts. I feel like I rescue the handmade items. these are 2 hand thrown bowls for 1.00. 

These two pieces are made by a woman in the next town. I was completely shocked to see them. I have one snow-woman I have bought before at full price from her. I have several of her sheep she made out of lambs wool coats. I just could not leave these behind and no I did not need them. but the bear I believe is mohair 5.00 each. 

I have been collecting acorn tops to felt some acorns of my own.
I have found I do not like needle felting so not sure how many I will do.

Fall is truly my time of year I just wish it were longer.
If you have an extra prayer for husband and his appointment we could use it. Thank you for your sweet visit.
Have a wonderful week!

Sunday, September 29, 2019


A friend with a pear tree gave me this big bowl of pears. Now what to do? 

I canned them in simple syrup that had cinnamon stick and a bit of cardamon. They were all so ripe that I could not use them quick enough so now I can use them when I am ready.

The colors are not near peak yet in our area but still lots of pretty color. The weather has been just wonderful. I just love fall but I wish it were a lot longer because I know what is to come.

I finished the hooking part of my Halloween rug and now I am not crazy about the fence uggg! So do I redo it or put some of that color in the pumpkins?

My son in law had his 40th birthday this weekend. 
He is in the blue shirt my daughter in the red and sweet B in the front the others are very close friends. My daughter did it up she had a band and munchies lots of fun.

We are still waiting for husband to get an appointment with a specialist but so far so good for him. We are being very careful about food etc. Oh it is always something.
But we are very blessed, I try to each night write in my journal what I am thankful for. It has always helped me keep things in prospective. 
Have a great week my sweet friends 

Sunday, September 22, 2019

Clock Going Backward...

I thought this was a sweet poem. 
Happy Fall!

My hydrangea is as beautiful as it has ever been!

The color is starting to pop....

Most of the wood is stacked.

Not sure why this will not flip around but I have had time to hook a bit, good thing Halloween will be here before we know it.

I am NOT saying do this but I had a rug in front of my sink in the kitchen and lots of spot cleaning and snow cleaning in the winter. But still it was pretty dirty.  Sooo I put it in the washer on gentle and air dried it bingo! clean again! I would not wash it unless I was ready to have it not work and ruin the rug. Also the backing was not burlap or it really would have fallen apart.

The next town over had town wide yard sale. Not ready to yard sale all day I hit the thrift to drop something off and I scored a vintage Christmas table cloth and a fake head stone all for 1.50 and I headed home. 
I weeded the gardens for the rest of the day and now I am sore but the gardens look so much better!
Friday night we headed out to see Downton the movie!
It was like watching old friends again!
When I was coming off Star Island Last week I had the gut feeling I had to get home. I was suppose to spend a couple of more days with friends but I felt I needed to get home. So I did and good thing husband had some health issues that included ambulances and hospital transfers and tests on tests. But at one point he had a nurse that was talking to him, he looks up at the clock in his hospital room and it is going backwards! The nurse saw it and was in complete shock!
It stopped and started going frontwards.
I had a couple of weird things happen at home when I returned from the hospital not sure why or what is going on???
He needs a few more tests but he is better. 
Have a wonderful week!

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Back From Star.....

It Seems like a blur... The time slipped by quickly.

We arrived on a beautiful sunny day, calm seas..

The Island always tugs at my heart, no matter how many years I have been going.

The chapel is lit at night for services by people carrying lanterns to the service.

The sky, the sun, the ocean, the sounds of the birds sigh...

This is always a wake up call on how harsh the island must of been to live on in the 1800's 

This reminded me of Andrew Wyeth's art. The sound of the curtains flapping in the breeze was soothing..

We painted silk scarfs with paints that darken when exposed to light. A wonderful gift from our leader Pam. Each one was different.

And there was an artist in residence there painting and selling his artwork. He was happy to talk about his art and the process.

We walked all over the island. This was a path that goes to the rocks so you can watch the waves crash over the shore.

This was the porch, great for ocean watching and the bell was rung to call us to meals.

And of course we were there to hook and hook we did. This was our throw down...

Can you believe this cat??? Wow amazing!

And look at this study in white!!! It is a beauty!

We had two friends from Nova Scotia that were with us last year. 
They picked rose pedals and took them home and made wine for this year!
It was wonderful! We had some amazingly creative people that is for sure. 

The island has had muskrats since the early 1800's but this year there were a lot of them. Usually we do not see them but this year we saw them a lot. They did not want to be around us so no worries.

There were new flower barrels this year still pretty beautiful.

The sunsets were amazing as always.
We came off the island before the full moon but it was still pretty.
When you go off the island there is a chant "You will come back, You will come back" I sure hope if the good lord is willing I will.
I met Lucy from wooly mason jar. What a pleasure!
and Sara from Paisley Studio,what a joy she is!
So happy to meet these amazing, lovely ladies.
Have a wonderful week.