Sunday, September 27, 2020

New Hampshire

There is no better place in the world to be than New England in the fall. (our road) The weather could not be better...

Or the colors more glorious! (a man fly fishing on the right) 

Every hill top, a vista that goes on forever.. mother nature puts on her best colors for us.

Where else would you find a coven of witches leaf peeping ?? 
(What sweet young women just giggling and having fun)

Corn mazes that go on for ever it seems. (sorry wrong turn again!)

We are so dry the corn has dried on the stalks so sad..but rain in the forecast for tomorrow.

Fields of pumpkins ready for the picking. (after this picture we added more pumpkins lol)

There was a fire at a private school this week. Thankfully it was in a building under construction so no kids were involved. But most of these young men and women are volunteers.  I am thankful for each of them, I know the sacrifice they make, my husband was full time for a bit but volunteered for many years. Cold dinners, up and out of bed in the dead cold of the night etc etc...There has also been a team from our area to go to California to fight their fires. 

I feel very blessed to live here and see this beautiful turn of season each year. 
Have a wonderful week!

Sunday, September 20, 2020

There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Fly

This was suppose to be our week on Star Island for our rug hooking retreat. 

Because of covid we did not go, no one did. It must of been one lonely island this year. How I missed it....

So I stayed busy, I hooked the purple I started with and added white on the stockings.
(the stripe underneath is a whole different rug.)

I pulled the yellow I started with out of the buckle and the pumpkins eyes etc and replaced it with a brighter yellow it made all the difference!

I added a spider and voila done! now all I have to do is the binding ick. 

On my walk today I noticed color starting to show. Still have a couple of weeks before it is at peak but still pretty.

This is the third night of frost warning so I picked some  
of my hydrangeas and dropped some at friends before the frost gets them and turns them brown. A lot of happy faces when I showed up and dropped them on their porches.

I have been cleaning out drawers and my pantry. It is better organised so I can see what I have. 

I worked cutting and pulling things out of my garden today. 
very sad to see things go. Lots of hard work putting those gardens to bed for the winter. We pulled out our head stone and with the crow it looks a little spooky, nevermore...

And I hung the plastic lantern over our lamp on the driveway. It just makes me smile.

I was having my evening tea and a a fly was buzzing around. I shooed it away from my tea and never saw it again. Well it drowned in my cup!!!! I did not swallow it but OMG how disgusting! I was having a fit ran up stairs for some mouthwash and bushing my teeth. My husband was almost rolling on the floor laughing. 
Just ICK!

As most of you know I manage a used bookstore. Everyday since we opened back up someone has thanked me for being there and the store being open. At first I thought they were just glad to be out of the house but now I think they are happy they can buy books again.
Most of our libraries are curb side or make and appointment which is a hassle when you just want to drop in and look around. I have also sold more puzzles than ever! I had a sales person tell me her sales are up 200 percent! on puzzles alone! And puzzles are hard to get most  items are out of stock. People are starting to think about tucking in for the winter I think.
Have a great week and stay healthy!

Sunday, September 13, 2020

Happy Birthday!

I know I am very grateful for September. I would love a year of Septembers, warm days, and chilly nights just perfect!

This rug is giving me fits and I am not sure why. I thought that 
purple socks would be ok nope! then I didn't like the background the green. I do think I like the wool I hooked around the right shoe. I don't know at this point.

It just needs a pop.

A new hooking chair and I could not be happier! The back reclines if you want to. 

A this is my very sweet, funny, amazing daughter. It is her birthday today I have no idea how she got this old, where did the time go?
We are so proud of her. Everyone has an opinion on only children. Well don't believe most of what you hear. She is successful, a great mother, and wife and very special daughter.  
You made me laugh about husband no knowing I started a new rug, but Jane (no-reply) you have a very good point a great way to keep getting patterns he would have no idea lol.
Have a wonderful week!

Sunday, September 6, 2020

If The Shoe Fits...

