Saturday, July 31, 2010

Saturday's Finds

Here are my christmas finds from today. These are from three diffrent places. I always get vintage christmas music when ever I can.
I got a few books to take to the store. Firefly beach is such a wonderful read. If you haven't read it you should. I usually pick up books I know that would be good for the book store I work in. Jodi Picoult is a N.H. author and is always popular. I would love to learn to upholster. My dad did that for a living but he died when I was 19, I was not old enough to undersand what a great thing it is to know.
I got a bunch of very recent magazines but this one
the name of cracked me up. I don't know if it is popular in the south but all I could see was a little old lady going out to cut roses packing a gun.

This is a cute little duck that is a toy you push from the handle and the big rubber feel flap on the ground as it walks along.

I got a silverware tray the ivy is hand painted. It's oak I may or may not sell it.

I got this apron. So cute this is a picture of the pocket. It is stained but that means it was loved.
I am soaking it hoping to get some of the stains out.

And this is the coller look at the lace. who ever made this always wanted to look nice even in an apron.

The weather is still beautiful. I have monday off so I am going to get caught up on things here maybe.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thrifty Finds

I got these two things at the dump on Wed. Nothing at all today at the dump. I really like the book(you all know my addiction) and the planter is a pretty blue green. I picked up a few things at the thrift store, the picture is stitched. I plan on making into a pillow at some point. I have 3 different ones now I think they will be pretty when I get them done.
The book is a snoopy cookbook that I plan to sell. The word game I had to take after looking at all the blogs with these kind of games made into banners. The flowers are from my husband he is still very sweet after all these year.
This is a close up of the planter box I think that is what you would call it. I plan on painting it and selling it.
I have had to work long hours this week and oh do I feel it. But the weather is pure Divine. Cool clear high 70's low 80's. There are a couple of yard sales this weekend and the weather is suppose to hold for several more days and best of all I have Monday off.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I was up very early this morning not sure why so I brewed some coffee and went out in the garden. Cut some things back and took a good look at what was happening. I have neglected it so much during the heat. I buy plants and bulbs from garden catalogs that are a surprise deal. So surprise look at what I got. How beautiful is this! I believe it is a garden phlox. The birds where singing and the sun was just getting over the trees. I should do this more often.
Now back to my Boston trip. This is St. Joseph You pin money to the ribbons and pray. I am not catholic so I am not up on my Saints but I looked him up and he seems to be the patron saint of a lot. There was a fiesta of the saint Joseph society last weekend. which is a 3 day festival of food,music,and fun. I did pin my money and said a little prayer can't hurt.

This is inside the first catholic church in the country. It is so beautiful. The stained glass windows, and inside the church where breath taking.

This is just some iron work that I thought was so wonderful it is old and thick. and as you can see still in a straight line. No sitting on that wall for sure.

This is one little part of this building it is the same all the way down the whole block, so much detail.

And now completely off the subject, my rug and progress. I think I told you it is a large rug 54"square. So this much is really a lot of hooking. But as you can see I have a lot more to go. I have all four flowers done and I am working on finishing the stems. I fill in background when I feel like it.

The weather has changed and it is completely beautiful here. Yesterday was 80's dry and breezy it doesn't get any better than that. This morning when I was up early it was 59 just right for sleeping or walking around outside in your bathrobe. Now this is what I mean! A good old fashion New England summer aaahhhhh.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

A Island In The Sun

I am going to start with showing you a find from the dump. But be warned vacation photos to follow. But don't leave I left the best for last. So if you want to skip the vacation I will never know.(but God will)
This water color was at the dump. professionally framed and in great shape. I took it out of the frame to inspect it and to see if any one hid money in the back. No money but a beautiful picture that I think will stay at my house.Now on to vacation. Here's Paul on his horse.

Here is where he hung the lanterns. Two of them!
And this is where he lived. Ah look his car is here shall we knock??

I knocked and he closed all the shades what kind of patriot is that? Ok Ok now you know we spend the weekend in Boston. We did the sights and I have lots of pictures of architecture I will show. We went to see the blue man group so fun I recommend it to anyone. We went on a duck tour. and was delayed getting back because a large tanker from Turkey(I think) full of liquid gas was leaving port so we got to see that process with the tug boats and coast guard.
While we were in the park with Paul and his horse. There was a wedding party that came in for pictures, the brides maids where in blue dress and carried bright yellow flowers. when the Bride raised her dress she had on bright yellow heels. I loved it! I wish I had a picture to busy eating gelato.this is in the north end of Boston and it is very much Italian. The food and the atmosphere are amazing.

Now back to the dump I got this today didn't find a date on the box, but the graphics are wonderful.
I especially like that the elephant has the bunny tied up?? The board is cute too I will show you that later. But my best find was an Island in the sun. Ohh how I love to be on an island with the tropical breezes and good fruity drink.

