Sunday, September 26, 2021

It Was Just A Dream..

Today was picture perfect. If you could bottle weather I would have bottled this one.

I did 4 miles this morning all the way to the farm. 
I just kept breathing deep, I wanted to remember this weather and the smell of fall, as I know it will not last forever.

On the way back I stopped at the old cemetery. I didn't dare walk to much in there as the ground looks unstable and I do not want to fall through anything if you get my meaning!

This young person died in 1847, 2 days before Christmas
18 years 1 month 19 days old. There is something written on the bottom but as I said I did not feel good about walking in there. I am sure they died from something that would be curable now. But you can not help think of the sadness this must of caused to lose someone so young.
I had 2 major dreams this week. And as far as I know I don't dream all that much. The first dream was about my death. Yes it freaked me out. A couple of days later I had a dream that husband and I were in this old broken down apartment. I am telling my husband we had made a bad decision moving and I wanted to go back.Husband is telling me it is to late! I was so upset I woke up hyper-ventilating. 
I did look up the meanings of the dreams. Both mean there are changes coming. I just hope those are not the changes yikes!!!

I cut some hydrangeas today, I took the old faded ones out made the room look fresher.

Just a quick picture of my Acorn Fairy. She seems to be taking forever, but then again I am not hooking much since I have been home from Star Island. (colors are not quite right in the picture)

Since Oct 1st is this Friday. (were does the time go?)
I pulled out some of my decorations. I added the hat and the sign. (If the broom fits ride it) I have that little broom collection out all the time.
I had my hair cut shorter than I have ever had it. I look like a human Q-tip! I have been fussing about it all week. And then I saw two different people I know that are in the throws of major memory issues. It was a huge wake up call! My hair will grow, their situation will not change for the better. I don't believe seeing them happened by chance. I mean really what are the odds I would see both people in the same day? And that day I was having the worst feeling about my stupid hair! What ever you believe, there has to be something larger than us!!
I hope fall has come to your area and you are enjoying great weather! 
Have a wonderful week!

Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Star continued

This picture was taken by my fellow hooker,Lauri Troughtman, She
Takes wonderful pictures! Not a bad place to sit and think. Star Island so peaceful and beautiful. 

These rocking chairs are on all the porches looking at the ocean.

Enlarge this picture, this tree is full of Monarch butterflies!!! I have never seen so many in one place!

There are lovely stone buildings on Star Island and the apple tree makes it perfect.

Now for the reason we were on the Island in the first place.
We had two new rug hookers with us. Love how she did the stone.

This was this new rug hooker's second piece, wonderful work!

This is done by a long time hooker Sara she is taking from a french Canadian children's book. Beautiful work!

This is by Lauri Troughtman her colors are wonderful and this is a larger piece.

Stair risers and some smaller pieces by my partner in crime Donna! Great job as always!

I wish I could remember this girl's last name her work is amazing!This was her dog that has passed away. 
I know her as Barbara from Maine.

Our Fearless leader Pam Bartlett! Her specialty is animal eyes.
Yes it is, Perfect!

This is also from Pam Bartlett great color.

And this precious rug had us all in tears! This is Pam's son who passed away a few years ago. This is from a picture of when he was a little boy. Oh my heart...

And this sweet purse was done by Sara great job and colors.

Of course you can not go to star with out having lobster!
Donna and Pam showing off their lobster before we all dig in!!!

We did a gift swap while on Star and I got this mug. I just love it! and yes we should all keep calm and hook on.
Thank you for visiting 
Have a great week!!

Sunday, September 19, 2021


Bright and early Monday morning we headed out to my most favorite place Star Island! 
Our first Sunset

Moon over chapel 

Beautiful no matter where you look. 
It is a small island whose only access is by boat.
So as a rug hooker we have to pack smart.

There were monarch butterflies every where! 50 to 100 at a time!
I will have more pictures to show later it seems my computer does not want to down load all the pictures. I will try again very soon.

And then this happened her first real riding lesson.
Can you see love there?? Oh my heart! She texted me the minute she was done. I called right away so exciting when the world is great for a child! She learned to trot un-tethered, the teacher felt she was a natural.  


 I have continued to walk and walk. I have lost 45 lbs because of a health issue that I no longer have from the weight loss. I do feel better. And the weather is just wonderful!!!

And my same old route is slowing changing into fall. 

So for tonight I will leave you with a wooly funny. 
Have a great week!   
               I will post soon when I finally get the picture issue solved.

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

And Just Like That...

Summer turns into fall.

The wild asters are in bloom. 

It seems that it was a quick change 
The humid weather cleared out and the cool crisp air is
in place, my favorite kind of weather. If we could only have months and months of it.

The colors are starting to show on the trees and this 
stump had so many different colors of gray I had to take a picture.

The nights have been cool, it has been nice to sit
around the camp fire in the evening chatting. My brother has been here and is getting ready to go back to Mississippi. His area missed the hurricane but he was happy he miss the rain. 


Since the nice weather has come in and my brother is here, I 
spoiled him a bit with blueberry pie...

Home made rolls and beef stew tonight. 
I am getting ready to go to Star Island for a rug hooking retreat.
I am trying to get everything together it is a lot to remember.
But it will be so great to get back with friends and I will miss those who decided not to go. I will show more pictures of star and my new project in the next post. 
Have a wonderful safe week.