Monday, August 28, 2023

The Marginal Way

The sun's angle is making for pretty pictures lately. 

Yesterday we made the 2 hrs trip to Maine. We are staying in families cottage for a few days. 
Our first sunset was a good one. We saw family and friends on our first day always wonderful to catch up.

Thus morning we headed for Perkins Cove and walked the marginal way. It is a public path along the ocean. If you look at the point of land you can see fog rolling in there. If you are ever in the area it is not to be missed. 

Most of the sea roses have gone by but we did see a few that were left.                                   Have a wonderful week!

Wednesday, August 23, 2023

The Slant Of The Sun

The afternoon sun is at a different slant. Can fall be far behind?

 The hydrangea is the only thing that flourished in all the rain this summer.

Only one naked lady bloomed this year out of 6. 

I have been working on a halloween project. Spray painting on an old pallet outside. The spider web got decorated too!

We went to the concert on the common tonight and the moon was high and the night was closing in early. 
We have had such lovely days the past few days but very cool evenings. 
Husband got a game camera to see if the bear is coming and going on our property. The only pictures he has gotten are of me crossing the yard. 
Our grand had orientation today she starts middle school this year. My daughter was having a hard time with it. I told her just wait until you drop her at college! Our daughter went to college 3 hours away from us I cried all the way home. 
I apologize for not getting back to some if you. I need to do much better. But I have read each comment and appreciate each of your visits. 
Have a great week.

Sunday, August 20, 2023

A Long Trip

The drive Friday was so horrid it was pouring!! and I mean pouring!!
Because of the amount of traffic and the trailer trucks it was as bad as any snowstorm I have I ever driven in. The spray from the vehicles and the ponding on the road was horrendous. But we made it a little over 3 hours to my cousin's house where we stayed the night. 
The next morning up and out early for another 3 plus hours' drive to my dear aunt's funeral.

We arrived at the cemetery a bit early so my husband and I took a walk around this very old cemetery. 
This fencing intrigued me to no end I have never seen anything like it and I loved it!

Each fence post looked like a tree branch with a vine running up it. 

And the corner posts were larger tree branches painted green or were they copper not sure.

It was all very thick old Iron. So pretty and it stood the test of time. 

I know this is a newish, but it looks like an old grinding stone a creative headstone. 

This stone was in the fenced enclosure.  In case Emily forgot which way to go they had a finger pointing up with the word hope. 
Some of the stone reads:
In good hope in heaven and charity towards all of her fellow creatures
She was 48 years old. 

Benjamin Foster 
Born 1793 died 1869
He was 76 a ripe old age at that time. 

This is John D.
Son of 
John and Lydia Kilby
Died of Cholera in Bangor Me. 
23years and 21 days old.
Sept 1849
Cholera comes from contaminated water and is easily cured now. But there are only a handful of cased a year in the US now days but then it was deadly. 

This is Jane, John's sister he would have been 
7 when she passed in 1835 at 11 years old it does not 
say how she passed. Such a sad family but I think not unusual at that time. 
I took lots and lots of pictures of beautiful stones and sad sinking stones. It makes me sad to see these stones in that state. 

And a very large maple tree. My mother always said you will find the best trees in a cemetery they are filled with old souls. 

So, we started the long trip home of 6 plus hours. 
This is not a great picture we were moving but in this little town in Maine they had lined both sides of the road with American flags and signs with the pledge of allegiance with the flags. So, as you drove by there were a few words on each sign so you could read it or say it as you drove by.  Such a lovely sight! 
I wish I had more time to take pictures and see more of that area again. I spent lovely summers at my grandparents in that area as a child . 
But my husband was tired and not feeling well so we made the trip home with no side trips. The colors were starting to show and the weather there was crisp and clean. This is the state where the Christmas tree grows so lots of lovely balsams. And this part of Maine is soooo very different than the southern part. So much calmer and lovelier with rocky beaches and cliffs. 
I started my next quilt block and I have some cleaning to do
Have a great week!

Wednesday, August 16, 2023


The morning sun after a rainy night. 

