Sunday, January 30, 2011

My Weekend

I treated myself to a couple of things this weekend. I fell in love with this, it is silver plate. look at the wonderful flowers embossed  on this. and the other side has daffodils. It was a steal so I had to have it.                                               
 The same booth had this ex large caning jar with a zinc top. great storage for my rice. The total for both was 25.00 which I thought was great.
My dump find this weekend is 2 unused candles. I burn candles all the time so good find.
 My paper whites are in full bloom. They make me so happy.
 Miss baby came to grammie and pepe's house for the first time today. They had pictures taken, omg is she the cutest! That is grammie talking. That would be her daddy's arms holding her up. she is now 1 month.
 I have thought about the place I sit and hook. It is always a bit messy but comfortable. The bowl on the left floor is where I put all of my little pieces. I put a piece of high density foam under the cushion so the seat would be stiff and I wouldn't sink in so much. This is in our living room I can watch TV while working.  This picture is after organizing a bit. I would love to know about the place you sit and hook rugs or stitch. Are you neat and organized or does it get out of control? Is it a common room or do you have your own place away from the family?
I won a gift cert to the movies at work so husband and I went to the movies last night to see It's Complicated. I would not recommend it, not really that funny. It didn't cost us anything so I don't feel cheated.  I hope your weekend was wonderful.
Today's quote:    Big deal! I'm used to dust.......gravestone epitaph requested by Erma Bombeck(1927-1996)

Thursday, January 27, 2011

And The Winner Is..........

Ok it is time to button up this giveaway.

 I want to thank everyone for playing along. The winner is......Amy at Bumble Bee lane!
Email me Amy and I will get this packed up and shipped out to you by Sat.

We missed the snow storm today yeah! I hope you are all warm and cozy. I just heard that 1/26/2011 was the saddest day of the year so I have some instructions........
 What to do in case of emergency: 1. Pick up you hat    2. Grab your coat  3. Leave your worries on the doorstep   4. direct your feet to the sunny side of the street..............unknown

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Amazing Dump Day

On my way to my daughter's I stopped at my dump and loooooook what I found!!!!! This is amazing it is 4feet plus and not some wimpy wire, it is steel. I hate to think just how much this cost and just why was it at the dump????? I got a large pot at a yard sale last summer for 1.00 so the entrance to the front of my house is going to look amazing.                                                                                                
 I also got a magazine it is old but who cares for free and I can toss it when read. And some movies I still have VHS so I can play both. These will be great for the next snowy night.

After  I got to may daughters and had a chance to love that baby we went to a church sale where I got another movie and magazine. a total of .75 spent. then off to lunch Miss baby was so good and no I will not bore you with more pictures. It is so nice having wed to visit with them.
My paper whites are blooming makes winter bearable you either love the smell or hate the smell I love it.

 And now for the last installment of my giveaway. this is a wooden heart that my husband makes. I painted and put glitter on it. I have them hanging in all the windows so very valentines. Now remember to leave a comment and look back at all the goodies. I have had so much fun and I hope you have too. I will draw a name tomorrow night I hope around 8pm est. I will post the winner but YOU must contact me so that I can get all of your information. Good luck to all.
To my new followers welcome and leave a comment to enter the drawing and so I can find you. to my long loyal followers you are amazing and I enjoy your visits. Have a great night.
If you want to see miss baby my  daughter's blog is great.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Giveaway Only 1 day away

I had another snow day on Friday. I love staying home on snow days. I filled the cookie jar.
 I roof raked the porch and hooked the rest of the day.
 On Sat we headed for our daughter's to see that baby. Our dump has had a make over and now there is a little store with swap shop on the door. Stuff is still free so we stopped to take a look. This bottle is from a drug store no longer in business. It was filled with rose water and glycerin.
 And this is a pink luster creamer. it does have wear but it is not cracked or chipped and it is so sweet.
 And then I found this?? First I thought is was to hold Easter eggs. Nope holes to large. Then I thought maybe small plant pots, Then I started to clean it up and discovered that the design was drink grasses.
 Yep it is to carry our drinks to the porch. I think it is pretty cute. Ice tea anyone???
 I still have two sides of the border left to do but here is how the end result will look. If this is your first time seeing this rug it is 54'' square.
 and we did make it to see our grand baby. This is pure love. My husband is over the moon for her, well we all are. We both agree it is like looking at our daughter at that age again. Ashley and Ron you did good!!! She is growing like a little weed. She is 31/2 weeks old.

