Wednesday, September 29, 2010


First I want to wish my son-in-law a happy birthday! We are very lucky to have such a great guy married to our only child.
To my new followers thank you so much! Nothing much at the dump or the thrift stores this week so I will show you a few things I really love. These are needle felted acorns. I have only needle felted once or twice but these were super easy and fun. I just collected the tops and made the acorn. This is a runner I hooked a couple of years ago. It is not as yellow as it appears here. more mottled white.
And this is progress on my large rug. I have had some time to hook.

I am not much of a house cleaner. My Mother always said we are clean enough to be healthy and dirty enough to be happy. I clean around the middle and if the lights are on dim it looks OK.
But this week while hooking I watched Hoarders, I need to stop watching that show it always freaks me out. I think now was it just one day and all hell broke lose? So each night after work this week I take one room and clean it top to bottom and weed out some things to send to the thrift store.
oh and I keep my glasses on. Now that is a new experience yikes!
Thank you for your comments I love (or is live?) to see them.
Big rummage sale tomorrow can't wait.

Sunday, September 26, 2010


If you can spend a completely worthless afternoon on completely worthless activities then you have learned how to live. I saw this on a greeting card. It is so true and I need to work on that. I got some things done that were nagging me. Then I did some fun things.
I found this lamp at the dump (recycling center) It was broken but so cute and I knew it could be fixed. So I used some spray paint I had, a new light kit from a yard sale 2.00 ,and a new shade from a yard sale for 1.00, so for just a few dollars I got this. It is adjustable up and down the pole. Husband showed me how to rewire a lamp so I even learned a new skill while fixing it up.

I also got busy bringing a little fall to the house. I hooked this pumpkin several years ago. I also did a black cat that my daughter took off the door last year on her way out. OK she did ask and I was very pleased she liked it.

I put out a few of my hooked mats that were fallish. So nice to have them out again.
This was hooked a long time ago.

I got busy on my mantel. The picture is not that great and this is one section. I just wanted to show the music sheets I stamped them with leaves( not that noticeable). and taped them to the mantel. And then added my do dads.

I had bread whirring in the bread machine so I decided to use up some pumpkin I had. I found a pumpkin scone that is suppose to be just like Starbucks. Since I have been in Starbucks once in my life I wouldn't know.

I added raisins and didn't do the glaze a bit too sweet for me. I ate it with butter and yogurt it was pretty yummy if I do say so myself.

Yesterday was in the 80's and beautiful, today is overcast and in the low 60's I am going to snuggle in and hook for the rest of the evening.
Have a great week and spend some time on a perfectly useless thing that makes you happy.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Time In A Bottle

I found a couple of things at the dump this past weekend. The careers game from 1979 has a happiness quotient in the score pad. Even then they were trying to measure happiness. and this movie I have never heard of it and I haven't had a chance to watch it but free is good.
I have had a hard time sleeping lately which is nothing new but it seems like it is worse than ever.
Is it the full moon lighting the room up like day? stress? or is my room out of feng shui? I read a article on feng shui and thought I would give my bedroom a good cleaning and try to get things in order. So I cleaned and I cleaned, I will see what happens tonight. I was shocked at the amount of dust and things piled up. I seem to not have enough time. So I ask you, how do you divide up your time and is it enough? I have no children at home so where is it going? Ah if I could save time in a bottle.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Sweetest Light I Have Ever Seen

How do you know that you live in the country??? When you go to a yard sale and come home with these and brag about what a good deal it was. Sap buckets are everywhere I found this hand painted one for 4.00 and the garland with the red berries is much better than the picture, the flash washed them out.
Of course I am in major gramie mode so I found these things, the shop and play brand new. My daughter wants wooden puzzles so these will stay at gramies. a CD of Polar express. Which is very close to our hearts. every winter my husband takes his school class to be elves for the kids that ride the polar express to the north pole. I was an elf last year and it was so much fun. The kids are on the train half hour maybe, they are served hot chocolate and candy, then they arrive in the north pole. Where they see Santa and he gives them all a bell. the night I was there it was snowing and magic was in the air. So wonderful when the kids believe. I found this crib set it is the bumper,quilt and crib skirt. I thought it was what my daughter and her husband picked out but it is not the same. So I will resell this and get my money back.

