Sunday, June 30, 2013

I need A Fairy God Mother

I  bumped into this woman so I asked if she was my fairy god mother
she said no and Miss B felt she was a bit to creepy for her so we

These are water color prints that are signed by the painter
no idea who it is but I liked them.

I did hit a chruch sale and got lots of great things
but I am limping along with an acient desk top and my husband's
notebook. My computer died! I was able to get my pictures off it.
Since a new computer is not in the budget right this minute.
Yearly Car insurance and new tires for my SUV so I will have to wait.
I am thinking it is a good thing I spent way to much time on the computer.
But if you have any suggestions on computers I will take them.
It is either raining and thundering or humid as a swamp
hate this weather. I know so many of you are fying up stay safe .                                                                  We are headed camping for a few days with
the whole family about 25 of us so pray for good weather, we are in tents:(
So many of you were right it was short hand and steno
annie from scrappalachia email me your information I will
send you out a few pads to have fun with.
A happy and safe 4th to you all.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A Ta Da Dump What's It????

Today I found 

5 pads

and 3 booklets from 1940 I couldn't pass it up.
Tell me what they are used for,I will put all correct answers in for a 
giveaway of a couple of these pads great for crafting.
I will draw the winner on Sunday June 30th

Monday, June 24, 2013

How To Beat The Heat

We have been hot and muggy for the past few days. If you live
in northern New England like I do not many people have air conditioners.
Not many people like air conditioners. We have them at work but not at home.

So you take a nice cool shower with all of your assorted lavender
scented products, the powder is a must.

Sit under your ceiling fan......

In your favorite spot, ours is the screened porch. Ahh heaven.....
I hear the little peepers tonight, I will have to wait for dark to see if the 
fireflies are out yet.
I want a house that has got over all its troubles. I don't want to spend the rest of my life bringing up a young and inexperience house.
Jerome K Jerome(1859-1927)

Saturday, June 22, 2013

A Lovely 24 Hours

As soon as I got out of work we headed for the beach.
We ate Lobster and watched the sunset. In the beautiful salt air.

We each had two lobsters and were they yummy!

Then Saturday morning we headed to Hampton Beach in NH for the sand 
sculptures. I made a big mistake and kept my camera on
video. So each one is second or two but you will get a feel for the
amazing detail.

This was my favorite, in the giant's hand is a man, and that man in holding a man.
and you can see the big hand coming out of the sand that must hold him.
Great imagination. 

This was the sculpture announcing the contest.

This is sideways but last night we took an amazing walk on the beach with
the giant moon and the tide coming in it sounds and looks beautiful.
It was a quick trip, we had a great time with our sweet friends.
and as I was leaving to go I was sitting in a kitchen chair. I turned and 
there goes my back! I have never had back issues except when I was pregnant 
30 years ago. So some motrin, ice, and a understanding husband
I made it home and I am sitting on the porch at home with my feet up and my book.
I hope this passes soon not fun.
Welcome to my new follower!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Great legs

How cool is this moth? If you click on it you can see the little spots
on it's wings look like eyes to scare off predators. 
Of course this was on our tenants window so I hope she didn't think I was 
doing something weird.

On Father's day husband and I took a new hike, the pay off
was pretty amazing. This is Squam lake where on Golden Pond was filmed.

I just wish it had been a clearer day but still pretty.

This is my dump find today. It is not very large and how cute
would it be with a hooked top????

But look at these legs! It is a reproduction but still darn cute.
I will be painting or staining depending on what I put on the top.
I am taking a free spice class offered by a local farm here.
It is how to use them in cooking. I am looking forward to some new dishes to cook.
We are off to a friend's house this weekend there may or may not be lobster involved :)
We are also headed to a sand sculpture contest! I have never been so I am looking forward to
 seeing some amazing sculptures.
Have a great weekend!!!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Here Is Pie In You Eye

My first strawberry rhubarb pie.
I have had them just not cooked one. It came out great
if I do say so myself.

