Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Feeling Better

I went thrifting today not much but this tin. I just love it and will use it for storage in my craft room.
 and who could resist this little face? Not me I bought a tray to plant in a few places until things start to bloom.
 and my mother's African violet is in full flower. After she passed away I took it but thought I would never get it to bloom again, well Mom I did ok.
 We had several bananas left over so I made this cake it is suppose to be marble but I got a bit carried away with the chocolate part. Still yummy though and I added choc chips.
 It was a beautiful warm day it made my spirits soar. by 5pm it was 82 here, remember we had snow 4 days ago. I am blogging on my porch I hear the peepers and birds saying good night. I know all of you lucky southern girls are well past this but for this northern yankee it is wonderful.
It is official my husband will retire at the end of this school year. Papers are filed and his replacement has been hired. It is a big step for him but I am so excited for what is to come. I will stay working for a lot more years as we are young to retire. I had a lot of years off to be an at home mom while he worked several jobs so I could stay home and now it is his turn.
We are both feeling much better just tired so we hit the sheets pretty early. I hope spring has come to your house and you are able to enjoy it. I also want to welcome a new follower she is from Germany!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happpy Easter

I want to thank all of you sweet blogging friends for you much needed up lifting messages. I have  had a week of the poor pitiful me's which is so silly as I have so many blessings in my life. So I am shaking it off and getting on with life. I love this little chick that a friend gave when she was cleaning out her house to sell. It is a bit creepy but it is about 75-100 years old. It is a real chick. I would never buy something like this today but had to rescue her, she lives on my step back cupboard with her Easter bonnet.                                                                    
 Yesterday it snowed yep you saw it right, it snowed a fair amount. Oh spring are you on your way?
 So I did what I always do when it snows. I make a very yummy soup if I do say so myself. It is in my new thrifted bowl which is just a perfect serving.....x2:)
 and I dug out the bread machine. It made me feel a bit better to smell bread and soup cooking. and a whole lot better to eat it.
I am back to work tomorrow. I am feeling pretty good I know that I will be tired this week but I will do ok. Next weekend I am off to a hook in. I have never been to one so any thing I should know about what to take please feel free. I have been to camp and classes but not a hook in.
To those of you who asked about my sock bunny in the last post I did not make it. When I was first married my husband brought it home he had been away for a couple of days on a job and brought me him, I just love it. So sorry to say I have no pattern.
Happy Easter to you and hope that it is filled with many blessings.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Easter Is Cancelled

I want to announce that Easter is cancelled for this year in our house. No bunnies.
                                                                         No Peeps
No fun. My husband and I have been very,very sick. I am talking a hospital stay, pneumonia, and assorted nasty stuff I will not share. We are just barely on the mend. I would not have the strength to host 18 people with the big meal, the egg hunt, etc. And the biggest thing is I do not want anyone to get this.
So We will go to church and quietly go home and call it a day. My friend Priscilla is amazing when she found out we were sick she brought stacks of groceries will all the right kinds of food you need when you are sick. Soup,crackers, drinks, fresh fruit. I am so blessed to have her as a friend and she is a rug hooker so could it get any better? I hope you all are well and I will get around to visit you.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Spring Has Come!

Well spring has come to Acorn Hollow these little flowers popped up in just the past 2 days.
 I went to the dump yesterday and I found this pot. It is 24 inches high and 16 inches across at the widest point. I believe it is hand thrown pottery. I wish I could show you all the drawing around this pot. This is a tree with the roots showing under ground.
 a sea shell with so many colors swirling around it.
 There are whales, and foxes in their den I could go on and on it is like nothing I have ever seen. So when I picked it up (it is super heavy) I thought now why is it here? well it is cracked across the bottom. They tried to gaze it inside.. I think it may have been made by a student at the college. It is not signed. It seems a little new age to me I am more junky country. But something speaks to me about it. I will keep it and put a fern in it for the summer on the porch. Maybe it is the folk art quality about it.
So the creeping crud it slowly creeping out of here. I stayed home today. I changed sheets and opened windows. I looked at myself walking by a mirror. Yikes! I thought the grandmother on the Adam's family invaded my body. I was in a sweat shirt that went to my knees that was dirty from cleaning, a pair of PJ pants, my hair was a mess no wonder I felt like crap, I looked like crap. So I jumped in the shower and put a little makeup on and felt so much better. I asked my husband why he didn't say anything earlier he just said "what I didn't notice any thing."We have been married way to long..... Well I am off to a flea market tomorrow with a couple of friends. My vintage kitchenaid has had a work out I made meatballs and a cranberry,orange bread.
Welcome to my new follower! Loved all of your answers to the question last post. I do think that you can go far on common sense. Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wait For It......