I am adding this vintage spring tulip tablecloth to my giveaway. I think it is 40'' square I am adding the napkins they do not match but go with it. Don't forget to leave a comment to enter, and look back at the last post to see what else is in the giveaway.The drawing is Thur the 27th. I am up to 106 followers amazing! To my new followers welcome!
I forgot to close with a quote last time and since everyone enjoyed the Phyllis Diller quote last time I will close with another of her gems...... Never go to bed mad. Stay up and fight......ha now, now,no fighting.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Blog Full of Friends

You like me! you really like me! Ha they gave Sally Fields a hard time about that speech but everyone thinks that when something nice happens to them. I have 99 followers, I really can not believe it. I so appreciate each of you  and Thank You!
I finally got to see the grand baby today. By the time I did get back to my side of the mountain it was snowing and getting slick. I  had to wait for several cars to try and make a big hill which they couldn't. Thank heavens for four wheel drive no problem for me to make it. I haven't seen her since she was 2 days old and she is 3 weeks old today. She is getting so big already. Lots and lots of holding and hugging so wonderful being a gramme. I finally got her to sleep, my job was done time to go home.

 When I started this blog I thought 3 people might see it and it would be just a bit of fun for me. I am completely amazed at this community. I have made such wonderful friends and have had the chance to meet people who I would not have other wise met. After my grand daughter arrived I got a package in the mail.  My heart was so full that a blogging friend would send my grand daughter a gift. lauren has been a follower from the early beginning and for some reason we clicked. I would send her emails with way more information than she would ever want ha. and I would think after I sent them "This woman is going to delete me and think I am the biggest nut ever"   If you haven't visited her blog you get over there, OK right after you read mine. ha How wonderful and girly are these sweet little things! Thank you Lauren glad you didn't delete me.

 I am adding to my give away. The sign is sweet and says it all. The metal basket has little feet so you can fold it flat and use it as a trivet or bring the sides up and use it as a basket.
Here is a recap of what we have for the giveaway so far. If you are new just go back 2  posts to read more. I am celebrating my blog's first year . Leave me a comment to enter the drawing on Jan 27th
 I have a lot of wine corks and have a few ideas. One I wanted to show you, my paper whites in this large vase, I used the corks as a potting medium.  I have had a chance to hook and I amdown to the border, pictures soon I hope.  Leave me a comment to enter and have a great day.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

You Will Not Believe This

Snowed again looks pretty now but not when it's melting.