But my best find of the day was a chandelier. I walked into the yard sale that was one big mass of stuffed animals. I scanned and found the sweetest light for 5.00. so this is what my kitchen looked like before. We built our house in the 80's so it had brass hanging lights. We just couldn't decide what we wanted to replace it with.

Now we know. Is that not the sweetest light for 5.00 you have ever seen?

It hangs over our bar and counter.
I want to welcome 2 new followers 29 now I know I repeat myself but holy cow,I am in awe.
I have a pork roast in the crock pot and I am going to make a batch of choc chip cookies.
(Ron I will save you some) Back to work tomorrow where does the weekends go??
Leave me a comment PLEASE I have such a little life it really makes me happy.
Have a great week!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Cold, Rain,and Pumpkin Muffins

It is a cold and rainy night and I can't bring myself to turn the heat on this early in the season so I sit here with a sweatshirt on waiting for my for my electric blanket to heat up the bed.
I made some pumpkin muffins that are yummy and they hit the spot with a cup of tea. In my thrifting journey today I found 2 vintage table cloths they have a few stains but I think I can get them out. The red one is Christmas, I believe it is 50's, 60's. I got a flower frog the little green thing and a book. this author is popular at the book store so for .25 I will read it. My total money spent today is 2.75 pretty darn good. I just finished a book by Janet Evanovich sizzling sixteen. I love her she is funny and a quick read.
Last Sunday on a dump run I was finding nothing and the husband comes out of the metal pile with these. sap buckets, think maple syrup. They are in great shape and are good for a lot of things.

We are off to a high school football game tomorrow night with my daughter and her husband and friends. Her old home school is playing big rival, her now home town. so where should she sit????
happy thirfting.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Town Wide Sale

Thank you, thank you, to my new followers I am at 27 please take time to visit them. Thank you for the lovely comments on the island.
I did a little of a town wide yard sale this past weekend. the reason I didn't do much it was like bumper cars it was so crazy. But I did manage to get a few things. This quilted jacket is Eddie Bauer and is much darker brown in person.
I got a Vera Bradley purse I love the style. I will put it away for next summer.

A blue pig bank headed for my booth. He has some age not sure how old.

And of course I couldn't go to a single weekend with out getting some new books to add to my stash.

Saturday's plan is meet with a friend and do another town wide yard sale. I hope it's not as bad as last weekends. But I sure I hope I find a great sale and I am the first one there Ha wishful thinking.
I have a great hint. If you have some stains on your rugs take white vinegar and mix it with water (equal parts) and spray it and then rub it on the stain. It has been working for me so well. I heard this on HGTV. I had a few stains that carpet cleaner couldn't take out and voila gone.
have a great week.

Monday, September 13, 2010

A beautiful Island

Sorry this post is late the devil had my camera. Every time we lose something in this family we say the devil has it and he will bring it back when he's done. I just wish he had taken some cool pictures with it while he had it. That little saying came from my grandmother. So are you ready? I walked into my favorite thrift store just as this was being delivered. I have all the drawers I just put a few in so you would get an idea of how it looked. It was in pretty good shape the husband just had a few repairs. We put tongue and groove board in our hallway and had some left over so we (husband) took the back off and replaced it with the boards.
Then we sanded the top and all the draws, painted it black and replaced all the handles. when we sanded the top we discovered it was maple perfect for a cutting board.

So we oiled the top with cutting board oil added some nice big locking casters and we have a movable island.

