Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Pine cone Instruction

I had a few people email me that they would like to know how to make the pine cones

Very easy just fiddly.

Because I am doing these for a book store I used old book pages.
These are 2 inch square, and some straight pins.
I just fold one end.

Then stack them starting at the small end of the Styrofoam egg and making the first 4 come almost together on that end. Then stacking them all the way up the egg shape until it is covered. pinning them by the straight corners.
I used an egg shape Styrofoam (this is a ball so not quite the same)
This is a link on how to make it with ribbon. The size of your book page squares would depend on the size of the egg. Mine are pretty large.
I hope this helps any questions email me. 
Happy Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 24, 2019

Power Outage...

I hosted my women's group's Thanksgiving on Wed. We had a total of 14 here. I cooked the turkey they brought everything else. It was delicious and it was so nice to see everyone. I really could not have done it if it wasn't for my sweet husband. He helped clean and put the turkey in the oven before I came home from work. How I love this group of women I feel very blessed to be part of them.

This is the season for baking and not even a mile beyond my house is a farmer selling fresh eggs. You just knock on the door and they will get you your eggs. In the summer it is on the porch you just put your money in a coffee can. 

Because we have been chilly and the house closed up I decided to make a brew of sorts in a large pot of water to make the house smell good and to give it some much needed moisture in the air.
I had rosemary, lemon and a tsp of vanilla. It worked great.

Yesterday we went to see our daughter,son-in-law, and sweet B it was so nice to see them. We did a bit of shopping before we went to their house at Christmas tree shop. I got new curtains, cheap, and a few other goodies. 

The new curtains look like the old mattress ticking and about the same color. I had had my old curtains for years. So a good change plus I wiped down the window trim before I put them back up another plus, cleaning as I go.

I have been working on my Christmas window at work. I really like the pine cone idea from book pages. (We are a used bookstore.)

A little decoration and they are good to go.
We were in the middle of our beloved Patriots football game and no power! We have had bad weather all day and it is bad out there. But husband got the out truck and we headed just a couple miles away to a restaurant with power and the game. 
It was very frustrating as I was in my pjs and hooking happily.
But the power is back on and I am very thankful for that.
I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving. It is always quiet for us but that really suits us as I have to work Friday and we spend the day decorating the house for Christmas. 
Gobble Gobble.

Sunday, November 17, 2019

Bread yum.....

We had The full Beaver moon also called the Frost 
moon but we are way past frost we have a light coating of snow.
I love the  full moon on the snow but it makes it very hard to sleep. 
I have been cleaning as I am hosting our women's group Thanksgiving this coming Wed. I think about 14 of us will be here. I cook the turkey and each of them bring the all the fixings. But while I was cleaning out I saw my bread machine and decided to make herb bread and oh is it good! 
Sat I met up with my best friend and my daughter and we had a morning of spa treatments. We do not do it often but oh how wonderful it was! my daughter gave me a whole bag of magazines which I love and this book that I am enjoying it a lot.

I finally gave up on the rug I pulled out that was a UFO and then I found this free little pattern by Kelly at http://kankerdoodle.blogspot.com/ I love her primitive style.

It really is the time of year that I tuck in and read, I reading a mystery right now by Louise Penny an wonderful author.
So a busy week ahead with my women's group coming and other  friends have invited us to dinner. 
On another note husband went for a follow up appointment with a specialist this week. The verdict is he is good for now and no other appointments needed unless he has trouble again. 
fingers crossed for a smooth sailing.
Have a wonderful week!

Sunday, November 10, 2019

Decorating for Turkey Day

I know most of you have moved on to Christmas but I have some 
cute Thanksgiving decorations so I will enjoy this season first.
I hooked this very small mat years ago very funky but I still like it.

I got a large lot of these candles for little money at a thrift store a few years ago. 

And my poor little Indian's feet are bumpy so he does not stand
very well but I have him tucked in with the others. 

My aunt gave me these two probably 35 years ago and out they come each thanksgiving. They are made of paper ribbon. 

I worked 6 days in a row (50 hours ) and am beat. I am way to old for those kind of hours but they were short handed. So my one day off Husband and I took a ride an hour north to Littleton NH. 
Such a sweet town with a wonderful Main St. Lots of small wonderful stores and we ate lunch at the counter, on the old red stools, of a local diner.

Our White Mountains were just glorious today, well really any day. 
This is just as we entered Franconia notch. I feel very lucky to live in the mountains.

After we shopped our way along Main St. We stopped for dessert at the largest candy counter in the world! Chutters! This is just a small portion of it and in the center is all kinds of high end candies such as fudge, nice chocolates etc. We spent the best part of 20.00 and snacked our way home. 

This is a sweet fence that was across the front of their local library.

Of course I hit their little local thrift store. These little knives will be put to good use when I give bread with compound butter for Christmas gifts.

This is a bamboo knife. I will use it when I have soft cheese etc.

I also purchased these Santa shot glasses. They are vintage made in Japan each has their original sticker.

It was nice to have a day with nothing to do but enjoy. 

I am deep into the pumpkin bread. I am making them for the Thanksgiving baskets that they giveaway at a local food pantry. 4 dozen this year. I am making and freezing right now. they need to be passed in by the 23 of November. I love baking and they like the bread so a win win.
 Freezing temps and snow in our future this week we will see how much snow but we will be hugging the wood stove for sure.
Have a wonderful week

Sunday, November 3, 2019

A Trip To Maine..

I am back walking but what a change, no leaves!
We had a bad storm Thur night and blessings of blessings we did not lose power. 

It is amazing how out of shape I got in that month I have not walked. Or at least the long walks. 

We have had frost and winds but these roses keep on blooming.
They are next to the house but still amazing little roses.

I got this book at our local recycling center, it is 1954 and has lots of newspaper recipes ripped out and stuck in the book. I have agreed to cook for a couple of cookie walks so I am looking for some inspiration. 

We headed to a baby shower in Maine 3 hours away but it took us through a small town called Cornish. I love this little town it has sweet shops and antiques and the best restaurant ever. We had a leisurely lunch and shopped and shopped. Not sure you can see this well but see the witches arms and legs sticking out of the tree?

I am trying to tone down my antique shopping. But at 20 percent off I paid so little for these kid skates...

That screw makes them adjustable. I am going to put festive ribbons on them and hang them on a wreath. Crazy but I love them!

I burn a candle every night after dinner and since I am a former Maine girl I adore the scent of the Maine balsam and now the house smells of the sweet memories of growing up in Maine. 
It was a great trip We stayed with my Aunt and uncle, I saw a few cousins and enjoyed the baby shower. The Mom to be is a Maine State trooper (so is her husband) She came strolling in in a sweet dress and 3 inch heels and as darling as ever.
Have a wonderful week.