I know we are day 6 into Sept but this is my first post.
And so far I am loving September.

My friend and I took another hike this is a new one for us.
It was steeper than what I have been on lately. But the view was amazing. This is Newfound lake, a very pretty lake.

And as we started going up we found this, a tree that has mostly turned. We have been very dry this year so I was not sure how our colors would be, but if this is an indication then they will be great!

coming back around the pond beaver activity. they miss judged when they chewed it down not near enough to the pond or they just didn't want it.

My grandfather use to talk about this in the fall.
I have no idea if it is true and I have not seen one yet this year but if I do I will let you know at the end of this coming winter.

I work in a book store and most days people are looking for this book. Plus friends and family told me how wonderful it was.
It was the most depressing book and not a good read for these times.
and I found it not believe able. I just did not like this book!  I have no idea if it was my mind set or what but it was not for me. Did you read it? Tell me your thoughts.

We are in true fall weather warm sunny breezy days with chilly nights just perfect! I hope it lasts for a very long time. We have had a couple of fires in the fire pit and listen to the very happy peepers.

My newest rug. I am not happy with the mouth of the pumpkin a work in progress. Most nights I sit beside my husband and hook while we watch tv. I put this down to take a picture and he looks at me and says "when did you start that?" lol. truly our chairs are about 3 feet apart.
I am finally going for a haircut tomorrow I have not had a haircut in 6 months. I have let it go gray something I never thought I would do but after the haircut I will decide if I like it or not. 
Have a wonderful week!

Sunday, August 30, 2020

Washing The World Away..

I think this sculpture in a local park says it all.

On Monday my friend and I walked down to the water and had lunch and waded around a bit. It was hot and muggy. We had our own private little beach it was perfect. This is Squam lake (where on Golden pond was filmed)

This is a blue heron not a good picture but not that afraid of us either.

We have had some very bad storms first thunder and lighting very close it seemed and then rain so bad husband had to pull over we could not see.

Because my brother from Mississippi could not come to New England this year I sent him some lobsters and clams he sent me a case of wine! We tried the first one tonight it was very good a California wine.

With the college back the news here just does not seem to be getting better. The kids are gathering and getting letters from the college to quarantine for 14 days. They have 9 cases and the college just started classes last week sigh....And because they count these cases in their home town we might not know if I didn't have a friend at the college.
So I am trying to do cheer myself up. The farm stand on the way home had these 7 for 5.00 deal!

I also figured out how to made a fancy coffee. sooo good

A little bit of heavy or 1/2 and 1/2 cream a 1/2 tsp of any spice of your choice, 1 tsp of brown sugar. In the microwave for a minute. wrap a towel around it and put the cover on and shake! Pour into your 3/4 cup of coffee don't forget to spoon the foam in ahhh soo good and works great with pumpkin spice. And it costs only pennies I use this as my mid morning pick me up.

We kept hearing about this new boardwalk trail so early Sunday we headed off. (handsome husband)

Such a pretty walk and very peaceful we were early going out so not many people coming back was different.

It was very windy and the rustling of the cat tails was lovely. 

And some of the lilies were still in bloom.

This tree branch grew like a piece of rope very interesting.

And did this tree get hit by lighting? it looks like burn marks on it.

After we got in town we kept walking over to the fancy hotel on the lake Winnipesaukee. We sat in the lawn chairs like we were meant to be there and watched a couple of kayakers struggle with the wind on the lake.

As you can see there were white caps and the wind was blowing them away from shore. Just glad it was not me.

On the way back we saw this sculpture the left side is a mirror. Interesting not sure what it means or represents.

Each night when I get home from work I take my clothes off by the washer grab a bathrobe and head for the shower. While I am not sure if it is needed, it does give me a mental boost in the end. I feel like I 
have left all the issues and dirt behind.  

I will close with this I hope you are all well and finding ways to brighten your day.
Have a wonderful week!