Sunday, January 31, 2021

11 Years And Counting!

I think I should it seems I have collected everything else in the world! I have spend the most of my time weeding out stuff that was was in my room before we redid it. I do not want all that stuff back in!

We had a full wolf moon this week and was it ever pretty!
This is on my walk after work. We have had a very mild January and now it is so cold brrrr, we have been single digits but with wind chill well below zero. The good thing is it has made lots of ice on the lakes and ponds. Today was sunny and 20s there were people everywhere! fishing, wind surfing, playing hockey etc. If you are going to live in a cold climate you might as well enjoy it.

I got antsy today and hung a few more rugs up. They will need to be redone and I really don't have the right pins yet to hang them but, well I just had to.

I also need a level! But I am going to love it!

While cleaning out I found this picture of the three of us when we went to Jamaica and climbed the falls. Our daughter would have been 12 there, she will be 38 this year. Where have the years gone??

Celebrating 11 blogging years, it just does not seem possible.
so I am going to give away this little pillow. I hooked this some time ago but it got tucked away and never really finished, and a small heart box that I have up cycled and filled with sweets and cozy socks. There may be more surprises added.
All you have to do is leave me a comment on this post I will draw a name next Sunday (super bowl sunday! I will be rooting for KC I am mad at Tom Brady lol)
(you must contact me when I announce the winner to get your information)
I want to thank you all for your wonderful comments on my blog. I get so excited when I open up and there is a comment from someone.
I have met the most amazing people here on this blog and can't imagine my life without my weekly blog. 
We are in for a snow storm Tues we shall see how it goes they have been wrong every time this year. 
Husband goes for his 2nd shot tomorrow! we could not be happier about it! 
Have a happy and healthy week 

Sunday, January 24, 2021

What A Room!

I am trying to take each day as it comes so today I am happy!

Today was the first day I got to move some things into my new rug hooking room/studio! I need to get some t-pins to hang my rugs as the pins I used for this just bent. But yes my cork board with the rug that started it all! My very first piece, it is so heavy. I put so much wool into that rug, poor thing, it is a miracle it didn't break.
This is twin bed that we keep for company AKA Sweet B our grand.
I face timed her today and she is going to pick out some new linens for this bed and send me the link. The bear is Hattie that was her mothers and Hattie waits patiently for her to sleep over.

I have a place for my cutters to set up and lots of wonderful light.

and shelves lots and lots of shelves! I haven't put much in but I was able to sit and hook in here a bit late this afternoon. ( I just noticed this was before the shelves under the window was done) 

And I also have a tv that I used for music while cleaning up the dust.
and I put my DVD player on it so I can watch my girly movies while hooking. 
So other than my hooking room not much happening. My friend and I usually have a good long talk at least once a week and we are beginning to feel like ground hog day. The same conversation over and over each week. our lives are so the same all the time.

We are as cold as we have been all winter. with the wind blowing pretty hard. I tried walking today but the wind was blowing pretty hard (-12)and the trees were doing a lot of cracking which freaked me out. I got 2 miles in better than nothing. 
I have a blog anniversary coming up next week on the 27th. 11 years I can hardly believe it! I still love blogging so look for a giveaway of some sort next week. 
Have a wonderful healthy week!

Sunday, January 17, 2021

Herb Angel

There is a pretty important birthday in our family today..

My sweet aunt is 97 today. She walks right along no cane,no walker.
She has been tucked away in her home so I have not seen her in awhile but I have called her and sent her pop up cards, she just loves them.  When I was growing up I was the oldest of 4 kids, and there was not a lot of money to go around. She was very good to me, bought my first barbie doll and paid for an art class for me and the list would go on and on. She has my heart for sure. She is my mother's oldest sister. (my mom passed 12 year ago) She sits and crochets her day away. 

I was up and out very early this morning to pick up the few groceries we needed. I decided to pick up a few tulips to brighten up the kitchen.

Sat morning we had a couple of inches of snow and then the rain came! Lots of rain! The snow soaked up all the rain and weighted a ton! We lost this large limb off a white pine.

Luckily it fell just right didn't take any wires with it and it was on the edge of our property so it didn't hit any buildings but did take out a few small trees on the way down.

So it will stay there until spring and then it will get cleaned up. 

Husband has been working so hard on my rug hooking room.
The wall of cork is up! and we found out we have enough to do the wall showing on the right. It is a small space since the closet doors are there. But more display room!

The floor is in!

And a couple of the built ins are in!

I am so excited there is still work to do before I can move in.
But it is looking great!

I have started a new pattern Herb Angle by Lori Brechlin .
I am enjoying this rug so much. The details have been fun.
I have got to stay off the computer I keep ordering patterns I have another one on the way. A big stretch for me we shall see!

We are tucked in and watching football (yes I love it) come on Saints! 
Husband and I have both had our first vaccine no issues at all.
and we have an appointment for our second one in Feb. 
I am anxious to get on with our life. I know we will have still have to be careful, but the fear we have had about my husband getting this will hopefully subside.
Have a wonderful healthy week!

Sunday, January 10, 2021


There is a quote for everything I think...And this one is true.

We see lots of sunrises this time of year. And while this one does not have lots of color I love that you can see the break of day and the moon looking on..

As I have said before we are redoing a spare bedroom to meet my needs for my rug hooking etc... The house is a mess but...

There is great progress, all the wallpaper is stripped, woodwork is painted, track is lighting installed. each track can hold 3 lights! I get to choose!

And this wall will have...

This cork installed! I will be able to hang my rugs, moved them around and change them anyway I want!
I am so excited,I have never had a room of my own that is just for me!

I am binding my dancing rabbits rug tonight and then it will be tucked away until Easter for Sweet B. 
Deanne Fitzpatrick does a letter each Sunday.
And her quote I took today was:
"Comparison is not picking my pocket. "
Meaning the minute you start comparing yourself to others it takes away from yourself, your art, your soul. I have a very hard time with that.
I tend to compare my work to others and in the end it takes all the joy away at times.

Nothing smells better than baking bread. Oatmeal molasses yummm

I work 4 days a week and walk 4 miles on each of the other 3 days
This snowman on my route made smile. I love his eyebrows! 

And this is a brook that runs the whole length of my walk. While we haven't  had much snow lately it is still pretty.

Thanks for putting up with the quotes. 
I will leave with this...
Have a wonderful week!

Sunday, January 3, 2021


I stayed up until midnight to make sure that 2020 was on its way.
I opened the door to let the old year out.... 

And the beautiful moon was shining brightly right in front of me.
I am taking that as a good omen...

I had to clean out my craft/spare bedroom as we are doing it over to suit my needs and I found some pictures. This is when my daughter graduated from college. Can you tell I am so proud of her!!!! It was nice to think back on those wonderful days and hope for more to come. 

I started a new rug. It is a very old pattern called Dancing Rabbits.
This will go to my Sweet B for Easter so I am hooking it to her likes.
Purple is her favorite and this is what I dyed a few weeks ago. I still have some tweaking to do before I am happy but it is one sweet rug.

All our Christmas decorations are down, I needed to get on with this year. Plus the house is a mess from cleaning out that one room to do it over. New year's day was nice so we put away all the outside Christmas decorations except the window candles I like seeing them though out this dark time of year. I also filled my car with donations and headed for the thrift store to drop off. It felt good to get that stuff out of the house and there will be a lot more going, I need to pare down things here. 
I hope this New Year brings all that you desire but most most of all I hope it brings you laughter. I haven't heard a full laugh since all this started. I have seen a smile or a snicker but I want to see full out laughter, hard to get your breath back,laughter. 
I wish you pure JOY.