Sunday, January 13, 2019


We got the snow that was predicted, two storms back to back.

Tuesdays storm wasn't bad but Wed storm was bad. I have never seen the roads as bad as they were Wed morning. We are getting a lot of freezing rain mixed with the snow which makes it heavy which brings branches and trees down on the power lines.

We were without power for about 8 hrs that is why I stayed at work. I would rather be at work then home in the dark. 

Sat bright and early we headed for Sweet B's delayed birthday party. She is in the light blue shirt third from the left.
They were unicorns! we did face painting and a horn from kits all left over from Halloween this year great idea from my thrifty daughter and the girls loved it.

There was candy and snacks, fruit and cupcakes all unicorn theme. She had a blast with her little friends. Her dad is feeling better but still not great so keep those prayers coming for him. 

I looked at my horoscope this weekend and yep that fit what I was working on. 

My stair risers. I have 5 done, one needs a bit of tweaking and none of them are perfect, but but I love them and it looks great on the stairs! I am working on number 6 now.
I started getting the bills from my hospital stay earlier in Dec. Yikes! And I get my permanent crown on Wed.(I will be so glad to be done with this tooth) I have not had the estimate of my part on that yet. Hey it's only money right? This cartoon struck me funny and pretty appropriate for me right now. (click on it to make it bigger)
We have been in the deep freeze for the past few days.
I am thankful for the wood stove helping with the oil bill and keeping us toasty. We are in for more snow this week, oh spring where are you???
Have a wonderful week, I hope you are weathering the winter happy and healthy.

Sunday, January 6, 2019

The Sun Has Set...

The sun has set on another weekend, why do they go so fast???
I started the weekend by going to see Mary Po pins with my sweet friend. I really enjoyed it, not as great as the first one but I still found this sweet and funny with a message.

I got this snowman as a gift this year and it is so me. I have left it
out on the kitchen window for awhile. All other Christmas is packed up and put away, I do have a couple of boxes that need to go in the attic but I am in pretty good shape.

I also left this spoon out, I love this crazy wooden spoon.

It is hand painted in the bowl of the spoon.

Because we have all been so sick I cleaned the house top to bottom.
And lit the little house balsam incense for a feel good smell. I am hoping that all sickness is at an end. I opened the windows for a few minutes to let all the fresh air in and the germs out. I started with a cold on Sat but I have used the zinc nose swabs and they seem to be doing the trick thank goodness!! 

Husband traded our coin jar in for $, our mad money. Even though I need new brakes and tires this week ugg will it ever stop?

So I had my first ever root canal it didn't hurt but I have a phobia 
of dentist in general, not fun.  I get my crown in 10 days. So for now I have to only eat on one side and be careful. I have discovered this yogurt I am not a big yogurt eater but soft and easy to eat works for now. This yogurt tastes great. and I have lost 4 lbs just because it is so hard to eat and don't want to deal with it.

I am back hooking on my stair risers I have lost interest so I am trying to finish up the 6th one. I have pressed the first three and will do a very quick binding and get them installed on the stairs. Maybe that will get my interest going again. 
Have a wonderful week we are in for a couple of storms, I am so ready for spring!