 I have been having way to much fun with the rice cooker. I tried oatmeal, it worked like a charm! mmm
 Yesterday I decided I needed to give my hooked rugs a cleaning. I use snow,and since we had a fresh batch out I went. first I put it up side down on the snow and swept across it to loosen any dirt.
 Then turn it over and swept the snow off the front. They do look better and there was some dirty snow when I was done. I hooked the sky in this rug to look like night fall. My husband takes one look at it and says "Hey you got the look of a forest fire just right" ugh I haven't like this rug since.
 The thrifting was goooooood. I walked into my thrift store, saw a box with a cover, lifted the cover and lookie what I found! Now for those of you who do not hook or braid rugs this means nothing. To those of of who do it means a lot. I have never heard of a speedease strip cutter. and the bliss is different than I have seen,it also came with 2 other blades.
 And in the box was assorted rug hooking articles they had cut out and a dye book from 1948. Oh yes corset lace thank goodness I was all out : )
 Then with the box was this. 4+ yards of wool for 5.00 oh yeah. Now before you get really excited it is coat weight so it would be great for backing on small hooked pieces or super great for penny rugs. I am putting 1 yard in the giveaway. And if you tell me what your plans are for this wool in your comment I will put you in twice for that comment!
 Also being added to the giveaway is a gallon bag of wine corks these would look great in a bowl or vase on the counter if nothing else comes to mind. I am also adding 2 handmade soaps from a local soap maker and a nice fat sheep. I have to say I am having a ball with this giveaway. finding all the goodies is so much fun.
Not much happening this weekend we are still on the tail end of the colds yes I got it!
a very big welcome to my new followers just 7 more to 100 yahooo. Don't forget to leave me a comment you know you want this giveaway. Also don't forget to look back at the other goodies. Quote for the day:
Cleaning your house while your kids are still growing is like shoveling the walk before it stops snowing..... Phyllis Diller

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Giveaway Additions

Today I was going to get to see my grand daughter but it snowed a lot! At this speed I should make it for her high school graduation....sigh     This is miss Sadie just wanting to get a bird one more time                                                                      
 We had small kitchen appliance day at acorn hollow. I got the coffee pot I ordered from CSN. I won a 45.00 gift certificate and was in dire need of a new coffee pot. We love perked coffee so for additional 14.00 it is a deal. I will say they were very quick and the prices did not seem that bad.
 Then yesterday was dump day. In the little section that has things set aside I saw this. Now I am at the dump so the box means nothing there could be someone's head in there. Well you never know.
 No head! I found a brand new rice cooker! never out of the box. So home it went,I washed it up and made some rice yum and you can use it as a steamer. So good score.
I am adding to my give away. MaryJanesFarm is a wonderful magazine and I am including Feb/March Issue. a pair of hand knitted slippers(by me) they are 100% wool and stretchy so they should fit anyone. And a little glass bird in honor of my birds at the feeder.
 A better picture. a bird in the hand ha.
Since I am stuck home I am cleaning, and cooking. I made chili, we put the rice on the bottom of the bowl. Mr Acorn Hollow said "Hey nice touch with the rice on the bottom."  Of course, I am brilliant and cheap
Don't forget to leave me a comment to enter in my give away. Look back to see what I started with.
 My quote for the day...There are two kinds of people,those who finish what they start and so on....
Robert Byrne
I think that sums me up I have to finish that rug.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Giveaway News

We had snow squalls this weekend that caused a 40 car pile up on the highway.  Glad I was home.                                                                                                
 Now on with the giveaway. I will add something to the give away each time I post. It will be something I find at a thrift store,free, or something I make. I will draw a name on Jan 27th, one person will win it all. Just leave me a comment and you can enter each time I add something to the giveaway. If you mention the giveaway on your blog, let me know and you will be entered again. To start the count down to my one year blog anniversary I am going to start with a dvd that is so cute. and a pomander I got at the thrift store. It is transfer ware made in England, and it will be filled with something that smells nice. Sorry only U.S. and Canadian blogers only (its the shipping:(
It was a trying weekend my husband is sick with a head cold. We were invited to dinner with friends, we had to cancel. We were suppose to go see that sweet new grand baby we couldn't.  So I had myself a pity party and to have a pity party you serve no refreshments and no one comes to visit. I was so mad at him and then common sense kicked in about oh 15 hours later. I know it is not his fault. Still not happy but did say I was sorry, lets just hope I do not get it. I am hold up in the spare bedroom and he is banned from even touching the door knob, poor husband.
You made me laugh with your comments about bread and chocolate. and a Big WELCOME to my new followers only 12 more and its 100!
My ending quote: If you haven't got anything nice to say about anybody, come sit next to me.... Alice Roosevelt Longworth (1884-1980) oh so catty ha

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Big Trouble!