By adding the casters it became counter height. Now if you have a bureau and it has no drawers.
put tongue and groove boards in the bottom where the drawers would slide paint it all and find baskets to fit the openings another great island.
Ashley loved it she needed a bit more storage in her kitchen and it really looks good.
The total cost of this project less than 40.00 not bad!
My baby turned 27 today and she is now waiting for her baby in December now where did the time go? Happy Birthday Chicken love you.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Time for Myself

A pretty low key week so far. I think it is the melt down after being so busy. I don't know about you but I need down time in my day. I have to have time to just decompress. I have had an hour to rug hook this week which is major time of late. And I did get out in my yard to look at my gardens. My hydrangea bush is now all pink and beautiful. I could fill a thousand vases that bush is so large. And my fairy roses are still going.

I got to the thrift store today and this had just come in. I love it so much but know I would never use it. I think the strap and top are plastic not Bakelite but it is old.

I love the how it latches. Bad picture but this piece just lifts up and the purse opens. it even has little feet on the bottom so not to rub the needlepoint. I think it's headed for my booth.

I am working on such a cool project for my daughter's birthday. She gets it on Sunday so I will post the pictures then. It's pretty cool don't miss it.
Have a great week!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Still Sweet After All These Years.

I need to welcome one more new follower I am so very excited I really can't believe it.
This past week was crazy busy and at the same time heart breaking. a very very good friend of mine is selling and moving to Florida. She is the most amazing person I know and I will miss her so much. This past week was so hot and I gave her as much time as I could to help her set up her estate sale. Butttt we have mostly the same taste and it was very dangerous for me to be there. First she crafts all the time and she dabbles in rug hooking so I got wool and books, and more books
Then I tried to choose things that would remind me of her every time I looked at it. This mirror will for sure, first she loves green and this mirror screams Kathy. Oh yea another Kathy but with a "K".
She gave me a family cook book from her aunt Marie, I see lots of things Kathy has made for her amazing dinner parties.

And she felted this little guy. Doesn't he just make you laugh out loud. Every time we are with her we laugh and have so much fun.

This wreath was made by her mother who is so wonderful and sweet.

And this Christmas post card was also her moms. I love it.

I spotted this small frame. I have a mini picture of a relative in the potato fields and they deserve to be in this frame. Potato picking is hard work.

I got so much more I would be blogging for days. She has a summer home in Maine so I will get a chance to see her then, but the Christmas dinner parties, and her just lets get together will be so missed.
I went to my booth today didn't do so great last month but I was unable to get there much. I didn't have to pay rent and had a little left over so I treated myself to this Easter decoration. I love it. and it was marked way down.

and when I walked in my house from helping my friend. I found these. My husband is the sweetest after all these years. I guess I will keep him.

I am working on a gift for my daughter's birthday which I will show later. I went to Lowe's and they have an oops section I always check. 24.99 paint for 5.00 found the color I wanted. When I checked out I got a rebate for 5.00 so the price of my gallon of velspar paint 0 great huh!
Have a great week!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

100 posts, 22 Friends, 1 humble blogger

I can't believe this is my 100Th post. But what I can't believe is since Sunday I have added 2 new friends. I read my last post and it sounded like I won an Emmy ha. I always get so excited welcome!
On to what I have been up to. I went to the dump and I found this tree with the red bows. I really like natural things so I snagged it. took it home removed the bows and put it on a urn I had, now totally cute.
I got this dish it looks big but it is small. But could I pass it up miss acorn hollow myself?

And on Monday I got to go thrifting with my daughter. So first stop a church thrift store where I bought a skirt, jean jacket and a blouse. On the way in I saw a rack of magazines mostly gardening price, free. the roll on the top, drawer paper also free.
I got a sweet set of pillow cases hand embroidered. a pink glass and the little girl is a egg timer. I think I will sell all.

and truly could I go a week with out getting a new book? I am interested in doing more slow cooker things this winter. It is so nice to get home and have dinner all cooked. I will let you know any recipes I find that I like.

oh and the gnome I had to take he looks good in a plant pot. I hope you are all safe and sound from Earl.