Sunday, July 29, 2012

Just A Drive By

Miss B just got her first set of wheels. Her mother is a big
fan of freecycle why pay all that money for a short time of play.
Most of my yard sale haul this weekend was an amazing
amount of the sweetest clothes for her.

Of course I did get myself a few things.
This mug was on a white elephant table.I know the potter.
she is well into her 80's and last I knew still hiking and skiing.

A blogger (I am sorry I don't remember who) showed she made one of these cakes.
I remember them from the 70's and wanted to make one of my own.It reminded me of when I was first married. And for 50 cents I will
be baking a checkerboard cake soon.

And yes miracles of miracles I have picked up a hook again. This is my primitive cat in all her glory.
After seeing it in this photo I may take out the lighter wool.
It is a cold rainy day so I have meatloaf and baked potatos in the oven.
and I believe I will curl up and hook some more tonight.
Have a great week.
I make no secret of the fact that I would rather lie on a sofa than sweep beneath it.
    Shirley Conran(1932)

Thursday, July 26, 2012

A Couple of Recipes

I have been baking lately. (These look darker than they are) They are donut muffins.
They taste just like the cake donuts just not fried. I am now looking for the donut pans
I have seen a thousand times so I can make these into donuts. I got a lot of comments wanting the recipe for the bread. No knead Crusty bread here. and here are the muffins. I am loving
the king Arthur flour site.

Our little tiny garden is giving like crazy we are picking a cuke a day but today 4
I have made pesto several times from our basil, I need to make a big batch for the freezer.
We are waiting for our tomatos to turn red. I will be making sauce and freezing that also.

Summer is really going fast by the second week in august we are starting to wind

I saw my first colored leaves while kayaking sooo very sad:(
We have been very warm but today threatened to rain all day. tonight
it is now raining and chilly.
I have been washing wool.In that wool was a couple of beautiful plaid skirts.
I was reading the tag and feeling very badly about washing and cutting up
those floor length  skirts. Buuuut then I see the waist is 26 inches ok
I don't feel bad any more. I think I had a 26 in waist at birth.
Thank you for such a warm welcome for David he was so excited he woke me out of a dead sleep
to tell me all about it. Bloggers are the most amazing people.
Discover the blessings you already have.
  Cherie Carter-Scott Ph.D

Sunday, July 22, 2012

A Big Announcement!

For those of you who saw in the last post I was making bread it turned out great couldn't be easier.
it is King Arthur Flour no knead bread super easy.

My Brother was home from Mississippi. It was such a great week
we kayaked and fished a lot. He took some great pictures and caught some brook
trout that we cooked on the grille. It was hard to let him go today we see each other about once a year. He is a northern boy at heart and wants back in the north east I sure hope it happens soon.

While he was here he was a good sport and went yard saling and thrifting with me.
This is a steif kangaroo it is about 5-6 inches tall. he does not have his ear tag or the little roo that went in her pocket but for 1.00 it will look good with my feather tree this Christmas.

Curtains to change out the spare bedroom/craft room

I got some great books at the thrift store. yes that is a rug hooking book for 50 cents.

But truly the best bargain of the weekend were these steaks. I picked them up today
20.00 worth of steaks for 6.00 we had one on the grille and saved the other in the freezer for another night. T-bones are my favorite but at 10.00 a pound I do not get them very often.
Now for the big news! Husband has started his own blog. I guess he saw how much I love mine and wanted in. So go to  acorn hollow woodworking and say hi.
You won't skid if you stay in a rut.
     Karen Hubbard

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A Day For Lilies

A friend of mine is cleaning out her parents house,she passed on a box of wonderful wool!

And some wonderful drapes.

The weather has been hot and muggy but a large thunderstorm blew through last night
and cooled things down. I remember reading Tasha Tudor saying she would not give
day lilies any space in her gardens. I on the other have hand have given them room.

I understand why she didn't like them you can't cut them for a bouquet.

