Sunday, November 18, 2018


I got this (pink) cyclamen as a gift last year at Christmas. My aunt said to put it outside in the shade in the spring and forget it,( I did water it now and then) bring it inside for the winter. Wow does it it have a lot of buds yet to bloom! It worked like a charm! I have always thrown them after they were done each year. The violet in the back blooms most of the time it was my mom's. I think of her every time I look at it.

We have had some amazing sun rises! But of course the sunrises are followed by snow. We had some snow a couple of times this week. Much to early for us! Plus we are plenty cold burr.

I am getting to the finish line with this rug. Not very big but very sweet, I think my sweet B would love it.
I went to a couple of Christmas fairs and a thrift store this weekend.
My big find at the thrift was the pie crust cutter. 

I was so excited to use it. So I made a pork pie and nope it didn't work. Back to the thrift it goes. I love  gadgets but this didn't do the trick.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Happy Sunday

Happy Sunday another week gone. And a busy one as usual.

On Tuesday was voting, we still count our ballots by hand.
 I was one of 16 that counted that about 1200 ballets.
(Small town.) Thursday my women's group had their thanksgiving here at my house. I love seeing those ladies and always a laugh or two.
Friday at work my neighbor stopped by to tell me she has a friend looking to get rid of some wool. A large contractor bag of wool!
So husband and I got directions and stopped by for the wool.
But I am finding that most of it not is not pure wool it's a blend.
I washed up what I wanted pitched what I didn't.
But inside the bag was this rug I had never see one like it.

I looked it up and it is a shirred rug not very big but sweet I will keep it.

Yes we had some snow that they plowed Friday night,
with very high winds. Now it is cold brrr. But our Mt Washington was in hurricane force winds. if you would like to see them live which is a lot of fun as they are young guys and they do some fun stuff to prove how cold or how fast the winds are go here.( It is on facebook)

I work in a college town and you never know what you will find when you go in, in the morning. I look down and eyes are staring up at me near the storm drain. Yes Mr Potato head eyes! what the????

I told my coworker to look down when she came in. Then when I left I find them taped to my windshield, I didn't see them until I got into my car and started it. Funny Funny.

Another busy week ahead I am working over time every week and not happy about it. But we are in a staff shortage and I feel bad not helping out. But I have told them I refuse to work weekends.

Have a great week!!!

Sunday, November 4, 2018

The End Of Halloween

I know most you have moved on from Halloween but this is
Halloween night trick or treating with B and family.
The police and fire dept were out in the community and handing out candy. This was an ambulance decorated scary...

B would have nothing to do with it. I don't blame her the scarecrow screamed when you got close to get candy.

But the neighborhood really went all out there was a grave yard in the front of this that they made.

This house is always fun! lots of blow up.

lots of carved pumpkins.

This tree was orange how it showed up white is beyond me.
We have had rain,rain and more rain. Today was sometimes sunny and sometimes cloudy but no rain. We had breakfast and out
we went to clean up the fall leaves, for hours. We are both are very tired and sore, it is hell getting old. But the yard looks good. I also cut pine branches to fill the buckets by the back door before the soil freezes.
I am hosting my women's group this week for our Thanksgiving. 
I love getting together with our women's group so fun lots of laughter and wine..

Have a great week!!

Sunday, October 28, 2018


I know I have shown this rug before but still one of my favorites.
The colors are not showing very well though here.

We got another round of snow this week not much for us just lots of wind, hail and rain. The wind oh the wind was so strong.

We also took a trip into Boston for husband's yearly check up.
He got a great report and we go back in a year. We were going to stay over night the night before but because the Red Sox are in the  world series the cheapest room was 900.00 in the city yikes I will deal with the traffic for that much $.

Miss B was in a school play. She did great job. she is in the crown and gold cape. She loved every minute of it.

I also got to go to lunch with a good friend on Thur. I got out early from work so it worked out great. We went to church landing and had a wonderful lunch! 

Since plans got changed around this weekend I ended up with free time so I baked the first pork pie of the season...

And a apple crisp. I had no oatmeal in the cupboard so I used some granola I had and it worked out so good.

We also kept the fire place going most of the day.

I did get to the thrift on my way out and about doing errands.
this was 1.00 and as cute as can be.

This was also 1.00 a hand thrown pottery mug with the top that does fit, great for work when I make a cup of coffee and don't get back to it for a few minutes

This was free, I pulled the fabric liner out and ran it through the washer and dryer perfect.  
I am working on a Christmas rug I have a good start on it
so I should be done for Christmas
We trick or treat with B and my daughter and son in law Wed. then
my son in law's grandmother hosts a fun spread of food and a get together.
I also have my yearly check up. I am hoping some of my numbers are better, I have been exercising and lost some weight and I've been eating better. 
Happy Halloween, Boo!

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Early Haloween

Yes we are cold and there is snow on the mountains.

My sweet friend and I got tickets for Castle In The Clouds after dark. I have been there before and told you all about it Here.

So beautiful any time but it was very beautiful on this fall night.

I love these latches and look at the view beyond it!

This is one of the bedroom floors.

Right down to the sweet lamp shades.

This is sun set and it was 5 times more yellow and orange, I could just never get the right color.

After the tour a drink and apps in carriage house yummm

Yes we had to Bee something at the family Halloween party!

And sweet B loved the funny crazy corn maze.

My brother in law as Jack sparrow

And the big hit of the party was T-rex even the dog was confused.
Lots of laugh and lots of fun always had by this crazy family.

I posted this on the facebook page for the store I work at and it got lots of traffic. It is so true for all of us especially if you craft at all.
Have a great week

Sunday, October 14, 2018

feeling Blessed

I was up and out early for a walk it was 34 degrees, Brisk and sunny. Makes you walk just a little faster.

Perfect for a very long walk on this amazing day.

Our color is in full amazing fall color, our highest peak got lots of snow and rime ice.( When fog freezes.) Some of the ski areas in Vermont reported snow. I am happy to say we did not get any.

Sat a new friend and I headed out for a hook in put on by my guild.
This is a friend ship rug you pass it around to your friends and they do a square based on your likes or personality. 

I think that is a pretty fun idea. 

out of focus but still wonderful.

Loved this purse 

again out of focus lord I am awful at pictures! but great color

Another wonderful piece the hooking was perfect.
Very small cut but as you can see it is like a picture.

Lauren's gifts the sunflower is on a spring and the pumpkin is hand torn wonderful!!!

The back of the pumpkin is as wonderful as the front.
I am very blessed to have such wonderful friends and family
I am blessed with good health and to live in this amazing house in this wonderful town. I try to count my everyday. I have many to count.
I have a busy week coming up girls night Tuesday and then I am meeting my friend for a night reception at castle in the clouds.
I have talked about the castle before. I will take some pictures hopefully.It will be night time some of the time.
Have a great week