Thursday, May 30, 2013

These Shoes Are Made For Hiking

 This is part two of the church sale last week. I have wanted a kitchen scale. Some bread recipes weigh the flour. I peeled the plastic film off from it so it was pretty new.
 I love the little kitty cutting board I use small boards for a cheese for Husband and I. I also got the bag
of cup cake liners for .50 so great I use them for cookies at Christmas time.
 Speaking of Christmas this little guy is a bank! and for 2.00 he is mine
 On Thursday's my sweet friend and I get together for something it could be from thrifting to having a drink or we hike like today,we decided to go down by the lake and around this hiking area. We were hiking for about 11/2 hours. I wore my new hiking shoes which wasn't smart but it turned out great they felt great. I have showered and taken Motrin so I am feeling good tonight, tomorrow may be a whole different story.
I have baked a rhubarb crumble I had about 1/4 cup of blue berries I threw in.
I am just waiting for it to cool enough to eat.
We are now in a heat wave tomorrow and for the next three days could be high 90's 
is there no happy medium? 
Have a great week

Sunday, May 26, 2013

What A Week!

Well first it rained all week and I mean rained. I got together with a friend on Thursday
and then we went to a giant church sale. And needless to say I got a lot.
Here are a few pictures I will show more later this week.
This sweet red work I am going to make into a pillow.

I got some amazing books. Do you see the Tasha Tudor books
Yes that is 2 of them for 1.00 each:)

I got the sound of music and a couple of DVDs .
That is a stained glass sun catcher that I thought would be nice in the window.

In between going to Boston (Great appointment by the way) Going out to dinner
with friends, We purchased new blinds for our large windows in the kitchen.
It will come in handy for those hot summer days (if we ever get them)
Snow in NH this weekend:(

Saturday I went to class on hand cut. It was fun and I really enjoyed everyone I met.
Tom was the teacher and did a great job. It was offered by Wool and Goods.

These are parts of a rug that was drawn for me to hook for my Miss B.
More to come since I am finally hooking again.( My bunny has no tail yet.)

My aunt has been very ill. She has scared me so much.
I know she is 89 but if you saw her and talked to her you
would guess her at least 15 years younger. She is home from the hospital
and struggled a bit. Now she seems to be on the mend. I had breakfast with her
before my class on Saturday and before we left for NH husband and I went to
spend some time with her. we are a little under an hour and half  from her so I can't just pop
in. Before I left I asked if I could raid her extensive rhubarb patch.
So I guess I will be cooking something this week.
I hope you are enjoying your extra time with family and friends this weekend.
I will be working tomorrow keeping our soldiers who gave all in my thoughts.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Major Ta Da Dump Haul and The What's It

Husband got a major haul at our local dump.
This chair is just really dusty it is in great condition.

A great outside bench. Husband even got wood to replace the bad

Is this not the best thing to come out of the dump????
It needs some work but just the drawer runners the finish is beautiful.

Yep a wicker table that will be sold as is.
But the best thing and the only thing I am keeping....

are these small snowshoes! They must of been salesman
samples because they are to small for children. they have a Canadian
imprint on the back.

Ok the what's it, no one guessed the original use
it was a hamper it use to have a canvas liner in it.
Pretty cool reuse of it right???

Now I could use your help this army green bag is full of these
red and white stakes they can stack inside each other to make one long stake.
what can they be used for except a tent?
I hope you enjoyed the dump finds!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

A What's it

Our house got a new roof. They were amazing, fast, and super neat.
If you live in NH I would recommend them for sure.

I came home and planted my dahlia's. My tree that is in the header
of my blog is in full bloom and smells soo good. It just hums
with the bees in it.

My yard is just wonderful right now. But very very buggy
those black flies are awful!

Ok this is a what's it! I am using it for around my peony's,
but what was it's original use? It has two handles you can see them on each side.
I hope things are blooming in your yard. Have a great weekend!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Oh Baby It's Getting Cold Out There Brrrrrrrr

A little walk around our yard. I haven't planted anything yet
so husband lined up the wooden tulips in the window, in my
potting shed very sweet.

My hosta are getting there but we are expecting very cold
weather for the next few days. Like freezing temps!
I am glad I have not planted but not sure what is going to happen
with the things that are up.

Last night we went to an auction this is one of two bureaus husband
purchased needs some work but so sweet.

This oak chair is different not sure if it was in a church or not.

It has very diffrent rungs on the bottom and this pocket on the back.

And husband is freshening  up our fire pit chairs.

I have not lifted my hook since the class last week.
My hooking class's last week is this wed it has gone so fast
and has been so wonderful!
We had Miss B over night Friday night she yells Pepe
all the time except it sounds like Popeye ha ha ha
It is because Pepe with rough house with her.
She loves to be scared, Pepe was hiding in the drapes and
jumped out she screamed and laughed so hard she made us
both laugh until tears ran down our face.
Needless to say she was out like a light at night.
I hope you all had a wonderful Mother' day I did
eating my lobster roll :)

Monday, May 6, 2013

Masquerade Anyone?

I spent the weekend at a Cyndy Duade masque class.
Here she is holding up a student's mask that they were working on.
This picture does nothing for it. It really was wonderful.

Sorry this is blurry but I got her just as she was turning. She is a Greek
girl so this was right on target. She had to leave early for her Greek Easter on

This one is by Theresa she has amazing talent and this was her
first hooking class ever!

This lady Grace was doing her mask in walderboro style
That is sculpted. Such a wonderful idea.

Cyndy showing construction of the mask she hooked.
The green is a hair clip in her hair.

Great color and a good idea being hooked by Pam.

I think this mask was being hooked by a girl named Sue.
I didn't get everyone I think there were about 18 of us in the class.
Some were doing punched maskques with yarn that looked great.
Yes I am working on finishing up my mask. I will post a picture
as soon as I am done. I am doing it for Miss B to use.
Speaking of Miss B she went to the science center with her mom and
Dad and her pepe. My daughter took some great pictures I will post next time.
The weather is wonderful but now we are high fire danger and need rain badly.
It looks like rain is moving in for the end of the week.
I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Deals! Deals! Deals!

Thursday a friend and I try to meet up for a walk and some thrifting.
This sweet light was 3.00,the shade and bulb I had.

This was the deal of the day 50 cents !

Always thinking of Miss B 3 tops for 1.50

I also found some rolling pins just right for play dough.
The Chinese jump ropes will be saved for our annual July camping trip.
My friend and I had such a great time we walked around town and then went
for a drink and some cheese and crackers.
I had another student join my rug hooking class we are half way
though we have 2 more weeks.I am really enjoying the class
and have been asked if I might thing about next fall. We will see.
Have a great weekend!