They only last a day. They always have a dead head hanging unless you are
really good and dead head every day.
We went to Boston for David's check up. A good report so we have 2 weeks before
we have to go back. The trip is always hard we leave early in the morning by the time
we are headed home we are tired. When we get close to home the mountains are on all sides of us.
I feel like it is a giant hug and welcome back from the mountains.There is no place like home.
Summer afternoon-summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words
in the English language.
     Henry James

Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Shell Game

Husband went yard saling and found this crusty old iron shell.

I put some of my mother's beach glass and stones in it with a candle I just love it..

 I when to a church sale with miss baby and daughter and got this.
Daughter paid 20.00 for this at pampered chef I paid 1.00

It works great. I grilled the big chunks and they were so yummy,

I have decided to make bread wish me luck.
My niece is doing well thank you for your prayers. They always work.
So I am asking for prayers again please pray for a young man in his early
40's who is having a major health issue but the Dr can't seem to find what is causing it.
He is becoming very frustrated and could use all the prayers he can get.
We are expecting warm muggy weather most of the week boo I like warm but not the muggies.
Put all your eggs in one basket and-WATCH THAT BASKET!
        Mark Twain

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Camping trip a success!

The weather was beautiful and a total of 24 of us.

Lots of fun. (My brother in law would kill me if he saw this hehehe)
There was swimming, lots of eating and a few cocktails,
a little karaoke, =great memories

We always get an official camp out shirt every year
The best part of the camp out was;
when my grand daughter saw me for the first time she ran to me with her arms up.
ok honey girl what do you want a pony?, cash?, you name it cause you totally have my heart!

I got my Mary Jane's farm magazine when I got home.
I am really lusting for a vintage trailer!

So for my birthday I ordered her new book coming out in Sept.
(My birthday is a month away)
This is my 300th post who knew I would be so gabby. Ok my family would.
I am thinking about a give away I just haven't any thing in mind right now.
stay tuned.
Even if your on the right track,you'll get run over if you just sit there,
       Will rogers

Thursday, July 5, 2012


There have been pretty slim pickings at the dump lately
I got this Very young Martha Stewart cookbook.
and country woman magazine. It has a lot of tomato recipes
which I think I will need as we have six tomato plants and David could
careless about them.

We are headed camping with the my husband's family it is always fun and interesting.
I thought cookies would come in handy.

And since my pictures are out of order and I can't seem to get them right this is a dump
find also. When my daughter got married we filled bags like these with all kinds of treats
to have in each person's room at the hotel who stayed over for the wedding.
We went to  fireworks in the next town which was very nice but very crowded.
when we got home my 19 year old cat met us at the door with 4 little feet sticking out of her mouth.
yes she caught a baby mouse but it wasnt quite dead so we got to try and coax her away from playing with it so we could nab it. The old girl still has it!!
Every day I wake up, I think what a blessing --I'm alive. I don't care if it snows, it rains, it thundstorms-- a heatwave, I think I am here--this is terrific.
                                     Richard Harris 1930

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Holy Rug Hooking!

Ok I had sworn off yard sales because I was buying to much for the house we didn't need.
But it really is a big fat lie. Today after dropping off Miss Baby with her parents
we hit a yard sale. This woman was a hooker, I found lots of frames but all I could find for
patterns etc was latch hook. ummm that can not be right.....
she did needle point and embroidery...

Still no hooks or patterns no wool...

nothing that says rug hooking.

This hoop has screws on the side to adjust to the fabric.....
Then I talked to her daughters who neither one has any interest in any of these crafts,told me it was
in her words "the tip of the iceburg". I will be going back. I am going to sell the
hoop the hoop on the stand and the purtain on the stand and keep the rest.
But for fun can you guess how much I paid for all of this?
(If any one is interested in any of this before I put it on ebay let me know)

I did hit a couple of thrifts this weekend I have more to show later but this sweet
pull toy was 1.00 and has made in west Germany on the bottom.
Miss Baby gave him a spin through the house.
you all made me feel very normal that I do not have a passion except
maybe my family.
Have a happy and safe fourth!
(to thrift store Lisa you always boost my ego thank you!)
Life is a do-it-yourself kit.
                       Phyllis Diller