Friday, April 9, 2010

Chippy shutters and wall paper

I got 3 comments yesterday on my post OH happy day! I love comments I then know people are really reading my blog. One was the color of the cooler. It is coke red but not a coke cooler. It is vintage, it has a zinc lining. I use it for the kids drink or when it's all adults I put the wine bottles in it. My husband thought it was a silly purchase. I have gotten so many compliments on it he loves it and see my vision for it. I was asked if that was fabric behind the bed. Nope just 20 year old wall paper. We papered it when we moved in and I still love it. Of course my husband is itching to take it down. But no way!
I love old chippy shutters. I really love the ones that are cut out like this one. I use them inside.
I just took a stiff brush to them and hung them in my kitchen.

This is over the sink in the kitchen. The zinc tray on the window sill is a chicken feeder. I put plants in it and it protects the paint.
There is a yard sale tomorrow wish me luck!

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Rugs and Pugs said...

I've gotten behind on my blog reading and am just now catching up. You have so many great ideas!
I am like you. I just love comments. When I started blogging, I was afraid no one would read me. I have been so pleasantly surprised.
The shutters look great in you kitchen.
Have a great weekend. The weather is lookin' good today (yesterday it was freezing!) and I must get off the computer and get some stuff done so I can do some yard work this afternoon.
Pug hugs :)