Sunday, April 28, 2013

A Very Big thank you!

You are all amazing! I was really scared to tell what I was doing
but all of you made me so great!!!! So for 3 more weeks I am a teacher!
I am also going to a class next weekend on hooking masks it will make me
stretch a bit.
I spent most of the weekend raking but we did take a trip
ta da dump. I got this really nice painting...

And this cute little dish made in Germany.

Because it was so nice this weekend we had our first dinner
on the porch!!!!
Have a great week everyone!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

It's Finally Done

The colors are not just right and I have a blurry spot on it but it's done!
Except for the binding that is.
OK I have a big secret OK at least it is to me.
do you want to know what it is???
I am teaching a beginning rug hooking class.
There I have said it. I know there are many of you
that are way more talented than I am.
They approached me at first I said no but
I gave it another thought and said why not???
My first class was last night it was fun and there
was talent in that room.
My next door neighbor is one of the students she
called to tell me she was bringing me dinner now how great is that?
Have a wonderful weekend!!!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Long Time No blog...

Guess who has a big girl bed!
A friend and I try to meet up on Thursday after I get out of work.
we hit the thrift. I found a couple of tops, and a new DVD
Mr and Mrs Smith.
the next store we wanted to go to was closed so to sooth our souls we
went for a drink and a app. :-)
I did some spring cleaning and lots of raking.
Went to breakfast with another friend, always good.
And the best thing of all I got out of work early on Friday and husband
and I went to Dorr mill! You rug hookers will know what I am talking about. Yes I did buy something, more later.
We are expecting sleet and freezing rain on Tues????
Will spring ever come?
So how was your week?

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


These past few days have been about choices. Friday we had an
ice storm with a sleet chaser. So I decided to stay home and
not spend the day with Miss B, I was not happy:(

So I made the choice to fill the bird feeder 3 times during the bad
weather. The little birds were very thankful for my choice.

We had Miss B over night Saturday night, she chose
to sit in her rocker and watch TV with Pepe. Good
choice Miss B.

After the horrid news from Boston I made the choice to shut the
TV off and read a book. I made a choice to keep all the people that
were in Boston that day in my prayers.
I hope you will make the choice to pray for Boston. The city that healed
my husband and gave him his life back. The nurses and Dr's and all the people that
I struck up conversations with in waiting rooms. I wonder if any of them where there?
I can not understand how someone can make a choice to kill or hurt people
they have never seen or talked to.
What choices have you made today?

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Sleet With A Chance Of Snow

I went to the thrift store after work.
I did snag 2 brown shirts that the plate is on one Talbot's and the other
Anne Kline. I also picked up this cute ironstone platter. It is a small
platter so I will use it now and then.

I have been reading more than hooking but as you can see
I am making some progress.
I have Friday off and I had grand plans to spend the entire
day with Miss B. but it is going to sleet and snow up to 5 inches.
Now I know you people in the Midwest have had the worst of it.
But I am mad I may have to stay home and no Miss B!
Tomorrow is the most important thing in life...
comes into us at midnight very clean, it's perfect  when it
arrives and it put itself in our hands.
It hopes we've learned something from yesterday.
John Wayne
So glad you visited:)

Sunday, April 7, 2013

I've Been Busy!

I got to do a little thrifting. My daughter has been looking for
a great basic cookbook I think this fits the bill and for 1.00
it's a bargain.

 Flipping through it I found a recipe for buttermilk bread
and since I had some buttermilk that was hanging around I gave it a try.
I got a pan of rolls and a loaf of bread out of it.

It there anything better than warm bread from the oven with
real butter?

 A great bowl for our annual camping trip for .25.

And a piece of my pottery for .25
I went out with a couple of friends to celebrate a belated birthday this past week.
We had such fun lots and lots of laughs.
Then David and I went to our town hall to see a NH comic.
I wish I had my camera with me he let people take pictures.
We enjoyed him a lot.
Of course lots and lots of excitement  over Easter
egg hunts and of course Miss B!

I have been reading this book it is a challenge for me because
it goes from 1912 to 1975 to 2005 and then jumps around, so you really have to pay attention.
Miracles of miracles I have been hooking a bit too!
OK I have been keeping a secret, I love Duck Dynasty:)
It makes me laugh out loud. I may or may not have relatives
that could be on that show. That uncle Si is a hoot.
I know, I know my friends are as shocked as you are ha!
Have a great week everyone we are headed for a week of warm
wonderful temps, we are so due.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Me And My Shadow.....

We still have snow as you can see, we lost a lot the week before.
It was so great to have Miss B two weekends in a row.

The birthday cake that tasted awful. :( this was a cake recipe from
Bonn appetite the frosting was sickly sweet and the cake was dry.
But the thought was there.

The birthday boy! and my husband's donor!
Happy Birthday and many many more!

I also got a package in the mail and what amazing package it was!
There was this pattern and a pretty large pattern for my grand baby. That I
will show as I hook it.
To the amazing person who sent it and you know who you are you
over whelm me with your kindness.

This was in the package too I have it on my frig, the cold weather has come back we will be in the 30's
for the next few days :( I swear this will be the latest spring ever.
I hope your Easter was a good one and that the bunny found you.
I am going to clean house and get rid of all the left over candy I just
can't control myself.