We have had chilly mornings so I wrap up in a shawl and have coffee on the porch anyway. The days are getting short on how many more mornings I have to have coffee out on the porch in the mornings. 

I am getting a handful of blueberries a day. Trying to get them early before the birds and bears beat me to them.
Lately I have gotten a few new cookbooks at our local dump.
So far this is the only recipe I have tried. I marinated chicken in it, and it was delicious! Tarragon is one of my favorite herbs.

I have two more blocks done to my quilt. 

There are lots of mistakes and I am playing fast and loose with colors.
Now on to block 6. I plan on using this quilt when it is done. 

I would like to say that August is slowly slipping by but truly it is going by faster every day.
So, the devil returned my favorite chopping knife in the most unusual place ever. Truly I was shocked, and I can't think I would have put it there. It was among the wooden spoons I keep on my counter in a container and the blade was straight up! I use those spoons all the time but when I was looking for a particular spoon and spun the container yikes!
Thanks for some of the laughs on where the devil put your things. 
Our grand dog is still here until Friday. 
Tomorrow night I am meeting my sweet friend for a night at the summer theater.
Have a wonderful rest of your week. 

Sunday, August 13, 2023

The Devil Has It

There have been several things go missing in our house recently.
My grandmother always said when things went missing "The devil has them and when he is done, he will bring them back." 
He did bring back my favorite salad bowl yesterday after it had been missing 2 weeks and today, I found my medical necklace that had been missing for several days. But I would like to know what he is doing with my favorite chopping knife that has been missing since June. 

Last night we went to a friend's house for a bit of fun. 
He had someone playing some great music.

And we watched the sunset. 

Some people came by boat and their dog was having none of it and he stayed on the boat, so sweet. 
Speaking of sweet we have a house guest for the next few days while her family is on vacation. On our first walk we saw a bear cub and the mom. Thankfully we were on the top of the hill, and they were at the bottom. She smelled them right away, but they did not seem to notice us thankfully (she is not a barker) we turned and retreated quickly. In all the years I have walked that road this is the first time I have seen a bear. I guess they are everywhere this year. 

And we see the first signs of fall. The trees are turning a bit right now I think because they are so stressed from all the rain this year. 
Have a wonderful week!

Thursday, August 10, 2023

A Walk In The Park

Henery David Thoreau 1817-1862
sculptured by Janice Corkin Rudolf 
of Concord, Ma 
An American naturalist and essayist, poet, and philosopher. 
He is best known for his book Walden a reflection of simple living in natural surroundings. That book is very relevant today as it was then.
This sculpture is in the park in Meredith NH. There are lots of new sculptures this year in the park and it made for a nice walk for husband and me while eating an ice cream to end the day Sunday. 

Catching The Wind
by Steven Hayden 
Meredith NH
I love this one he really captured the sense of wind and movement. 

by Kirk Seese
Lutherville, MD
The sculpture spins. 

Eye Of the Beholder
David Adilman
Andover, Ma
If you enlarge the picture, you can see through the open part looks directly at the Native American sculpture on the island in front of it. 

Balancing Act
Josie Campbell Dellenbaugh
Glastonbury, CT

I did not get the information on this sculpture for some reason.
It is very appropriate as it is a loon on the banks of the Winnipesaukee. 

Drew Klotz
Weston, CT
This sculpture is in preputial motion.

mega Dandelion
Gints Grinbergs
Dedham, MA

Again, I do not have the information on this sculpture.

Spark of Creativity
Nick Pugh 
Gilmanton, NH
This is just a small sample of the sculptures in this area. 

It was a beautiful evening and there were boats everywhere!! Lined up waiting for docking space to go to one of the many restaurants within walking distance.

I love birch trees, and these were so lovely in the afternoon light. 

Speaking of trees this one was heavy with Cormorants settling in for the evening. If you enlarge it, you can see there are birds all through this tree. 

Last but far from least I met my sweet friend for dinner last night. 
We celebrated my birthday with drinks and dinner and a bag of wonderful gifts. I am so very blessed!
We took at walk after, and we saw a mink with a fish in its mouth! The poor little critter was so surprised at all the people around but made it's get a way into the lake. 
Have a wonderful Day!