I am in BIG trouble! A homemade bread store opened up next to where I work!!!! OMG  I love bread.
Can you see what they are? That is sliced orange/cranberry bread you know I already tried it mmmm and the rolls are asiago. We had those for dinner tonight with burgers mmmmmmm.               
 Now let me tell you about where I work. I work on Main street of a little college town. When you open the door to my store you go right to the book store I manage OR left to a ice cream/candy store. That's right Candy! I have to walk through the candy store to get to the bathroom. They make their own hand dipped chocolate cones that smells like brownies cooking. I beg them to do that in the morning when I am not so likely to eat chocolate. And now a bread store just 3 doors down. So if you hear on the news that they had to cut a woman out of her house (or job) in NH because she couldn't get out a door, that my friends will be me!
I did find a couple of books at the thrift store today. not so sure about the cake doctor may take it to work. but I love the best things anybody ever said. I will use them in my posts.
I received an award today from sweet vintagesue I am suppose to tell you 7 things about me you do not know. hmmm 1. Not that great of a house keeper I can always find something I would rather be doing. but clean enough to get by.  2. l love to swim 3.I am afraid of heights 4.I only have one child and she is the most amazing person you will ever meet and I am not the only one who says this. It has nothing to do with what I did, she was born amazing. 5.I enjoy being alone. Not all the time but when I am, I enjoy it. my husband does not. 6.I have a small group of close friends, they are the best friends anyone every had. I could count on them for anything. 7. I love blogging a bit to much. 8. I make the bed every morning. I hate an unmade bed. Now I am suppose to chose my favorite bloggers which is impossible so I will leave it at this.
Oh I have 2 new followers since last night!! Welcome! Do you think I will hit 100 by Jan 27th??? my blogging anniversary. Lauren was right I did whine about lack of followers before, no more whining. Love ya Lauren
So now I will close with a quote: The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limits.      -unknown.  I am limitless yahooooooooooo

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Dump Day!

Well first I want to say a big thank you to my new followers!!!! I have had several follow along in the past couple of days. It is always so exciting!!!!                                                                          
 yesterday was dump day, and at the dump there is a book case you can browse. I found this cookbook and it looked interesting so I brought it home. I had a couple of bananas that needed help and I have never loved any banana bread recipe that I have had so I tried this one. Love it!!!!!!
 Not sure if you can read the recipe if you can't email me I will send it to you.
 Then today I got to thrift before work and I found 2 pairs of pants. The dark gray is Ralph Lauren and the other is Gap. Also Some fab beads that screams summer or Florida. We most always get a week in Florida in the winter. so I will pack these.
I am coming up on my one year blogging anniversary  and I am trying to decide how I want to celebrate. I know that it will involve gifts, Soooo check back!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

What I Did On My Christmas Vacation


It is back to work tomorrow. I had a week off between Christmas and New Years. I am not ready to go back, but ready or not, back I go. So how did I spend my vacation? First I got to read a few books. I had been in a dry spell of not reading so it was nice to get back to the books.

 And I watched a few old movies. I love old movies and stayed up late watching them.
 I dug out my hooking and have started back on this huge rug again. I need to get this finished.
 and oh yea we became grand parents!
We also got to visit with friends and family. So as you can see we packed a lot into one week.
new years resolutions??? Well the same as everyone. Lose weight, get organized, save money.
But what I really want to do is: have more people in for rug hooking and tea,
I want to be known as the best hugger ever.
I want to send more hand written notes to friends and family. Just to say hi or I was thinking of you today.
I want to laugh out loud every day.
 I will drop every thing to have fun.
I will count my many blessings everyday.
When I have to chose between things I will chose by saying " On my death bed will I be happy I chose this?" Because in the end that is all that really matters right?
I will finish this rug!!!!
Welcome to all my new followers! leave me a comment so I can find you.
A very happy new year to you all!!