This violet was my mother's it blooms constantly it makes me think
of my mom everday and it makes me think she is thinking of me too.

My rose bush is blooming, it smells so lovely.

And what would a post be without some bargains. The Jr snow
shoes were 5.00 just waiting for Miss B to grow into them. 

I also got this amazing chair in great shape for 5.00. I also have a pair of snow shoes for 
myself for 20.00. A good bargain day.

I am finishing a rug by whipping as you can see I am not so good at it
First of all I hate this process I usually use tape or wool to finish my rugs.
I now have 3 pieces to finish this way because I didn't put the tape on at first.
I have learned a lesson.
My Dad died when I was 19 so I didn't get many father's days with him.
I still think of him all of these years later and wish he could have met my wonderful daughter and
our amazing Miss B
Welcome to my new followers!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A Journey

This was taken 2 years ago this month. What a long way he has come.
He was thin and tired wondering if he would ever feel good again.
This is David now tan, healthy, and enjoying our little Miss B.
We have many blessings in our life we both are over whelmed 
when we think about his journey. I encourage you all to become registered
on the bone marrow donor list it could save a life. And as my bother in law said
it was one week of feeling a bit achy no big deal. You do not
undergo any operations it is filtered from your blood.

Before I start crying I will move on.
Even though it has rained a lot and been chilly except for the 
one weekend were it was hotter than He_ _

My gardens are looking pretty good.

And on a different note the town I work in is having their 250th
anniversary and they painted the center line in the road a very
festive red, white, and blue. Pretty cool!
Have a great week! 

Sunday, June 9, 2013

A First Kayak Of The Season

After dinner we took a paddle.

The first one of the season, the water was cold but it was beautiful.

A little trip ta da dump. a silver plate tray
3 tervis tumblers, and the little tin is full of small cutters in 
several shapes so cute.

And my favorite thrifting friend found some of my pottery.
When I went to the Lupine festival, I also found 2 big
beer mugs that go with my set.

Ok something totally off track I love these new triscuits!
I have not tried the other new kinds but this are wonderful
and soooo good with cheese.
Have a great week everyone.!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Sugar Hill Lupine Festival

The colors were amazing

The air was filled with a very sweet scent

So beautiful

Fields and fields of them

These sweet Iris's made a showing too.

This horse didn't know what all the excitement was about.
As he ate a field of buttercups.
Even though it was drizzling most of the day it was so beautiful!
Nature at it's best

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Before And After

I thought you should see a before and after. This is a bench that 
Husband got at the dump.

This is after! the oak came from the dump, the black spray paint
is the only thing he bought. So for a grand total of about 5.00
a great bench!

A recent dump find, the front of this tool box has a cracked front the only
word left is Plymouth the town I work in.

The side is fabulous wouldn't this look great with pots of geraniums? 
we are back in the cold we are in the 50's right now with frost warnings tonight.
Last Friday, Sat, Sun was in the high 90's I just can't believe this weather.
I hope you are all safe and dry we are going into rain on Thursday for a few days.
Have a great week!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

A Very Hot Weekend

We were in the 90's this weekend which is so crazy as we had the fireplace going
just a few days ago because of the rain and cold made the house so cold.
We went out to dinner to a beach bar this is the scenery from our table. Not a bad place 
to beat the heat.

We hadn't seen Miss B in a few weeks. So we went to Story Land yeah!!!!
This would be Pepe and Miss B in peter the pumpkin eater's house.

and this would be Daddy going for a ride in the flying shoe.
It was so hot we got there at opening and left after lunch.
My daughter had made lunch and stored it in old mother Hubbard cupboard.
A very fun day! I think my husband and my son in law had the most fun with water cannons.
There will be a return trip for sure.
We had a bad storm go through and the temps have dropped 30 degrees
in an hour. The relief is so good though much better sleeping tonight.
Have a great week.