Today is thrift store day, I got this sweet majolica plate for 3.00 which I think is quite a buy. But do you see a color trend????                                                                                                                       
 In my last post I told you a friend and I went to a rummage sale. To say there was a lot of stuff would be an understatement. So we took about three trips around the hall. On the second trip I got this little beauty! Yep I have wanted one of these forever but for the amount of times I would use it I could not justify the money. This was sitting on the floor in all of its vintage glory. I took the mixer and the book and for five whole dollars they are mine. I plugged her in and she purrrs like the kitten she is. I am convinced that if you want something or need something if you can just wait for will show up in your path for a song. She needs a good cleaning and I am going on line to contact the company to see just how old, I am guessing 70's.
 I have loved your answers to the questions. If you have no desire to answer the question but want to leave a comment please do. This is just for fun.
I will tell you what I think about this question in the next post.
My husband and I have the creeping crud. Or that is what my mother would call it. Really it is a bad cold but it is a germ that creeps into the house and then everyone gets the crud. Husband has developed bronchitis and is on meds. I hope I can get better before that happens.
It is rainy but a lot of the snow has melted. I think a nap would feel good right now. So I am off to make tea and climb into bed.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Was it Saved for A Special occasion?

We had a beautiful weekend! and as you can see we still have a lot of snow but I raked out my rock wall garden you can see some things popping up. It was so nice to spend time outside.
 Saturday bright and early I met a friend and we went to a fund raiser rummage sale. There was so much stuff and I could have bought a lot more but what I got was pretty good. First some handmade N.H. pottery.
 The sweetest flower pictures and of course the little dish shaped like an acorn.
 My favorite find is this china. It is a complete place setting for 8 with sugar and creamer and a serving platter. no chips,nicks or breaks. It is called Ever Yours bridal blue. when I see a set in that good of condition I think Did a young bride of the 50's get this set?  Saved it for special occasions? And then when it was time for her kids to get it they all thought it old fashion. I try to not save things like this for special occasions. When my grandmother passed away she had so many things she set aside for "good" She should have celebrated each day with her "good things". My plan was to sell this set, but each time I look at it I smile. I just love the blue and the name speaks to me. So I think it will live at my house for awhile and I will hold a special occasion so I can use it:)

Everyone had such wonderful answers to the other questions so here is another to think about.
I think I would choose a rich family to see if money really can't buy happiness.
Welcome to my new followers! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and spring came to your town.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I Am So Blessed

Do you see what is happening outside my window as I write this? Yep it is snowing again! So that calls for comfort food. Meatloaf, baked potato, and steamed broccoli. With chocolate pudding for dessert. And I am breaking the seal on the bottle of Baily's Irish Cream that I got for Christmas. Now that is comfort!                                                                                                                                              
 I am working slowly but surely on my little mat. I am still having a problem with the new hook and getting use to it, I will not give up though.
 I went to the Doctors for my yearly today and she said that I am in good shape for the shape I am in:)
I want to thank everyone for your comments and emails. I am so blessed to have such wonderful followers and I appreciate each of you. It really is like a group of friends that get together here. I would love to meet you all. I'll start with you courtney :)
On one of my Dump runs I found a game called tabletopics family. You draw a card that has a question and the family discusses it. I thought it might be fun to try a few here. So.....
what do you think?

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Faking Spring

This is another picture from the Tasha Tudor book I bought, they are so sweet.
 Since spring spring has not come to Acorn Hollow I have decided to fake it until it makes an appearance.
I went out on the porch and cleaned the last of the Christmas greens out and redid my door. OK they are silk but nothing would last at these temps. I still like it and it makes me feel hopeful that spring is just around the corner(I hope)
 I even put a real nest with a fake egg in it. I am joining house in the roses to show off my spring door.
 The weekend was busy. We went to my daughter and son in law's on Sat. Husband helped SIL install a new counter and sink in their bathroom. So what do we do while this is happening?Daughter, miss baby, and I went shopping. They are near outlet shopping, she had a few gift certificates so shop we did.
We hit a few stores and then for fun we went into the April Cornell outlet. we felt all the fabrics made a wish list and then I decided I would splurge on a set of sheets. She has such pretty colors and I need color, but no king size so we left with nothing but my daughter is going to drop in now and then to see if some come in. Next stop was Stonewall Kitchens. Their store in York Maine is not to be missed. But this is the outlet so we stumbled on some bargains. The blueberry jam you heat it a little and put it on vanilla ice cream it is amazing! The cleaning stuff was a big bargain I like it and it actually inspired me to clean a little.
I want to welcome 2 new followers thank you for following along. In the past month I have lost 2 followers I understand that life changes or your interests change but I always wonder why. I want to thank all of you that leave me wonderful comments. I do reply to the ones that have their email and I do try to get to each of your blogs it is important to me and I love to visit. I sound like I just won a beauty pageant:) and next I will work on world peace Oh that I could :)

Friday, April 1, 2011

A Day At Home

Well as predicted it is snowing again. I had the choice to stay home from work so I took it. The little birds have been feeding so much this morning. So Sadie and I have been watching birds all morning.
 I finished our taxes yeahaa.  So as a treat I made some whoopie pies. I have had a whoopie pie recipe that I have used since I was first married but I decided to try one I found in a cookbook. I do not like it nearly as well as the one I have used for years. One part of the recipe said to trim the edges to make it a perfect circle. PLEASE this is home cooking and not made to look like it came out of a machine.
Oh course I have been walking my buns off on the tread mill and I make whoopie pies. Most will go to friends and family just a few for a treat here. I hope your April fools is a good one!