Sunday, September 28, 2014

Before And After!

I am not sure if you remember this dump find. I had all the plans in the world of keeping it but no room...

And this is how it came out!

He put on locking wheels and chalk paint on the front.

Finished off the back and put one large board on the top also a dump find. Don't you just love it!

around the fourth of July I hit a yard sale and purchased this butter churn that had seen better days,it was 10.00.

Behind this wire frame is an old bread board that sorta matched it. Also at the same yard sale!

Ta Da! it is now a coffee table!
The top is attached and then we wiped it down with 
a restorer and it matches almost perfect.

We have the back that was badly warped but I love
that it can be used for magazine or wool!

It's a keeper! I love it to much to let husband sell it.

We have been having summer like temps 80's!
So we loaded up the kayaks and hit two different ponds today.

I completely fell in love with this pond it is a working man's pond
No huge million dollar homes. Just lovely camps.

I think husband loved it as much as I did. It is clear as a bell
no motors just lovely.

Then off to the next town and the next pond.
It is called a bog but huge. and beautiful.

And as you can see the colors are coming into their full beauty.
Lots of exercise today so I will be ready for bed early.
Have a great week everyone!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014


The world is full of priorities and each day
we get to decide them. When I see people wait in line
for days for a phone I know that is not my priority. We only 
have so many days on this earth and waiting for a phone would not be how I use my days.
Of course going to the dump would not be on some people's
list of priorities. But hey you have to get rid of garbage right?
and look for great finds. This is a shoe box full.

I truly love all the notes! It was someone's priority to note all the good recipes.

Cleaning is not a priority in my house when there is
other things I want to do.

I have had the worst time with this rug! The colors I chose
look like crayon colors not what I was going for so out it all comes.
This is an idea for the new colors, comments please I need help!

I put the background in a dye bath of med brown.
hoping it would tone it down. I will let you know.

For now my priorities are family, friends, and watching the 
leaves turn. 

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Another Week Another Hike And Another yard Sale

My friend Cathy and I try to meet up on Thursday and do something together and it could be anything this week it was a hike

And a climb! yes this is me I am pretty proud of myself I 
made it up but when I turned around I was shocked at how high up we were! 

So down we went, we got to the bottom no car keys! Up we go again! We were both shocked at how fast we made it up the second time. Well long story short husband rescued us and a friend found the keys on her hike up this weekend, all is well :)

I also met up with another friend and we went to a woman who is selling off all of her wool. I bought some pieces of hand dyed at a great price. Some of it is for the piece I am hooking now.

There were 4 of us who met up to yard sale.
I got a sweet cake plate with a promise of my almond tea
cake to be served on it.

I hit all of the holidays. This is a vintage Santa in good shape.

A cutie Halloween ghoul.

and these sweet eggs I believe they are hand done just amazing for 1.00!

I picked up this movie for our viewing pleasure tonight 
1.00 a cheap evening. 

And I will leave you with my cute find of the day.
and apparently he does :)

Monday, September 15, 2014

Summer's End

The last of the flowers...

we are expecting a frost on Friday..

We cleaned out the last of some veggies,we have a few
tomatoes left that may ripen before the frost.

I canned some blackberry jelly that turned out yummy.

With the left over seeds and pulp I dyed a piece of wool.
It is a very pretty color but what a pain to get all the seeds off 
before I could wash and dry it. The light is before the dark is after.

I have been hooking a bit and I was suppose to see 
Gene Sheppard this past weekend but threw it all to the 
wind when I got a chance to have Miss B over night. 

I have also been knitting a bit not much of a knitter but this 
scarf seems fun so we shall see.
I also got the new Mary Jane's Farm magazine
today. So I will be busy for awhile.
Wrinkles should merely indicate where the smiles have been.
Mark Twain

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

A Color Plan..

This is the full super moon Monday night..

I love the moon and the quiet of the evening. 
Tonight I thought I would color plan a rug

I bought this pattern when I went to Maine with
with that Canadian hooker :) Kim

My first hooking teacher told us to NEVER to color plan
at night

I thought I would  take this piece of paisley and use the colors to make my plan...

But just what colors are in there???? So I will wait for the sun to rise....and make my plan.

In the mean time I will flip through my new magazine.
I have finished this book please if you are a reader 
find this book it is really the best book I have read in a very long time. I hated for it to end but I couldn't put it down.
I am off to see Gene Sheppard this coming Sunday.
I am really looking forward to it and I just may buy a piece or two of  wool...
Have a great night!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

With A Hook In My Hand...

Fall is in the air and the rug hooking events are 
starting to pile up. I had my rug hooking guild this weekend.
My guild is an amazing group of talent. We are having a hook in
Oct 25th and we would like to give each person who attends a pin.
So I worked on pins felt good to have a hook in my hand again.

Today I stayed home all day cleaned the house, got caught up
on laundry, and gardened a bit. Then I made some meatballs and sausage for dinner. Today was warm and beautiful but the nights cool off so fast so hardy food tastes good. 

I have been reading this book and just love it
it is very different than other books I read. 
No big plans this week so maybe I will get some more pins done.
Have a great week everyone!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Life Is So Busy

I have been picking blackberries like crazy trying to keep ahead of the bear that takes a short cut through our yard often. I may try to
make jelly soon. 

I had my women's group over last Wed.
We were talking about how busy life is and then someone says
"busy doing what?". It got very quiet and then we decided we
made it busy because we are all of an age that our children are grown.

How sweet is my husband helping me get things together for 
my women's group! He felt bad I had to work so much last
week that he really stepped up and helped me pull things together,
including arranging flowers.

I bought some wild blueberries the nice small ones so sweet
and good. I have been making blueberry muffins and 
peach and blueberry cobbler for my friend that dropped in for tea.

We did get to kayak and watch a mother loon
teaching her young one how to dive.

And of course our sweetie Miss B! We went to the lake
with my daughter, son in law and of course miss B.
On Friday we went to a concert in the gazebo in town and watched the fire works over the lake after.
On Saturday we went to a little restaurant that brings in live talent
and enjoyed a girl we had heard before. 
On Sunday we saw Miss B and today I had to work. Busy!
I am not sleeping well at all. I envy all of you that have no trouble
sleeping. Tonight when we were taking our walk after dinner I felt 
so tired right down to my bones. So early to bed, I think I will have to break down and take something. 
Now all I need to do is hit the lottery then I can free up time by quitting work.