Brand new in the box. The box is soaked I will give it a good hosing and soap scrub after I get it blown up. I can't wait to get it in the water. I think I will lounge on the banana first while I drink my frozen banana daiquiri. Ahhh the good life on the cheap.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Free Stuff

The weather is a bit better but still not super good. Sleeping at night is better.
I know I sound like a broken record but why do people throw away things that could be at the very least donated to a thrift store? My dump finds for today are 2 vintage tablecloths the green one is stained but the red white and blue never used. I think I will keep that one for the the 4th. I never met a frame I didn't like, I repaint or what ever needs to be done, a cute box I think would look good with cookies or candy in it for the holidays. Some things for my daughter.
and my favorite find is this vintage baby book never written in. How cute are those friends???

I also got about 7 current magazines and 2 biscuit cutters. price all free! I especially love it when the dump worker helps me pick. I have 2 guys that come out sometimes and help me when I am there. They just talk a little and help me move things around so sweet and funny. We talk about who would leave all this great stuff. Ok I am glad that they do but it makes me think of all the stuff I have missed yikes.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

A Silver lining

Another hot hot day. What happened to our cool breezy nights with warm 80's low humidity days???? Last few years it rained most of the summer and was cold. I guess I am never happy.
My husband is roofing in this weather. (our daughter's) and I worry so much about him. I was born worrying. So I tried to stay busy. First I made this pillow. I got this at the dump in my daughter's town. It is a hand quilted place mat. I washed and ironed it, opened the bottom stuffed it with fiber fill I got at the thrift store (.50) and put tassels that were left over from another project.. total price .50 for a hand quilted pillow.
Then I went to one thrift store, to hot to yard sale. I bought a box of silver.

82 pieces of the same pattern (Rogers silver plate) plus 35 pieces of odds and ends that I will sell.

I spent some time cleaning them up but they still need some work. I just need a better silver polish. I have never had a nice set and this will be as close as I come. I have enough for 16 people but there are no butter knives. I really never set a formal table and this will be great for the holidays. The box cost 10.00 I will get that back with the odd and ends I plan to sell. I also got a few small things for my booth I will share later.
We rarely watch TV in the summer too busy or reading on the porch but today I watched a Sandra Bullock movie I had never seen Lake House. It was very sweet and sappy just right for a hot day with a nap thrown in.
keep cool

Monday, July 12, 2010

My Guilty Pleasure

my name is Cathy and I need a 12 step program. I can not pass up a beautiful book.
I love the glossy pages, the weight of a book in my lap.

I read them over and over. They hold so many of my dreams, gardening,decorating,rug hooking, and how to have the perfect cabin (if I had a cabin)to name a few.
I think I feel better now that you now know my guilty pleasure.
And I bet you are looking at those stacks thinking I would like to look at that one. Right????

Saturday, July 10, 2010

My Finds

I slept in this morning so I think I missed some good stuff. But it was raining so probably not to much. I hit a few sales and the dump. this wooden tray I thought was kinda cute. An old easter basket and a bag of thread most are on wooden spools. All a pretty good bargin.
Then I stopped at the dump on the way home. They have a little shed that people can leave things in that they think someone else would want. I spied this and my heart did a flip in my chest. A beautiful old yellow ware bowl.

And then I saw this. It is a very bad patch job and the reason it was at the dump. Ahhhhhhh.
Well I couldn't leave it could I? So I cleaned it up and added pinecones and a nest. I put a zinc flower pot in the middle that has a candle in it and I have a center piece. I wish I could get the pieces out and clean the old glue off and do a better patch job but it is what it is.

The air is so heavy I hate this weather. and the reason I live in northern N.E. so I don't have to deal with this kind of air. I picked up my check at the antique booth yeha!! another good month.
in 3 months I have taken home over 450.00 that is just from yard sale and thrift store finds. I really enjoy this little hobby. maybe I will get the courage to do ebay at some point.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Dump finds

ta da dump finds There was a big bag of tins most were modern but I picked these 3 out. The one with the stamps is from west germany and the house is from avon england the tin that looks like a baske it for my collection no lables and not sure what the hole in the front if for.
And then there was this mirror. It goes with a chest of draws I think. Now I think I should paint it white and sell it my husband says clean it up and sell as is. What do you think?

I also got a baby hard plastic swing. Still in baby mode. It is hotter than the hinges of hell here.
very unusual for northern New England. And our houses are not set up for it. no central air just a lot of fans. Feels like entering a hot wind tunnel when you walk into my house. So here is to cooler days and nights so I can get some sleep.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Time Well Spent

I hope everyone had a wonderful fourth weekend. I am sorry it is over but it was packed with fun and now I am so tired I want a day off to rest up. On Friday I went thrifting aka ka-loup-ing with my daughter and 2 of my friends. I got a few things I will share later. This in a needlepoint pansy made into a pillow very sweet. Then we met my husbands whole family and went camping. There was a lot of food and a lot of fun. This picture is sideways but we had kids that glowed in the dark.

and lots of swimming and kayaking. I had a lot of time with my beautiful daughter this weekend.
this is Ashley really enjoying the pond. She and her husband showed up and helped us set our tents up. Poor Ron was helping the other members set up their tents. Then they were off to parties of their own

She had some time to spend with us today. we are so sorry that we couldn't spent more time with Ron. Have a great week.